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Energy Healing

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:smile: Below you will find a series of articles from the site of John Browning. This is just an introduction to Energy Healing and certainly there are many sites offering similar techniques.

We are energy beings as Gnosty's indepth posts on electromagnetic energy indicate. The invasive assault against our electromagnetic fields via scalar technology and various other technologies today warrant our investigating every avenue to achieve health, wholeness and BALANCE.

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Human Energy Field and Aura

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Human Energy Field and Aura

Energy therapy is aura balancing form of alternative medicine bringing natural health to auras like reiki s chakras and acupuncture. Massage therapy and yoga with meditation also lead to holistic healing and the balancing of the human energy field. These are also natural healing and holistic medicine just like human energy.

Much has been written about the energy of living things but there is little scientific evidence. The energy field surrounding living things is difficult or impossible to measure using current scientific techniques. However, science and spirituality are on a convergent course. Eventually, we will have instruments that can reflect an individual's state of balance. When we turn the corner from science, we must consider the universal characteristics of energy.

Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable. In a similar fashion, each human is composed the divine energy of the Soul in the form of body, thought, and spirit. Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person; the energy is the person, the core. This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. Since the body is a manifestation of human energy, dis-harmony in the energy field will cause dis-ease in the body. If the human energy field is out of balance, the body will be out of balance.

"Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."
-Albert Einstein


The Soul - you as your essential nature plus experience

Soul is coherent, intentional system, fulfilling its nature. It is God individualized as you and carries your real ideals and commitments, and gives character to your conscience. This divine energy is formless, timeless, and eternal. Soul is the essence as a fulfilling holiness.

The Personality - composed of the high self, conscious self, and basic self

The High Self is a spiritual consciousness that is our higher nature as personality. From a practical standpoint, it can function as our guides, soul, and connection to God. It is the energy of life and form. It is creative and non-inflictive. The High Self exists as a spiritual form in our personal consciousness, which is always in contact with spirit. When I use the word spirit, it is the Holy Spirit and refers to forces beyond our personal domain. High Self is within our personal domain. Sometimes people use the term “higher power.” That may refer to anything higher than the conscious awareness of self and may lump High Self/spirit/etc. all into one thing, which for all practical purposes is fine.

As a spiritual expression it follows the same procedures as any spiritual agent, in that it responds to requests. It guides us in our destiny. You might say it is an agent of our soul. It is not soul, but soul-like. It works closely with the Conscious Self and Basic Self. As the guardian angel, it links us with our soul, the universe, and the High Self of others. Because the High Self exists in a spiritual dimension, it cannot violate anyone or anything. Even if the High Self has better wisdom, it will not supersede our conscious choice unless we ask it to.

The Conscious Self is our waking life and creates new awareness. It is creative and innocent until a choice is placed into action. Its function is to be the vanguard of new experience and here we make choices and gain skill. As we grow in awareness and spiritual illumination, we extend the Conscious Self and become increasingly able to live in the awareness of the High Self and be conscious of the dynamics of the Basic Self. It mediates all three selves.

The Basic Self is our survival instinct and provides energy according to how we structure our beliefs and make our choices. It is loyal though non-creative and contains our family patterns, social norms and mores, an archetypal pattern of our destiny, our inner child, the seat of body intelligence, and the will to survive. Its job is to maintain the status quo. In other words, the Basic Self has assimilated the beliefs developed through our life span and believes we will die if we change them. The reality of the Basic Self is habit and its self-will fights changes in habit. It will, however, respond to our authority and yield to any transformation that facilitates the actualization of our destiny. Many people have more than one Basic Self - such as male-female, play-persistent, young-old - which give different perspectives.

"There are grounds for cautious optimism that we may now be near the end of the search for the ultimate laws of nature." - Stephen W. Hawking


the human aura

Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields that surround and penetrate the physical body. Historically, artists depict halos around the heads of individuals to denote their spirituality. Biblically, writers refer to the raiment or countenance of light in an attempt to describe the field of spiritual energy around angels, men, and women. It is from this invisible atmosphere that we receive our first impression of people. We use common-sense terms such as blue mood, red with anger, green with envy, full of energy, or radiant beauty.

Such terms are similar to how individuals with spiritual sight describe the aura. From this intuitive nature, we form impressions and experience emotions and feelings regarding them and ourselves. Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, with energy and matter interchangeable. Psychology, Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine have terms for life as energy. Yoga psychology views the aura as an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. So we may conclude that the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body and is discernible to those of psychical sight. It encircles each of us as the sun's rays encircle the sun or the halo that surrounds the moon.

The appearance of the aura, whether attractive or repulsive, depends on one's physical health, mental attitudes, and spiritual development. The human aura is a dynamic matrix that includes the physical, emotional, and mental-spiritual aspects of self. The aura is the self as energy. All the contributing factors in our daily life register in our aura as colors, lines, dots, emanations, and vibrations. Every one of us is different, and our hidden selves are expressed through the aura. Those individuals who live on a strictly physical, mental, and material level have an entirely different emanation than those individuals who are intellectual and spiritual.

"...the sense of being which in calm hours arises, we know not how, in the soul, is not diverse from things, from space, from light, from time, from man, but one with them and proceed obviously from the same source... Here is the fountain of action and of thought... We lie in the lap of immense intelligence." Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Aura and Noetic Field

To the ancient Greeks, the mind is a spiritual faculty. Nous is their term for the intentional, purposeful intelligence that controls and orders the world of matter. Nous emerges from the void as the wind of spirit or the first emanating spirit of creation. Noetic derives from nous and is the structure of perception and understanding in our experience of that relationship or correlation between nous and form.

