The Greatest Deception - Part IV

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The Greatest Deception - Part IV

Postby Gnosty » 16 Oct 2009, 07:18

There was a time when an entire history was lost and then like magic rediscovered. A period when the ideas, writings, sciences all were absorbed into a dark realm where little to any knowledge surfaced. And then shockingly in the 14th century a man appeared that magically had a hand on this mysterious missing history. He then rediscovered some of the lost data and called this missing time, The Dark Ages...

Now isn't that so wonderful that someone had the ability, at least in their mind from the 14th century to equate a period of time of lost knowledge, as the Dark Ages. That creates the assumption that this man felt he rediscovered all of the missing data from hundreds and hundreds of years that were missing, and somehow he understood it all. Not just to the effect that he claimed this entire period was dark ages, but he must have believed he gather huge amounts of data from this period to even think of declaring this lengthy period of time the dark ages. We are to believe a very large section of history went missing and then as if right on cue, someone in the 14th century where still quite a bit of this lost history had to still be missing, had the fortitude and inner ability to equate it all as the dark ages, as if in his world the light was magically turned on, and he understood everything. That is quite a feat for one man...

And then again right on cue the dark ages turned into the light ages where the famed Renaissance began. Where now art, literature, and science not only entered the world it came in on truck loads.

How did hundreds of years of history vanish and then like magic appear. How did languages, histories, sciences and beliefs systems get swept under the carpet for this long period of time and then voila, it was back again. The entire scenario when you really start sticking a fork in it sounds completely baked. It seems more like this was hatched out of someone's mind rather than being a fundamental discovery. Now if it was revealed that teams of scientists, authors, archaeologists etc... were all part of this rediscovery, then maybe it could have some validity.

We are talking about a very large world that histories, sciences and arts completely vanished within and then they reappeared at a time when humanity was just beginning to have deeper understanding of their world. They did not have the technology we have today, they lacked deeper knowledge of the astronomical and astrological sciences, and yet we are to believe that an entire world's history was rediscovered at a time where this planet was in great turmoil. The great plague was right aorund the corner of Europe and Asia where one out of every three died. Some believe there was even a mini ice age that the world had to endure about this same period of time.

Yet somehow we are to believe the magic bullet theory that all the lost data reappeared like clockwork and someone had the insight to call it the dark ages. Sorry my friends this ship don't sail.

I believe the story is completely whitewashed and baked. I believe there was no lost historical data from a period that lasted over 700-1000 years and then magically rediscovered. I believe this so called dark ages never even existed.

Is it too bold to conclude that nefarious individuals for political and religious gain could have restructured our entire history back in the Middle Ages and none of us would be the wiser?

During the 14th - 17th century there were some powerful men who were scholars that were masters of the use of language, arts and sciences, and or had positions of great authority, especially within the Church, and they were members of secret societies.

They were fluent in Greek, Arabic, Latin, Hebrew etc... These men supposedly came into play for over 400 years. Men like Francesco Petrarca (July 20, 1304 – July 19, 1374), Poggio Bracciolini 1380-1459, Johannes Gutenberg 1398-1468, {Creator of the Gutenburg Bible} Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (May 3 1469 – June 21 1527) , Julius Caesar Scaliger 1484-1588, Pope Leo X 1475-1521, Nostradamus 1503-1566, King James 1566-1625 (King James Bible 1611}, Joseph Scaliger 1540-1609, William Shakespeare 1564-1616, Dionysus Petavius a high Jesuit Priest, were all linked together in one form or the other to recreate our entire history, art, religion and science, using codes, keys and astrological magic. Some of the most powerful names and I have only named a few all fall within this interesting space of time!

These men were not lacking in knowledge, they had a grasp of all literary works beyond anyone today. These guys had the ability to write in code within art, literary works and sciences. Sadly they even knew how intelligent they were and how ignorant most of humanity was, sound familiar?

They used the common person's ignorance to obliterate anything of real value or truth. Most people during this time did not have 1/1000 of the education these few had.

There are so many links being revealed that show a great deception was plotted against mankind. And much of this deception was correlated, created, designed by the very names mentioned above. These people were geniuses during their time and created vast works that could fill libraries. Many of them had the ability to speak fluently multiple languages in so much they could use these forms of language to recreate entire philosophies of thought. In fact they had the ability as all good authors and actors do, to recreate themselves and literally come across as someone totally different than who they really were. Some of these creative authors actually became other authors by simply creating a new personage, and then they placed this new author back into the time of the dark ages as well as the classical times. They did this to give authority to the creations they designed. They wanted it to look like men and women existed as contemporaries during the time they were creating. So they created a person out of thin air or they duplicated themsleves under different names and set them back into time to become the authority on the dribble they were trying to Pass off as fact.

