Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

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Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

Postby linn » 14 Mar 2011, 19:43

Treatments for Nuclear Contamination
Posted by Mark Sircus on 13 March 2011

Iodine – Glutathione – Natural Chelation – Clay – Baking Soda

It is too early to call everyone in North America to prepare for a radiation cloud streaming down radioactive particles from the accident in Japan. According to the media and government, America is not at risk due to radioactive fallout from the recent Japanese nuclear accidents in several reactors but that could change in a heartbeat as authorities race to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns. Nuclear plant operators are working frantically to try to keep temperatures down in several reactors crippled by the earthquake and tsunami, wrecking at least two by dumping sea water into them in last-ditch efforts to avoid meltdowns.

Now, just hours after writing this above paragraph we get a report in the New York Times indicating that even best case scenarios include radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks, months or even years. So prepare we must. "Pentagon officials reported Sunday that helicopters flying 60 miles from the plant picked up small amounts of radioactive particulates — still being analyzed, but presumed to include Cesium-137 and Iodine-121 — suggesting widening environmental contamination. More steam releases also mean that the plume headed across the Pacific could continue to grow," printed the Times.

The incident is a reminder that preparedness should include being prepared for nuclear events with foods and medicinals in our medical cabinets that will protect us and our families as much as humanly and medically possible. Many people in Japan and elsewhere around the world that live and work close to nuclear plants will be seriously affected by nuclear accidents. When a meltdown happens the effects can be carried thousands of miles by the prevailing winds.

It is unclear how far the impact of a meltdown might reach. In the United States, local communities plan for evacuation typically within 10 miles of a nuclear plant. However, states must be ready to cope with contamination of food and water as far as 50 miles away. When it comes to risks and toxic exposure levels we can count on the government and medical officials to understate the threat. This is something consistent in their approach to all types of toxic exposures.

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Re: Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

Postby Paulo » 12 Aug 2011, 14:10

How To Remove Radioactive Iodine-131 From Drinking Water

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends reverse osmosis water treatment to remove
radioactive isotopes that emit beta-particle radiation. But iodine-131, a beta emitter, is typically
present in water as a dissolved gas, and reverse osmosis is known to be ineffective at capturing

A combination of technologies, however, may remove most or all of the iodine-131 that finds its
way into tap water, all available in consumer products for home water treatment.
First, the standard disclaimers: Every government agency involved in radiation monitoring—the EPA,
FDA, USDA, NRC, CDC, etc.—has stressed that the radiation now reaching the United States has been
found at levels thousands of times lower than standards of health concern. When it found iodine-131
in drinking water samples from Boise, Idaho and Richland, Washington this weekend, the EPA declared:

“An infant would have to drink almost 7,000 liters of this water to receive a radiation dose equivalent
to a day’s worth of the natural background radiation exposure we experience continuously from natural
sources of radioactivity in our environment.”

But not everyone accepts the government’s reassurances. Notably, Physicians for Social Responsibility
has insisted there is no safe level of exposure to radionuclides, regardless of the fact that we encounter
them naturally:

“There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period,”
said Jeff Patterson, DO, immediate past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Exposure to
radionuclides, such as iodine-131 and cesium-137, increases the incidence of cancer. For this reason,
every effort must be taken to minimize the radionuclide content in food and water.”

via Physicians for Social Responsibility,

Article with links here: ... ing-water/

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