The noetic field is an interacting psycho-spiritual energy that has an implicit intelligence and knows how to interrelate and synchronize with all elements within that coherent system. We are a microcosmic noetic field, and the universe is a macrocosmic noetic field. The noetic field is a sustaining, nurturing, intelligent life field that is universally present. This field can be compared with grace, dharma, nirvana, and heaven. As noetic beings, we have the capacity to generate a noetic field and, by doing so, interface with the universal noetic field.

The psycho-spiritual structure that we call personality forms an energy field or noetic matrix around the physical body that can be discerned through extended awareness or specialized, electronic instruments. Ancients called this the human aura. The aura has a degree of materiality or substance (a body) that is localized around a person. It is held together in much the same way as the physical body, by the presence of self.

Auric Levels

It is generally believed that he human aura has seven major levels. The physical and etheric levels extend about six inches to a foot from the physical body. The imaginal and emotional auric levels extend about two feet from the body and incorporate the physical and etheric levels. The mental, archetypical, and spiritual auras extent approximately three feet from the body and incorporate the other levels.

The archetypal aura contains the map of our destiny. It is like a template, things you must do. In your growth you need to learn something. You are given as many experiences as you need to learn that. It can be one or a hundred, all the same to the template. It's like going home - you can go many ways and have many experiences, but you get home, and thus satisfy your template.

When reflected outside of us, we see the archetypes as the pantheon of gods. When internalized, these archetypes are the angels of destiny, the gods that dwell inside us. As life-long learning, our destiny is synonymous with our Soul's curriculum. We came into physical life with an internal, archetypical lesson plan. The archetypical level is in our subconscious.

The spiritual aura reflects our transcendent nature into our psychological, social, and physical realities. It reflects and responds to the balance and alignment of all levels. The balancing energy acts as wholeness and moves through the chakras and levels as a process of breathing. Each of the other levels provides a conduit for spiritual energy. As the aura becomes balanced, the spiritual level becomes more evident.

Through our mental aura and mentality, we construct our relationship to our destiny, karma, and inner life; reflects our beliefs, concepts, and attitudes. Though feelings and emotions are often keys to our beliefs, our mental activity decides what we will build as our internal structure, and how we project ourselves into life. We shape our reality with our minds. Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our associative ability through which we internalize and develop our integrative learning and personality. This level also dissociative and reflects the constraints that divide us from and within ourselves and from each other. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level.

The emotional aura carries the artifacts of our feelings and emotional reactions and actions; registers our fulfillment and longs for peace; reflects our warmth, devotion, and what we care about. Emotions give rise to our beliefs and judgments and the impetus to pursue our vision. The emotional aura reflects an aspect of our dharma or causal body (the force that determines and sets causation into our lives). It is balanced through powerful, universally oriented, non-manipulative, unconditional loving. It is the source of our drive for power and dominance, and powers our adversarial and competitive nature. The emotional aura is also the source of passion and the total embracing, loving heart that heals and forgives. It is our peacemaker.

The imaginal aura is the medium through which we create and transform our circumstances. This aura can be developed as a function of perception or inner-seeing and creativity. Intention, positive self-image, visual learning, visualization and healing, manifestation and success are generated and reflected in this level. Used integratively, it is a power force for connecting, integrating, and aligning all levels. Used dissociatively, the imaginal level can be devastating.

Delusions and obsessions are generated through and reflected in this auric level. It is affected by drugs that create forms in the aura that are disconnected from the authentic processes of creativity. Drugs disconnect you from the ability to complete, fulfill, or enhance the soul's purposes. They effectively help us avoid life and the challenges and rewards that our soul is destined to fulfill.

The etheric aura is a blueprint or archetype for the physical body. Meridians and chakras appear in this formation. The etheric body or double acts as a template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in chi-gung as meridians that transmit chi to the body. Balance and alignment of the aura affect the meridians and their functioning. The meridians interact with the organs and the chakras interact with the endocrine system and nerves.

The physical aura reflects physical trauma, cell memory, physical health, and somatogenic beliefs and emotions. It penetrates the physical and etheric bodies and reflects the state of the energy fields. In balance, it can accommodate enhanced forces deeper in the psyche.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein

Holistic healing uses therapeutic touch to change the human energy field, just like energy therapy. Aura balancing the auras works like reiki to provide natural healing with holistic medicine. Massage therapy and yoga work as a meditation, along with ayurveda, herbs, and crystals, to form a type of alternative medicine to bring natural health. Human energy works on the meridians and chakras, just like acupuncture, to bring happiness.

John M. Browning

Eldorado Acupuncture and Wellness Center

7 Avenida Vista Grande Ste. D6

Santa Fe, NM 87508

Human energy with meridians can be cured by energy therapy, a form of natural health. Aura balancing cures the chakras, just like reiki and therapeutic touch. Acupuncture and massage therapy are forms of holistic medicine along with yoga and ayurveda. Crystals and herbs also are a forms of holistic healing. An alternative medicine like meditation and work on the human energy field and auras to bring natural healing.


Why Do We Need Energy Healing?

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Why do we need energy healing?

Energy Healing

How would you like to dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety, feel more peaceful and relaxed, gain perceptual clarity, feel greater joy and confidence, increase your energy, improve your physical health, and awaken you to your holiness? You can do all this by removing imbalances in your human energy field and aura. These energy blocks manifest themselves as stress and anxiety. Removing the blocks restores the natural energy flow resulting in feelings of peace and harmony.

