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By Michael Edward

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

--- From the The Star, by Ann and Jane Taylor.

What is a Twinkler?

It was White Raven from Rumor Mill News who first came up with the term “Twinklers.” She was describing what people have reported seeing in the skies at night that have not been visible or noticed before. Some believe them to be UFO’s while others insist they are spiritual entities. But most seem to have no definite thoughts or ideas as to what they are. One common description is as if you were looking at a diamond or a crystal reflecting all the different colors of the light spectrum, a beautiful colorized twinkle. Are these ‘twinklers’ real? Sure they are, because people can see them.

Astronomical Twinkling

As for offering a scientific astronimical explanation about this, astronomers have used the term “Twinkling” for decades. Twinkling consists of changes in the apparent brightness, colors, and position of stars and other non-atmospheric objects (i.e., satellites). This is caused by atmospheric turbulence and various other irregularities, some of which are man-made. In photographs and through the human eye, twinkling causes an image to be "smeared" into a "seeing disk". In astronomy terminology, ‘seeing’ is a measurement of twinkling. The photographic effects of twinkling can be partially corrected by active and adaptive optics, but the human eye cannot correct these twinkling effects.

When reflected light from a distant star or a non-atmospheric object enters the Earth's atmosphere, the different temperature layers and wind speeds distort and move the image in various ways. The distortion changes at a high rate, typically more frequently than 100 times a second. In a typical astronomical image with an exposure time of seconds or even minutes, the different distortions average out as a filled circle, usually appearing to be composed of many different colors.

Perhaps this explains the recent occurance of these Twinklers. After all, our atmosphere is not what it was even just 10 years ago. We now have chemtrails, chemical pollutions, thermal changes, and dozens of other factors that have changed our atmosphere. Surely each and every one of these factors, both natural and man-made, will affect how the human eye and the optical lens of a camera will perceive reflected light above the atmosphere.

Unidentified Flying Objects?

But what about those who claim that twinklers are UFO’s? I don’t want to turn this article into a UFO debate, but I will say that I have personal first-hand knowledge that magnetic levitation (MagLev) wingless aircraft have definitely been in production since the end of WWII. As for advances made since then, one can only imagine how far technology has taken the original prototypes.

If anyone is interested, find out about the top secret R&D projects of Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Division beginning in 1942, along with UFO reports centering around Teterboro Airport and surrounding Northern NJ areas, such as Wanaque, during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. In this sense, they are not unidentified unless one wants to debate which company manufactured which variant wingless aircraft model. Just because the general public has no knowledge of them and can’t identify them doesn’t mean they are alien ships from other planets.

Biblical Vessels of the Gods?

Are twinklers the vessels that spiritual entities use? Some claim that the prophet Ezekiel told us about spirit vessels with wheels appearing to have the color of beryl stone. He describes them as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel; they turned not as they went; and they were full of eyes (lights?) all about.

The Spaceships of the Prophet Ezekiel by Josef F. Blumrich is worth mentioning. Blumrich was with NASA while involved in the design of both the Saturn V rocket and Skylab. His book investigates the similarities in the Biblical chariots described by Ezekiel and modern-day space ships. What Ezekiel foresaw could very well be modern space craft, even those that the public has no knowledge of yet.

Others claim that the Apostle John, in his Book of Revelation, describes the past catastrophes on the planet Earth, the great meteor-star named “Wormwood” striking Earth, and a third part of the Universe being placed under darkness. They say that John is describing Satan’s fall to the Earth along with the 200,000 created spirit entities or beings of Satan’s army and who fell to the planet Earth with him. Some have emailed me who believe that ‘twinklers’ are their space ships.

Creating Illusionary Images

As you can see, there can be many valid explanations for ‘Twinklers’, but the main purpose of this article is to expose how these twinklers can easily be used for various agendas by those who have ulterior motives.

Are those who manufacture and control man-made wingless aircraft in the skies, operating both above and below the earth’s atmosphere, causing them to be cloaked to appear as Twinklers? Who can disprove - with hard facts and evidence - that what many are visually perceiving as ‘Twinklers’ are not holograms or laser created images of illusion?

Psychosomatic Created Fear

“Fear of the unknown” is a powerful tool and weapon. It is the most powerful psychosomatic tool there is. When the human mind is presented with something it can’t explain, it will begin to seek any answer it can by easily grasping onto answers it cannot rationally disprove. This is why the other aspect of our Being outside of our flesh, our spirit, is necessary to discern what is true and what is not. Some may call it ‘the sixth sense’ or ‘mother’s intuition’, but the spirit aspect of our Being is the guide that discerns what our mind oriented senses cannot.

What if the general population on this earth stopped using their inherent spirit discernment and could no longer see what was truth from that which was an illusion? What if earthly ‘powers that be’ knew of this and caused the food and air humans survive on to be altered so that the spirit aspect of mankind was dormant? Is this the reason for chemtrails and Genetically Modified (GMO) foods? What a tangled web has been woven.

Exposing the Illusionary Alien UFO Invasion

If, in general, mankind’s spiritual aspect of life is made dormant, then this would allow those with ulterior motives to use the ‘fear of that which is not known’ to control humanity. A perfect example would be an invasion by unknown aliens from unknown planets with unknown space ships. Another example would be catastrophic earthly events caused by an unknown planet. Get the picture?

