Chopping Heads Off The Hydra All The Live Long Day!

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Chopping Heads Off The Hydra All The Live Long Day!

Postby CliffMickelson » 08 Sep 2005, 16:27

"And so the gods condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor."

-Albert Camus

Greetings, Rolling Stones Fans!

In my little area of the world, we have a horrendous immigration problem.

We are overwhelmed with illegal Mexican immigrants.

Newspapers, billboards and other forms of media written and spoken in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles have become common in the last decade.

Naturally, feelings run high in this Pacific northwest community among the established population.

They see themselves being increasingly displaced by cheaper labor in the workplaces and alien social habits in the neighborhoods.

It has therefore become a popular pastime among locals to engage in vituperative "alien bashing" and other forms of vocal and physical hostility.

But, due to the nature of my business I have worked closely for many years with of the "illegal aliens" being demonized so precipitously by the mainstream community.

I know the vast majority of them to family oriented, hard working, thrifty, generous, and kind. In fact, most of the virtues that we current residents of America are wont to imagine we embody are in fact to be found to be much more readily apparent in the lives and manners of these foreigners.

But then, we see the trees in front of us, don't we? That's because it is planted smack dab in our intended path!.......But, do we see the forest?

So, as has been done so many times in the past, we prove ready and willing to grab the axe and chop away at the tree. Yet such efforts always appear futile in retrospect somehow, don't they?

Could it be that we are leaving the root intact to sprout up and block our path once again?

My friends, you and I, AND the hungry and hard working immigrant we excoriate are all the same victims of a cynical shell game!

We are two ends being played against the middle.

Suckers...All of us!

Who REALLY is to blame for the fact that Jane Doe down the street just lost her job to Juanita Gomez?

Here's a news flash folks:....IT AINT JUANITIA GOMEZ!

Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors!

The same paradigm applies to the current modern political process as seen in the United States.

(In fact, a case can be made for such, back through recorded history!)

Of course Shrubie the Bush and the Boys are up to no good!

What did you expect?

The damage to their hotel room will no doubt be charged to our account. With interest compounded!

But the are they the root of all evil? No, not really!

They are just modular building components, dear readers,....And replaceable ones at that!

In fact, those that attribute diabolical design to the current phantoms in power would likely be surprised to discover that the villainous objects of their opprobrium are often as clueless as the rest of us!

So, again, Who REALLY is to blame for what we see actualizing before us as the fruits of the political game?

Sadly, the problem remains that the system itself is hopelessly corrupt. Bush may be bad, (depending upon your perspective) but he's just more visible, (perhaps less smart) than some of the other past pawns placed in political power.

If you look back over time you can see that the Presidents come and go and the parties switch power every few years but the general dynamic of the direction of unfolding events continues to inexorably grind ahead with little or no true deviation.

This is a pattern that can be traced back 60 years with little trouble and even farther if one is willing to dig a bit.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Because.....There are powers above the puppets that are working the strings. It is they who are calling the shots while we in the audience enjoy the fantasy presented by the wooden characters on stage who are convincingly manipulated to be as if they are acting of their own free will!

As seen from this side of the looking glass, the hall of mirrors seems to be mindbogglingly complicated at first blush.

Relax!....That complexity is also a deliberately promulgated chimera. It's part of the act!

Once the curtain of illusion is parted, the hologram of complexity falls away and all is revealed before us as being as simple as black and white or as day and night,

Will there be light or will there be darkness?

Will we be divided against ourselves or will we not?

In the end, it all boils down to a simple question of... Who will gain the harvest of humanity.... The forces of Good or the forces of Evil?

I personally prefer to read the opening verse of Genesis as a prognostication of humanity's future destiny:

(And God said) Let there be "LIGHT" !


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Postby Paulo » 09 Sep 2005, 15:13

Hey Cliff,
And there Is Light!
Remember the ride, I think it is called the Himalean[sp?], where the operator asks through the loudspeaker: "YOU WANNA GO FASTER?" Then many would scream back: "YEAH!" Then the operator would ask again: "I CAN'T HEAR YOU... YOU WANNA GO FASTER?"

Here my newsflash:

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