Blocked Aura

When aligned and balanced, the aura is radiant energy, a living light. Because the aura serves the transformational agendas of the soul, it is constructed such that imbalance can be incorporated into the ego structure. Part of our life is to create blocks, which we use as stepping-stones. Our issues and concerns appear as blocks and distortions in the energy field. Physical and emotional trauma, self-judgment and limiting beliefs, or external psychic pressures from individuals, groups or institutional belief systems cause these blocks and distortions. Psychological and spiritual wounds condense, even into physical disease, to assist us to complete the soul's imperative to fulfill our nature. Although these patterns in the aura represent energy limitations, each one also holds a key to greater spiritual realization and strengthening. They are adversaries that become allies as we work to transform them.

Each dilemma is linked internally to a solution that awakens our holiness. Our beliefs, judgments, attitudes, and trauma affect the containment and movement of energy within our consciousness. Blocks are an attempt to protect. As such, they become integrated into the sustaining structure of our personality. As we create meaning in response to trauma, we adapt to the meaning as if it were normal. Thus, the trauma and the meaning we constructed in response become normalized into our psyche. We adapt to the level of our injury. While the ego adapts to trauma, the soul continues to pursue transformation. In the deepest sense, our aura is out of balance as one phase in a process caused by our drive to awaken spiritually and transform the quality of our lives and our experience. In a more conventional sense, any concern, trauma, or issue that brings one to counseling or requires therapy reflects in the aura as an imbalance.

Blocks and imbalances help us answer the age-old questions: Who am I? What am I? What do I want? The more energized and integrated the aura, the faster the process. Transformation and realization can be instantaneous. The aura wants to be in balance. As we grow wiser, we are more attentive to the care and maintenance of ourselves as energy. It is in our nature to seek new experience and then transform that experience into understanding, strength, and awareness. Blocks are a natural increment of human destiny. We are taught that we must do good in order to be good. In truth, we do good because we are good.

To have a perfectly balanced aura, one's development and attitudes on all three of these levels (physical, emotional, and mental-spiritual) must be in perfect attunement with the Infinite. For example, should a man become involved in an intense argument with another person leading to an exchange of physical blows, the disharmonies will show in both the mental and physical auras and the auric fields will be disrupted. The aura carries scars just as the physical body carries its scars. Emotionally and spiritually as the affected person strives for a better balance, the wounds become laced just as a physician will sew up a cut on the physical body. Consequently, as we live, grow, decide what is right and what is wrong, rationalize and compromise, our aura is in a constant state of flux. How the aura is transformed depends upon our ideas, attitudes, endeavors, and the state of consciousness in which we live. There is no doubt that our personality, soul condition, hidden self, and physical condition are revealed clearly through the vibrations and formation of the aura. A trained Noetic Field Therapist can tell the emotional and spiritual development of a person by the scars and lacings in the aura.

"In the universe there is an immeasurable and indescribable force which those who live of the source call intention - and that absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.

Sorcerers are not only concerned with understanding and explaining that connecting link, but they are especially concerned with cleansing it of the numbing effects brought about by all of the concerns of living at ordinary levels of consciousness." - Carlos Castaneda

Noetic Field TherapyTM

In the practice of Noetic Field Therapy, the healing proceeds focusing on energy first and image second. We reference our therapeutic attunement first on the energy field, followed by attention to the body and psychological structures. Other therapies begin with the issue, explore its structure, and abstractly infer the blockage in the intentional flow of energy, synthesis, or integration with the soul-self or actualization of the self. We begin with the blockage of energy in the field itself, as it exists around the physical body. The practitioner is able to find these blocks by inner seeing, spiritual vision, hands scanning, or dowsing. Through prayer and focus, an altered state of consciousness unfolds, enabling the practitioner to engage the blocks and distortions directly in the energy field. Through this spiritual rapport, the practitioner is able to assist the client to experience transformation and balance. The healing occurs by de-constructing the blocking beliefs while the therapeutic focus forms a conduit for the flow of spiritual energy. The use of one’s hand or a pendulum enhances the therapeutic focus. This flow of energy helps release the blocks and balances the field. Transformation occurs through an alliance of intervening spiritual energies, unfolding soul energies, and our own self-forgiveness. Once the block is discerned and attuned to, we explore the related belief structure or complex. The practitioner assists their clients to change, reframe, or forgive themselves for the blocking beliefs or judgments. Concurrently, their therapeutic focus forms a conduit for the flow of spiritual energy (such as chi, dharma, or the Holy Spirit). This flow of energy helps release the blocks and balances the auric field. The block clears because you are working from the place inside you defined by your wholeness. When the distortions are gone, the field is once again fluid and smooth. There is no bad energy, just energy displaced. We aren't the wound, we are the relationship to the wound. Balancing puts energy back in place.

In an aura balancing session, an "altered state" occurs in which the time frame changes - past joins present and alternate futures are created. Because of the intimacy and unconditional love, the practitioner can safely become the temporary transference of the client's strengths and weaknesses. Our unconscious becomes conscious by reflecting it back to ourselves through life's drama. The blocks in energy are formed when our emotions give us information such as fear, hurt, anger, confusion, or aloneness and we place a thought on it that says we are bad, powerless, shameful, victimized, or guilty. In this way a structure is formed and energy trapped. The trapped energy represents an incomplete expression of joy, curiosity, love, or enthusiasm. Blocked by the belief, attitude or judgment, inherently joyous, loving energy is experienced in painful, numb, angry, or depressed symptoms. In energy healing the symptoms point to cause and cause points to intention. The symptomatic patterns reflected back through the metaphor of physical, mental, emotional, and demography reveal pictures of the soul's purpose in reflection. Techniques such as releasing, reframing, healing the memories, and self-forgiveness balance the energy by expanding it into wholeness. The choice made by the client provides a conduit for understanding and love to flow into the area of imbalance. These ingredients cause a change in the injuries and restrictive patterns which result in a fulfillment and expansion to the inner consciousness. The goal is not to analyze but to create access to universal energy through the inner life of the personality and actualization of the person.