Some may contend that this is impossible, how could they ever expect to get away with it? Well who was going to challenge them. Most of humanity during this period of time of the Middle Ages, did not have the knowledge to know whether these men were correct. Most could not even read their writings.

Could Middle Age Authors have twisted, invented and realigned our history using an intelligence that was far greater than the average Joe??

It appears much of what we have after 1000 AD is literally our entire known history, but everything before, is more and more coming to look as a world non-existent, at least according to our knowledge and Chronology. That which we believe existed prior to AD1000 and as early as 5000BC is simply an overlapping of events that happened after 1000 AD and were sent back or phantomly created and were placed back into this new time frame.

This man Francesco Petrarca (July 20, 1304 – July 19, 1374), was indeed mysterious. Once again another of a long list of men during this interesting period of time that was amazingly brilliant and had a strong grasp of the other languages. Petrarch was the individual that created the idea of the Dark Ages. He was actually crowned in Rome and became a very popular individual, not bad for a simple religious author.

One of the keys in his life is that he authored many works and letters, which seems to be the protocol for most of these Renaissance men. One of his works was called the Secretum ("My Secret Book"), an intensely personal guilt-ridden imaginary dialog with St. Augustine. Augustine supposedly lived during 354AD - 430AD.

He actually created a phantom relationship with a man named St Augustine of the 4th and 5th centuries AD, that was long gone and buried for about one thousand years as the experts tells us today, but I wonder if he actually knew St Augustine personally because there was no dark ages. Now think about this very hard. Here we see a man of the 14th century that created the concept of the dark ages that lasted for nearly one thousand years, or up until Petrarcha existed, and he is creating a phantom relationship with St. Augustine of the 4th and 5th centuries, in his personal writings, called the "Secretum." These people were experts in secrets, mysteries, keys, codes and the rest. So it should not surprise anyone that an author would do this. It is nothing for writers to create fiction material, but when fiction is transposed into fact, then we have ourselves a whole kit and caboodle of problems.

I find this interesting that the man that was fluent in Latin, was also the man that created the idea of what we now call the "Dark Ages," because of the absence of great Latin works during this period, according to Petrarch.

One has to ask once again was he a Phantom creator and illusionist creating a belief that someone existed years prior that may have been his contemporary or even he himself?

Example, once again like so often we see the name Petrarch, which appears very close to the ancient Greek author, Plutarch 46AD-120AD. Remember Petrarcha was fluent in reading and writing Greek. Of course I am not saying they are one in the same person, but the similarity is so often the case with these Middle Age expert language authors.

I find it also strange that the GREEK Plutarch authored a work, which was his greatest work called, "Parallel lives." Now isn't that sweet?

Also we are told that Petrarcha wrote his secret letters about his personal conversations with St. Augustine. Of course it is believed that it was his imaginary conversation. OH REALLY!

We we're told that his letters dealt with were secret lust affair that he had with a woman being that he was not to have any opposite sex relations according to the law of the Church. Yet one has to wonder once again, was his conversation a fantasy, or did he actually know Augustine, and this was his personal confession? Or maybe he was St. Augustine, because there is no such event called the Dark Ages, that which separated the two of them, it was Petrarch's fantasy creation?

Does anyone find it strange that Petrarch and Plutarch are similar, but are separated by 1300 years. Does anyone find it in the least uncanny that the greatest work of Plutarch's works, was called Parallel lives?

Now Plutarch was characterized as a moralist, but Petrarch had a problem in that area for lusting after certain woman according to his secret book!

So did he need to create a new name for himself to feel good about himself. I mean is that not what we were told about his work in the Book entitled "The Secretum". He needed to reveal his lust, his so-called immorality, with a private conversation with a thousand year old man named Augustine.

More and more we are coming to realize there is no such thing as "the Dark Ages." It was invented to keep the real history secret from the world. So they recreated history as in type, pulling a blanket over the eyes of the past, and then called it, "The Dark Ages." When in truth it might have been the Light Ages, or even the Golden Age, but who is to know? Then they suddenly located all of the past events and then behold we now know what happened in this dark period of time.

Is it possible that this was the sacrifice of the light by the covering over with Darkness?