The expression of the soul - as a positive force on each negative level of the unconscious (archetypal), mental, emotional, imagination, and physical - takes a slightly different form. The soul as a spiritual force on each level will persevere through any system of belief temporarily created by the individual. At the core of any destructive psychology pattern is a spiritual essence striving to be actualized and fulfilled. On the imaginative level it is procreation and creativity. On the emotional level it is desire and enthusiasm. On the mental level it is inspiration and intuition. On the archetypal level aspiration. On the soul level its motivation is unto itself a return and union with the universal love and intelligence of which it is a spark or essence. Our souls share love through our minds, feelings, and touch without control or claim. We see the "face of God in everything." It is the ultimate goal to draw all the motivating forces for preservation, continuity, procreation, desire, enthusiasm, inspiration, and aspiration back into itself and direct those energies in wholly spiritual ways.

The implications for therapy are straight forward. When an expression has been blocked there is pain, unconsciousness, confusion, numbness, absence of creativity, or indifference. By the practitioner or client touching and acknowledging the true motivation, it activates and moves. This sensation can be experienced in many ways such as "quaking", body trembling, a rush of joy, and sudden sense of weightlessness or freedom. These responses can range form very mild to very dramatic. These energies are the "juices" by which we draw our impulses to do. They can be freely accessed and either used or misused. It is our choice.

"Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. Every wonderful sight will vanish; every sweet word will fade, but do not be disheartened, the source they come from is eternal, growing, branching out, giving new life and new joy. Why do you weep? The source is within you and this whole world is springing up from it." - Jelauddin Rumi

Therapy History

Phineus Parkhurst Quimby was a transcendentalist healer who practiced during the mid 1800's and made a significant contribution to the new thought movement in the United States. He said that true science was the understanding that existed beyond our rational understanding. He discovered that we each have a spiritual form within us that he called the inner Christ. Considering Quimby's definition of science, his recognition of this inner spiritual form transcended all ideological and religious boundaries to embrace a universal spiritual force. In a sense, Quimby was anticipating the quantum physics of Bohm or the transcendental physics of Close. In terms of modern physics, we could call this healing resource the quantum Christ.

In 1964, Dr. Neva Dell Hunter blended Quimby's science with her understanding of the human energy fields and, with John-Clarke McDougall, developed aura balancing. A central feature to McDougall's collaboration was the use of a pendulum. This made possible a transformation of energy at the precise location of the block or distortion in the aura. This technique facilitated deep work within the psyche and the aura itself without the need to touch the physical body. Ellavivian Power describes this definitive work in her book, The Auric Mirror. They also believed that the aura can actually become distorted, blocked, or unbalanced by judgments we make about our life experiences, which in turn can cause physical illnesses or other manifestations. And at the core of these auric imbalances are feelings that lie deep within. Dr. Hunter and Ellavivian Power combined auric healing sessions with self-forgiveness to allow the release of energy blocks in the aura that perpetuate disharmony. For more about self-forgiveness, click here.

Recently, Dr. Robert D. Waterman combined the energy work techniques of Quimby and Hunter with the philosophies of Husseri, Emerson, Steiner, and John-Roger to form Noetic Field Therapy. Dr. Waterman describes this technique in his book Through the Eyes of Soul, Theory and Practice of Noetic Field Therapy. Noetic Field Therapy is a spiritual approach to inner harmony, clarity, and alignment. Through prayer, an attunement is made to transcendental energies, creating an opportunity to change any emotional attitudes or mental judgments that may be blocking the energy flow. This process occurs in a very supportive non-adversarial and non-coercive way. There are no imposed attitudes or beliefs. Any suggestions made are given as options that may assist in clearing and balancing the energy field. The balancing process will not exceed the limits that are appropriate as expressed by your own intuitive determination of the highest good.

"The visible world is the invisible organization of energy." - Physicist Heinz Pagels

Noetic Field Therapy Procedures

Preparing the Client

When a client makes an appointment, I talk about the need to be accepting and that one's own desires for greater health, well-being, and happiness are sufficient preparation. It is best to start with three sessions and to space them two or more weeks apart. Each session can last from one to two hours. Generally, the first session focuses on the physical, the second on the emotional, and the third on the mental-spiritual. Depending on the circumstances, there may be exceptions. Each balancing provides a foundation for the next. After the first three, a balancing every six months to a year seems beneficial.

Preliminary Steps

I orient the client to the nature of the balancing and explain that usually the physical and emotional balancings are done silently. If a question or observation comes up, I encourage the client to speak. During the mental-spiritual balancing, I make focus statements to help the client discover and clarify beliefs and to facilitate self-forgiveness. Jewelry, metal, and shoes might affect the balancing, so I ask the client to remove them. The client reclines, face up, on a therapy table with the practitioner standing. The reclining position of the client is relaxing while providing the practitioner easy access to the energy fields.