Here is some more info about Petrarcha that is interesting, from the online Wikipedia, "...he collected crumbling Latin manuscripts and was a prime mover in the recovery of knowledge from writers of Rome and Greece. (Rome and Greece, Latin and GREEK???) Among other accomplishments, he commissioned the first Latin translation of Homer, and in 1345 he personally discovered a collection of Cicero's letters not previously known to have existed..."

Isn't that cute, how this author discovered all sorts of things from other literary works that no one had seen, yet was known as a prime mover in creating his own works especially Phantom works of Latin and Greek. What we are seeing here is this great Latin Author was fluent also in GREEK. In fact he thought the Greek Homer was basically an idiot, which did not understand any Greek! That is one bold statement for this man to have made. It would have been nothing to create a Greek Phantom author named very closely to his name, Plutarch, with a similar nomenclature, living 1300 years earlier and make him an opposite personality from himself, and then write the greatest of his works called, "Parallel lives."

This is how our entire Chronology was manipulated and changed. All it took is individuals that mastered all of the important languages of the day, and in turn wrote library shelves worth of works that were then deemed the expert treatise on History.

One such man was the late 16th century Jesuit High Priest that trained with Joseph Scaliger, in France. Joseph Scaliger re-wrote our entire chronology based on his beliefs of religion, art, science, etc.... After Scaliger died, the Jesuit High Priest Dionysus Petavius continued on with this work, to solidify its absolutism upon history.

Due to blatant copies of historical revisions it became clear that Dionysus Petavius was actually Dionysus Exegesis of the 7th century who claimed he discovered the exact time of Jesus existence, hundreds of years earlier. He claimed using certain mathematical formulas that Jesus existed hundreds of year prior to him. But as more and more facts are being revealed today, especially through the great work of Anatoly Fomenko, "History: Fiction or Science," Petavius and Exegesis both were named "Dionysus the LITTLE." Exegesis is the Latin form for "little" and Petavius is from the French word for Petite or "little." These are just a few of the many signals that are being revealed from this Middle Age era that are proving the game was afoot.

What appears to be occurring is a Jesuit High priest continued on with the worlds greatest deception from a long lineage of men that were far and above any minds of their day and probably ever, and Dionysus alone created at least one maybe more phantom authors, of the so-called early years and simply added them into his friend Scaliger's time table in which he created. Remember they both studied together in France along with other notables.

Personally I think the term "study" means, recruited into special secret lodges in France to learn the massive scope of deception and become part of the play due to a blood origin not of this earth! It is also my theory that several of these wise men were actually contemporaries of each other and were not separated by the 400 year stretch but simply were placed back in time to create the illusion. For some reason I am having a difficult time believe that Petrarcha was even in the 14th century, I believe he may be even closer to our time than we believe.

However the time period of the GREEK Jesus Christ, or Iesus Christos if Fomenko is correct in his dating, would have been exactly hundreds of years prior to Dionysus Petavius who existed in 1583-1652, which would confirm the so called 7th century author as the 17th century author. If Fomenko is correct and all the signs reveal that he is very close if not dead on, then the Greek Christ came on the scene in the 11th-12th century. Fomenko's date when Christ came on the scene using Middle Ages astrological charts and reviewing ancient solar eclipses etc... was around 1153-4 and he died 1186-7. This fits the time table exactly! At first Fomenko believed the time frame was 1053 due to the crab nebula explosion which signaled the Star of Bethlehem/CZAR GRAD events. But later researched proved that the Nova occurred 1154AD, which then Fomenko learned even the dating in the Middle Ages from many authors was about 100 years off the precise time. Which means the famed Knights Templars were probably 1218 instead of 1118AD.

What this means is, these authors of secret societies not only knew the real date of Jesus Christ, they were responsible for recreating the new NON-GREEK religion around him. And then they restructured our entire history placing Christ nearly 1000 years prior and even into another culture. And then they created phantom authors appearing to exist near or around the new time line to make it appear that there treason was valid.

The entire Jesus story was founded in what was earlier called Constantinople, the real Jerusalem or HOLY CITY. He was known also as Attis of the GREEK of the city called Phygria, later to become known as Galatia, the city Paul wrote to, telling them they they witnessed the crucifixion. Paul told the people of Galatia, that they witnessed the Crucifixion, they saw it with their own eyes. That would have been extremely unlikely if it was in Jerusalem of Israel. Galatia was much closer to the real events and most of these people were directly in the know of the real events. And the Greek Attis has all the same characteristics of the Christ because they were one on the same. Attis is very close to Isis or Isa, which phonetically was transcribed from the Greek Iesus.