Opening and Balancing

With the client relaxing, I begin the session with a prayer. Regardless of the spiritual heritage, the balancing strengthens the client's particular spiritual practice. After the prayer, I use a crystal pendulum to open the aura at the solar plexus. The pendulum is an instrument of focus. The permission of the client, the alignment with spirit, and my intention form the focus through the pendulum opening the aura. As I lower the pendulum into the aura, I sense the subtle changes that occur. Usually the aura engages and begins to open just above the solar plexus. When this occurs, the pendulum gently begins to rotate clockwise. When the aura is open, the pendulum stops. Each imbalance in the aura is approached in a similar way. This action creates a high level of rapport with the client. It also makes the sensitive levels of the client extremely vulnerable. The protective fields of the aura interface with the psycho-spiritual environment. As I mentioned before, blocks are an attempt to protect and have been integrated into the sustaining structure of the individual. Therefore, the individual must authorize any changes to this structure.

Next, I scan the aura with my hand to first increase my attunement and then to find the blocks and distortions. My hands are trained to see and sense. The impressions are processed through my nervous system and brain like any other stimulation. Because I am awake in my subtle body, movement in my energy fields register in my physical body. This is true for most of us. We have trained ourselves to focus away from these impressions. In this phase of balancing, talking is not necessary except perhaps to help the client relax. When I find a block or distortion, I use the pendulum to engage the energy. When the pendulum rotates, it reflects the transformation of energy in the aura. I proceed in this manner until all the areas are balanced.

A wonderful process develops between the client and the practitioner. The practitioner is analogous to a transformer. In electronics a transformer is a device that matches different energies for the purpose of transferring power. In this case the balancer is the transformer of universal energy and the soul and magnetic energy of the client. As the healing progresses, greater energy is available. Each time the client lets go of or forgives self-inflicted judgments, the patterns that imbalance the aura dissolve. The energy of the aura becomes coherent through the focus of the practitioner and the developing inner agreement and balance of the client. The levels and lines of force in the aura develop a resonance. As this resonance increases the aura becomes coherent, which results in a balance.

The natural guidance leads from one step to the next. Balancing the physical and emotional energy fields is done silently. I may ask the client what she or he is experiencing or suggest a deep breath. Facilitative talking is always needed in the mental-spiritual balancing because the client needs to discover and clarify their beliefs and self-forgiveness. At some point toward the end, I will have the client turn over so I can check the aura from the back. I continue until the entire aura is smooth and silky. Before I finish, the client is once again face up. With the self-permission, a loving presence moves through the energy field resulting in a smooth silky texture to the aura. These processes are repeated until the coherence occurs throughout the energy field. When the process in completed, a focus of filling the aura with radiant energy is held by the practitioner, separating the close connection of the two auras and sealing in the changes.


When the balancing appears to be complete, I ask the client if there is anything else. When nothing more presents itself, I then proceed to close the aura with a blessing of spiritual light and love. To close the aura, I encircle it seven times in a clockwise direction ending at the solar plexus.

Period of Adjustment

The balancing process continues for three days after the actual session has ended. During this time, the individual completes any processing and adapts to any changes. This period of adjustment provides a new baseline upon which the subconscious can regulate the psyche. For that reason, I recommend that the client abstain from alcohol, recreational drug use, and sex for those three days. Alcohol and drugs may disrupt the transformative changes and disperse the new organization of energy. Sexual intimacy is very powerful and, until the changes stabilize, may be confusing on the subtle levels. Recreational drugs always act against the balancing process and should not be used when developing a strong, aligned, balanced aura.

balanced human energy field

Balanced Aura

I also recommend that the client take life as it comes for the three days. Changes are often deep and can be accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as minor flu or restlessness. On the other hand, the client may experience a great peace or joy. In any case, by the end of the three days, the client will have adjusted to the changes and have a new sense of what is normal. With each session, the client becomes more and more skillful in using the balancing session and maintaining and promoting balance in general.


The effects of the aura balancing may be as subtle as feeling more peaceful or as dramatic as experiencing bliss, greater clarity, or transformation. Our souls are rich with awakening power. When we reach down into ourselves and call forward the strength within us, the universe responds in kind. Life brings to us what we pay attend to. Dwell on victim, the universe brings us victim experiences. Dwell on holiness, and we will see the face of holiness looking back at us through life itself. Eventually, no one is an enemy. If there is an enemy, it is the thoughts that coax us away from the truth of our holiness. The bottom-line-purpose of life is to awaken to our holiness and then realize that all else follows. Our lives are the fulfillment of a spiritual promise.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in chaotic, challenging times. Inner peace, contentment, and fulfillment often elude us. The solutions to these times require that we think in new ways. In general our dominant social thinking is based on fear. The fear I speak of is not the common sense fear such as hot/burns, cold/freezes, and bullets/kill. Rather, it is a fear of changing our accustomed ways of thinking. The ability to change comes from infusing our survival instincts with an awareness of our eternity. When we awaken to the holiness within ourselves, we see others through eyes made of soul. Our life is our guide.

Holistic healing uses therapeutic touch to change the human energy field, just like energy therapy. Aura balancing the auras works like reiki to provide natural healing with holistic medicine. Massage therapy and yoga work as a meditation, along with ayurveda, herbs, and crystals, to form a type of alternative medicine to bring natural health. Human energy works on the meridians and chakras, just like acupuncture, to bring happiness.