Attis the Greek, Son of God, was pre-dated before Jesus to keep the deception going, as was all other cultural gods that displayed the Sun/Son of God as was typical. But their true origin stems from the GREEK IESUS and not the other way around!

All of these so called ancient Sun Gods of many cultures were all derived from the GREEK Iesus Christos, because the chronology is all a lie. This is why some of these other cultures used the GREEK derivative of the name Christ to reveal their sun god, such as Horace the Karast, or KRST without vowels. And the Hindu Krishna. All of these were taken from the GREEK Christos and not the other way around.

It is because all of these have a single origin that is the same person, not different personages for different cultures. All different cultures were talking about the same individual describing HIM through their culture and language.

However this secret cabal that was being backed by the Roman Church wanted to discredit this by calling all of these other cultures that were speaking of the same Iesus Christos as PAGAN MYTHOLOGY! Thus all followers of this Greek origin were called Pagans.

This is why Paul told the Galatians that they witnessed Jesus Christ's crucifixion. if he was killed in Jerusalem, they could have never witnessed it.

However, they screwed up when they did not change Jesus Christ's name to fit the new Judeo-Christian Western & Eastern Roman culture. Understand Jesus Christ was not Judeo-Christian. The church could not change Jesus name even if they wanted to. If they changed it to a Latin name it would have been realized that the Church was responsible for that was their language. If they changed it to a Hebrew name then it would have taken away the power from Rome, both East and West. So they kept his name Jesus and simply changed Jesus own teachings, and everyone would believe that the new teachings were Jesus teachings of old and not been the wiser.

Now lets look at a little about the History of Joseph Scaliger, take a look. From the Online Wikipedia!

"...After his father's death, he spent four years at the University of Paris, where he began the study of Greek under Adrianus Turnebus. But after two months he found he was not in a position to profit by the lectures of the greatest Greek scholar of the time. He read Homer in twenty-one days, and then went through all the other Greek poets, orators and historians, forming a grammar for himself as he went along. From Greek, at the suggestion of Guillaume Postel, he proceeded to attack Hebrew, and then Arabic; of both he acquired a respectable knowledge."

Is it not interesting to note, that this man was using the Greek Language and forming a grammar for himself. He was so brilliant, almost Alien brilliant, one might say, like a person not of this world, that even the greatest minds prior to him did not add anything to his reasoning. Remember, Petrarch felt the same about Homer which makes me wonder if there is again a commonality with Scaliger and Petrarcha. This is secret code talk revealing he was creating KEYS, using different languages, not that much unlike Nostradamus did to throw off the Church. He then learned other languages to discredit them also. WHY? because these men were master infiltrators of all cultures to literally recreate a brand new world for each system of beliefs.

This man studied in France with Dionysus Petavius the Jesuit, and now we see he also studied with one of the 16th century printing press authors, of many Greek works, Turnebus, also in France. Yet he was so brilliant no one could hold a candle to his knowledge, almost Annunaki like!

All of these men were fluent in many languages of their day especially Greek and Latin. Notice how close the name Turnebus is with Turtillion of supposedly 2nd and 3rd century, one of the men famed for discrediting Gnostic's.

He strangely enough was known as the first great author of Latin in Christianity. So here is Turnebus who was experienced with the Printing press for most major Greek works, and we learned about Turtillion who was famed for his authorship of most Latin works. Do you think all of this is a coincidence? Do you think that having this kind of power of the PRINT-press could not have been used for nefarious means? These people of their day were the CNN's CNBC's etc... But it was strictly secret society how all of this was passed around. They created and formed THOUGHT and were directly responsible for what we all believe in today!

Why do you think Christianity was scribed in both Latin and Greek. Do you really think all of this was being done through different time periods that spanned over a couple of thousand years or more? Or maybe it was simply because all of this was created from the same origin in the Middle Ages? Let me tell you this is only a tad of information that is starting to come forward.

What is beginning to be realized is our entire history was a fraud created by a few men of a secret order. And these men may have linked back 400 or more years to recreate a new world order that continues to operate today unfettered. I won't even get into Poggio Bracciolini, how many phantom authors he may have created, such as possibly, Titus Livy of the so-called period 59BC to 17AD of with religious people give him great respect, from the years Poggio existed, 1380-1459AD.

As I keep uncovering more and more information many things keep me very inquisitive!

Just what was the real purpose that these people established secret cabals to change our world?

Why did they feel the need to change our history?

What would our real history tell us about ourselves?