John M. Browning

Eldorado Acupuncture and Wellness Center

7 Avenida Vista Grande Ste. D6

Santa Fe, NM 87508



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The following discussion focuses on self-forgiveness as one of the acts of life that fills experience with purpose. It brings love to a place where it wasn't before and transforms the spot by bringing a different fulfillment.

Holistic healing uses therapeutic touch to change the human energy field, just like energy therapy. Aura balancing the auras works like reiki to provide natural healing with holistic medicine. Massage therapy and yoga work as a meditation, along with ayurveda, herbs, and crystals, to form a type of alternative medicine to bring natural health. Human energy works on the meridians and chakras, just like acupuncture, to bring happiness.

When we do self-forgiveness, the channel that opens up is inside. We initiate a channel from the basic self through the high-self. Through that channel, we stand in the light and reconcile our belief with the truth of self. In essence, we align with the Holy Spirit and declare to the basic self that the limiting belief or separation is discontinued and replaced with essence of virtue it was blocking. For example, you may forgive yourself for believing you are unlovable. By so doing, you tell the basic self to align with your innate loving as an internal and transcendental source.

The sense that the energy is outside comes from the awareness that the source of transformation is outside the system of the belief, which is the self-concept, or status-quo. The transformative energy is embedded in our depth. In quantum fashion, when we forgive ourselves the inner and outer source act as one. The self-forgiveness tells the basic self to change and invites the high-self to transform the limitation. This action communicates a change in our relationship to the unconditional love that is God. This changes the way we are nested in the personal and universal field. The self-forgiveness changes how our consciousness is nested in the One. So the transformational energy is outside and inside of us. A simple movement of the heart, like kindness, has a similar effect. It is a technique. It is also a remembrance of self. We re-place our selves into the givingness of self that preceded the taking from self.

©Copywrite, Robert D. Waterman, 2004

Holistic healing uses therapeutic touch to change the human energy field, just like energy therapy. Aura balancing the auras works like reiki to provide natural healing with holistic medicine. Massage therapy and yoga work as a meditation, along with ayurveda, herbs, and crystals, to form a type of alternative medicine to bring natural health. Human energy works on the meridians and chakras, just like acupuncture, to bring happiness.

This section is extracted from Robert D. Waterman's book Self-forgiveness, an Act of Life (1976). For a copy of the book, contact Dr. Waterman.

Though the temptation is there to think of self-forgiveness as a technique, it does not function so in practical application. The concept will be developed by elaborating on fifteen qualities of self-forgiveness.

1. The deepest tendency within humankind is toward balance and growth. All urges, needs, desires, and accomplishments somehow stem from our own archetype seeking to fulfill itself.

2. Whether the individual works with or against those deepest tendencies is a matter of choice. Humankind rules his life by choice and in experience man dramatizes who he is. Regardless of age he will meet situations and subdue or be subdued by them according to the meaning structure through which he perceives the events. He may alter what was already known in order to adapt, or move blindly in the face of his own darkness. The choice is an expression of love and will.

3. Situations in themselves are not imbalancing; our response, the meaning we impute, the choice we make, can imbalance. Any experience represents an opportunity for growth and any situation we encounter has the potential to integrate or dissociate our ability to live from our inner vitality.

4. Though we may not be able to change past situations, we can change the meaning we carry within us regarding those events. Although an experience is in the past, we can relive the experience in the present and change the meaning we made out of the experience. Recall, in itself, is not enough. The interrupting experience must be transformed. We can change our mind and as we do, the pain evoked reactivates the inducing mental-emotional judgment, releasing both as the pattern becomes conscious. As these patterns are systematically released, the natural flow of life-force through the body is reestablished, as well as mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

5. Choice always involves three components: thought, emotion, and action : symbol, energy, and direction : love, will, and consequence. We cannot avoid choice. Abdication of choice is a choice. As we cannot avoid choice, we cannot avoid responsibility. The understanding of the self is acquired through experience. The process of acquiring is perfect in the beginning and always will be. The step called mistake is in a sequence which is a perfect process of experimental discovery. If we attach our identity to the mistake, we are in effect a mistake. After a while our identification as mistake rather than a maker-of-mistakes leads us to the philosophical conclusion that we have no power to alter that conclusion. Our ability to create is blurred by identifying with the mistake. We lose the ability to recycle our mistakes through the "purifying fires" of the Higher Mind. To fear to act because we may be wrong is the greatest wrong because we abdicate our "dominion" and our "inward kingdom" which results in our outward domain falling to external forces and controls. We narrow our conscious awareness to a small realm of threatening shadows.

6. Cause and effect have in each life a historical pattern of connectedness and are woven and re-woven through individual understanding of its symbol, energy and direction.

7. The reference, or locus, for the natural tendency within humankind for balance and growth is within. It is hard to imagine the potential for creative human influence when individuals recognize the degree of inner authority that can be exercised. The locus of intellect and love within us is far deeper than we perform -- it is at the depth that we are a Being that is one with the Father-Mother principle, and yet still deeper, the unmanifested Source. In this Higher Self reference we so loved the possibility of ourselves that we created a begotten personality as an instrument of growth and change so that we might understand our eternality, and thus live consciously in our eternal perception as co-creators with the Divine.

8. Each choice, large or small, has an effect (a consequence) of either moving a personality closer to his or her deeper being or further away.

9. Self-forgiveness is a choice with an outcome of greater cooperation with the inherent, internal tendency toward balance and growth. When in response to circumstances we create self-pity, injury, fear, grudges, etc, we deny to ourselves the use of a great resource, presence intellect and power from within us. Divine love is unconditional and ever forgiving and is available to us directly through the Higher Consciousness. When we attach ourselves to an external reference through judgment, we block the consciousness of redeeming love and super-conscious wisdom from our use. When we relive the energy and symbol that blocked us and forgive ourselves, the Divine Balance is allowed to enter our personality and establish the same condition in our personality world that exists in our higher consciousness world.

10. The activation of self-forgiveness is enhanced or impeded by group-process.

11. Self-forgiveness is as effective as it is sincere; yet, is activated according to the individual ability level. Sincerity is a skill. You may be at a level of sincerity and tell me that you will do this or that, yet in ten minutes you may have grown in sincerity and discover that in reference to now you lied, yet it seemed true then. If you take on guilt or try to justify the discrepancy you will lose the gain you made. However, if you confront your lie and take action to fully utilize the gain, the lie becomes a positive action and moves into a corrective law. We may re-experience a distorted moment and forgive ourselves and release much.

12. Self-forgiveness is a conscious choice, a subconscious realization and a higher -consciousness acceptance (It is not a belief). Self-forgiveness is not a belief -- it is a knowing and as such our choice and statement places it as an active element within us. When we re-experience the past and choose consciously to change, corollary patterns occur subconsciously and super-consciously. There is a realization of the impact of the conscious choice: the experience of release and change of meaning is recorded in place of the old interpretation. Super-consciously new vistas present themselves to the conscious mind. Reprogramming can change patterns in the subconscious mind through repetitious affirmation -- but self-forgiveness changes the patters in the subconscious mind through direct intervention of the Higher Self.

13. Self-forgiveness is spontaneous in people who have gained the ability to relate to the unity of life with the entirety of their being. Even though we may be self-realized beings and all our conscious levels are highly synthesized, we are still here, still growing, and still confronted with choices and mistaken choices. The difference is that when our growth is more progressive than evolutionary, realization of the mistakenly applied energy is sufficient to release it. Release and understanding, both act and consequence, become spontaneous.

14. Self-forgiveness carries the implication that all events are purposeful and ultimately worthwhile. If self-forgiveness allows us to claim an understanding that we did not possess before, then the purpose of difficulty is to solve that difficulty, to understand, to extend and expand the ability level of our Soul -- it seems that all souls are equal in their perfection but not in their ability level. In this context, we conceive that we have never done anything that was not worthwhile. We were always worthy in in ourselves; it was the belief in attachment to error that created a sensation of unworthiness. When the sense of inherent worthiness returns, growth accelerates and balance is enhanced. Our quest is to learn to use our inherent worth to master life.

15. Self-forgiveness is economical - the best use of human energy that can be made out of any event, for experience is only wasteful when it is not used for growth, for greater understanding; we are wasteful to the degree we are ego-attached to our mistakes. There is a moral imperative in the understanding of energy and its exchange and perhaps the only moral imperative: "Unto thyself be true"; THYSELF -- not the belief patterns of the mind that masquerade as self. The personality is a garment, a vehicle by which our Being might enter the real of Earth to gain the wisdom thereof. It is to the Being that we are true. There is no dogma to re-alignment of the personality -- mind, emotion, and body -- with the Soul and Spirit, only self-forgiveness. We hold within us a vision of what we could be and an image of what we are -- how we handle this discrepancy is crucial.

Holistic healing uses therapeutic touch to change the human energy field, just like energy therapy. Aura balancing the auras works like reiki to provide natural healing with holistic medicine. Massage therapy and yoga work as a meditation, along with ayurveda, herbs, and crystals, to form a type of alternative medicine to bring natural health. Human energy works on the meridians and chakras, just like acupuncture, to bring happiness.

The following interview was transcribed from The Healers videotape produced April 30, 1992 by Karen Cherniack and Lightvision Productions. The clients had aura balancing sessions with Ellavivian Power. To obtain a copy of The Healers, click here.

CLIENT BILLIE: At one point – and I'll never forget this -- at one point, this is a sweet old lady, man, right? I mean, this is a white-haired, sweet grandmother. I mean, it's everybody's grandma. At one time in the balancing, it got so difficult for me that I started getting a little jive and started doing a little two-step, like. And she smashed me on the shoulder -- man, she hit me so hard I couldn't believe it. She got my attention. And the whole balancing ended with a series of self-forgiveness, because she tied in some Bible stuff, like the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and God lives within the Kingdom of Heaven, right? And then she'd tie in where Jesus says, you're created in God's image, so if all of that is true, how can you be unworthy?

So, you know, I'm going -- I'm doing a little dance, like, you know, maybe I am okay. And it was the first time in this life time when I started looking at the possibility that maybe I am okay. And I didn't understand the purpose of all of this self-forgiveness stuff that we were doing; but I went along with it, because I didn't want to catch another rap on the -- somewheres, you know.

BOB ROUNDTREE: Aura balancers believe that the aura can actually become distorted or blocked or unbalanced by judgments we make about our life experiences, which in turn can cause physical illnesses or other manifestations. And at the core of these auric imbalances are feelings that lie deep within. Billie's auric healing session combined Ellavivian's balancing of his energy field with his own self-forgiveness, allowing him to release the blocks in his aura that were perpetuating his disease.

We asked Ellavivian to explain how this idea of self-forgiveness became such a critical part of auric balancing.