Why did they create a system of regulations both good and evil, but spread them through contrary religions?

Why did they create religions?

Why did they create the Bible, Koran, Torah, Sanskrit etc...?

What was the true purpose of the '66' BOOK-usually "black book" for?

What was their real purpose to bring in the concept of a world ending devastation and a judgment by a god who never shows his face?

Why were we told that we are all sinners coming under judgment when we have never had anyone to really teach us exactly why we are here anyway under the power of wicked beings, except through a myriad of belief systems that no one seems to agree upon?

Why were we told that something called Armageddon was God's way to establish his final justice on this planet, but the very ones that have been in control of this planet are the same ones working hard to bring in Armageddon?

What were they, and are they hiding from us even today?

Were these men just super smart humans?

Or were they some sort of alien race that took this planet over before and after Iesus Christos came on the seen in the 11th-12th Century?

And who really was this Greek God-MAN that all cultures of the world have patterned their god source after?

Was this planet ours in times past but somehow we lost it and through this short period of time in the Middle Ages, we have been made to fall asleep due to their recreating our entire foundation by using their characteristics and qualities to become the norm?

Are we the real owners of this planet from a higher density, but because we have been kidnapped as slaves we have fallen into darkness of lower densities- 3D, and through fear we remain?

Is the term GOD simply a fear based tactic to keep this planet subservient to an alien race!

Are we really as some have begun to learn internally all equal children of a greater divine source that is pure energy, and that there is only unconditional love from this source?

And could it be that all of the creator's children have free will choice to do as they desire, thereby some have fallen into the path of darkness and then have taken over those of the light.

Is this the real true story of the Christ that the sacrifice was simply darkness taking over the light, and then the light had to come back into darkness as a type of sacrifice to reveal itself to the other children who have been taken over, which at one time were all once of this light and there is no condemnation only discernment and learning?

Most of these men of the 14th - 17th Century were beyond genius especially realizing the time and day they existed. They were using codes and creating keys that only their secret cabal understood, and were literally changing the dynamics of this entire planet and it's people.

Like Joseph Scaliger's father, Julius Caesar Scaliger, was a friend with none other than the famed Nostradamus. Many believe that Nostradamus was not giving prophecies but was being used to tell the secret societies in the future what direction to follow and use it as a script. In 1531 Nostradamus was invited by Jules-César Scaliger to France. We know Nostradamus was famous for his quatrains revealing mostly destruction for our future, which fits perfectly with their judgment scenarios. All of these famed men were connected and all seem to play a pivotal role about our damning fearful future! It was stated that Nostradamus was trying to outwit the church using these Quatrains of prophecy. Was this actually Ordo Ab Chaos, using the technique of Thesis, Anti-thesis and then synthesis.

They seem to be of a species that thinks in terms of war, bloodshed and death, yet they have minds beyond anything we appear even close to have. But could it be they have stripped our source intelligence due to the restructuring of our entire mind-scope of reality, creating a virtual reality for us instead?

Just like I wrote in an earlier Article explaining how Fomenko in "History: Fiction or Science", was able to date the exact time period of the writing of Revelation to 1486 AD using the Middle Ages astrological charts and then using the dates planted into the Bible via those same charts using the symbols that were only known via those charts.

Once again this date fits right within the time frame of this brilliant secret cabal, that spanned hundreds of years. They were under the belief that the OLD world was coming to an end, thus Ferdinand and Isabella were searching for a NEW world, and thus they sent Columbus in search of this utopia. Who invaded and conquered humanity and then took us over??

But why? What were they looking for? And why did they believe the world was coming to an end? 1492 would have been only 6 years after Revelation was written, according to Fomenko. What was their definition of world? I believe it was ORDER nor LAND. If they could see new lands as being a NEW WORLD, then how could the world have come to an end if they could find another part that was free of destruction? What they were doing was bringing in a new order, one that was different than a way we use to live but have all but forgotten.

Why are these strange beings fearful of their world coming to an end? Just what is it that they are not telling us? And maybe their end of the world is the real judgment they have brought on themselves, and it has nothing to do with the victims, called the human race? Maybe they know they are about to be judged for what they did to us, but they turned it around and made us believe we were the evil ones, not the victims!

Maybe we are experiencing their FEARS because they know what is about to occur to them! That all of the damnation and tribulation and fire and brimstone is what is in store for them and it has nothing to do with all those that are of the light, the majority of the human race.

It is about time we throw off the blinders of our historical past and begin to review all information over again.

John the Gnostic

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