ELLAVIVIAN POWER: We lectured before the parapsychology forum in New York in one of the hotels. And there would be, oh, all the way from 300 to 500 people there. We're there that night, and we had all given our talks, and here comes this little old lady, and she had on this gray knit shawl. She walked up to Dr. Hunter and says, "I need an appointment." And Dr. Hunter says, "Well, I'm sorry but all the appointments are taken." She says, "Well, you eat lunch don't you?" And Dr. Hunter said yes. She says, "Well, I'll be there tomorrow. What time do you eat, 11:00?" And we said yes. And she had weeping ulcers on her legs, and she had to come over from New Jersey on the train. And so at 11:00, here comes knock, knock on the door. We open up the door, and here she stands, and she's got this basket, and she has homemade bread and has made these tuna fish salad sandwiches, and she had freshly squeezed carrot juice, and she had carrot cake.

And Dr. Hunter had her come in and take off the stockings, which were soaked by that time, and had us go in and wash out the stockings and hang them up to dry. And we started working on her. And at the end of the hour, why, her stockings were dry. She took her basket and she left. The next day, here she comes, and she had in her basket all of her goodies, and we washed out her stockings. And Dr. Hunter usually would come in at the end to check her out, and she looked up at her and she says, "Tomorrow you're going to heal me."

So the next day, here she comes. And we went through the same procedures, took her hose off and washed them. And she was on the table. And we had done the pendulum work, and I looked up and down the hall, and here come Dr. Hunter -- had her pendulum in her hand. And she walked up, and she always put her hand on the body. That's how she got in tune with it. And she dropped her pendulum in the aura, and then she said, "Why do you hate God?" And this old lady said, "Why shouldn't I hate God?" She says, "He took my mother and he took my father. He took all my brothers and sisters, my aunts and uncles, and I am left alone with these crying legs." And she was a nurse. And just at that moment -- "And I hate him," she says. And just at that moment, all those jackhammers stopped. And it was just like silence fell over the whole city. And then all at once, she said, "Oh, my God, what have I done to myself. What have I done to myself?" And she says, "Oh, Father, Mother, God, I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself."

Dr. Hunter laid her pendulum down, and walked out. And she -- we go in and get her clothes. And before she left, Dr. Hunter came back into the room, and she looked up to Dr. Hunter, and she says, "I knew you could do it."

So that's how self-forgiveness came to be incorporated into the work.

RON HULNICK: It appears as though we've been given a cosmic delete button, which is forgiveness, so that we can literally erase or delete the judgments. So it's not uncommon in our work where people will bring up judgments that they have -- that they may go back for years and years and years and years, and they release them. And instantly, there is like a flood of well-being that comes through the system, a relief, a feeling of having let go of a heavy weight, that kind of a thing. To me, that is truly the healing process.

ELLAVIVIAN: It's incredible, the way that the energy will release out of that when someone says "I forgive myself." And then forgiving themselves, for creating it for themselves, for passing a judgment on themselves, for feeling guilty about whatever caused it -- there's many, many implications in it.

The person may even feel it in their physical body. They may have been carrying it for years and never known that they had any energy block. But when it's released and the energy flows back through again, they feel a lot better.

BILLIE: So through a series of self-forgiveness, I was able to take care of that. I didn't understand what they were doing, but it was working. I was feeling this incredible energy. I was feeling stronger than I had felt in a long, long time.

RON: The concept of self-forgiveness is becoming more and more accepted in the field of psychology, at least as I'm seeing it today. The work of John Bradshaw around shame, they use forgiveness a lot. He recognizes it. And more and more, I'm seeing psych books that are coming out that talk about the need for self-forgiveness as psychologically helping.

ROBERT WATERMAN: In the development of aura balancing, when they started, Dr. Hunter and Ellavivian Power and those folks that were developing that, hit upon this idea of self-forgiveness. It was like the epiphany of human existence, in a sense. That's a good word. It's where -- it's that moment that brings the meaning of life suddenly clear. It's like an epiphany. So the person's life is directed at realizing something larger of something that's hurt inside.

RON: So if we can move our consciousness into the place where we really can move into acceptance and don't do judgment, just do evaluation, and we behave on the basis of the evaluation for the highest good of all concerned, but we don't make the person wrong; when we make them wrong, we go into the negativity.

It's like there's the act of holding this bad thing against myself, so that I forgive myself, and I can -- and I can really allow myself to feel that forgiveness come in. The most amazing thing will happen that will drop down deeper, and they’ll drop into a place inside that is filled with love and compassion.

So we would say that healing, really, is the application of loving to the parts inside or outside that hurt. If you think about it, if you set a broken arm, that's a very loving thing to do to that arm. And I'm suggesting that this idea of healing energy is really loving energy. And I'm not saying anything that really hasn't been said for thousands of years by people who talked about those things.

CLIENT SHIVA: What it did for me was move me to a greater compassion for myself, for not knowing any better; for seeing that I was making the best choice I could at the time about something, or the best assessment, even, about it; and to forgive myself for not knowing better for such a tender and compassionate approach to myself, that had nothing to do with being the fighter that I was before that time. Nothing to do with that. I was just very macho and nasty with myself. Just so nasty. And self-forgiveness brought a much more softer and tender approach and let me release those things much quicker.

RON: If we can all learn to forgive ourselves and to forgive judgments that we've placed out, that one thing, to my way of thinking, would do more toward healing in all of the systems than any one single thing that I know of.

It's also very challenging, because most of us have not been brought up that way. We have been brought up to make people and things and situations wrong.

SHIVA: I can't make anything more important than loving myself. There's nothing I could do or say or any way I could be that could be bigger than my love for myself; or if I do that, the consequence is really negative. But when I make my loving more important and override anything else, that's what self-forgiveness is.

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