By creating this fear, those in control would have immeasurable power over the human mind to claim that they, and ONLY they, have the “knowledge” to protect humanity from this catastrophic event or invasion. “I am here to help you... I’m with the _______ (fill in the blank)”. Like sheep, mankind has and always will follow the shepherd who offers them safety and/or security.

A part of the process for accomplishing this goal is to introduce illusions in the skies, be they ‘twinklers’, UFO’s, Planet ABC, Comet XYZ, or whatever other optical illusions that will bring fruition to their agenda.

Another vital part of this well-planned agenda is to create a mystery around their wingless aircraft that have existed for decades. The UFO phenomenon is a clever cloak as well as a powerful tool for accomplishing their plans.

The only way their control agendas and illusions will be exposed is by those who exercise their spiritual aspect of Life to see through the spirit of fear and the false illusions that have been created.

The Religious Connections

The majority of modern religions are all waiting for a “second coming” or a great prophesied event to take place. Those with their ulterior motives for the control of humanity use every religion to their advantage: The more fanatical the religious group is, the better the result. The “doom and gloom” false prophets of our modern day and age are a clever tool used to bring fear into its place of power through religion.

Those false prophets who claim that only “this man” or “this group” must be in civil control are aiding in the creation of this fear. By doing so, they are a part of the mind control agenda behind the ‘fear of the unknown’. If a religious follower is told that he must support someone or some group, out of religious fear he will do so. If he doesn’t follow his religious status quo, then he is placed into fear for not doing so... a Catch 22 scenario.

False Prophets, Magi’s, and Seers

All of this also leads us to those individuals and small groups who will take advantage of those who fear that which has not made known to them. These fake spiritualist leeches will claim to know “the only correct answer” and show themselves to be the most knowledgeable experts on how to “survive the impending doom” of the earth, for whatever popular scenario they can latch on to.

Just ask the false prophets of the “Y2K scam of fear” how much money they made on dehydrated food and other survivalist items they sold through Churches where they were invited as expert speakers. They became famous prophets of disaster; they became rich; and now they’re just faded memories enjoying their paid-for luxuries on Caribbean beaches.

The oldest scam in the book is for some small group or individual to use human fear as a springboard of profit. They will tell you “I’m just like you... I want no following or followers; I’m here to help you because I have a special gift; I don’t want your money.” But in reality, they want your money and they want you to follow them. Those in fear of the unknown become their victims of mind control. In the end, a cult is created and sometimes mass suicides are the result.

Mind Control of the Masses

I decided to write this article because of emails I’ve received the past 2 weeks. It seems that some people who I thought could not easily be influenced by fear have succumbed to a very powerful spirit of fear. Perhaps this is what things like GMO’s and Chemtrails are all about... to break down resistance within the mind. In every case, they were following the teachings or writings of some self-proclaimed expert, seer, magi, or prophet. What disturbed me most is how all but one of them was snagged into this fear through the subject of this article, Twinklers.

It’s more than obvious to me that ‘Twinklers’ are one of the newest mind control tools being used as a main ingredient for a planned agenda. The emails had many common keys connected with mind control:

How Twinklers Appear
They were first seen on clear nights
Later, they could be seen with overcast skies
They appear to them in the same place/position in the sky
The twinklers flash in various colors and rhythms (hypnotizing)

Hearing the Twinklers speak
They spoke to the twinklers and received answers back
The twinklers said they were alien space ships from another planet
A fear that the twinklers will attack them if they don’t do what they’re told

Effects after Twinkler encounters
After the two or more encounters, they are unable to sleep
Sometimes, normal movements appear to them in slow-motion
Hearing unknown noises, both low and high frequencies

Post-Twinkler fears
In fear of sleeping or closing their eyes
In fear of impending planetary doom
In fear of a planetary or comet collisions with the earth
In fear of earthquakes and volcanoes where they live

After realizing these emails were coming from different people who live in diverse geographical areas, I knew this was no hoax. For example, an email from Hawaii spoke of the fear of volcanoes. Well, that’s more than plausible when living on a volcanic island. But another said the same thing and he lives in the flat North America Plains.

A necessary control technique with mind control is to insert a “this will happen to you if you don’t do what you are told” scenario. It’s what stops the victim from breaking free of the programming. A sub-conscious and conscious fear of sleeping is a reaction to initial mind control. Slow motion effects are another mind reaction to programming.

But the biggest clue that this is all a result of mind control is colored lights in a pattern that are perceived as both beautiful and pleasant to look at. Along with this is the belief that there is a two-way mind communication.

I have called a few of the better known people and quizzed them about their current state of mind. One of them said not to ever call her again because, the night before, the twinkler warned her that my belief in the LifeCross and the Living Light would get her in trouble with other Twinklers. All of them were unable to think clearly and all seem to have had a missing section of time within the past month they can’t account for. Bingo. That is all the proof needed to know that mass mind control is either being initiated or has begun on a full scale.

When I asked the same people what prompted them to look for or attempt to “contact” the Twinklers, they all referred me to a certain person or persons who were instructing them to do so, where the end result from this ‘contact” was supposed to be a greater spiritual awareness. One of the individuals some were following is quoted below.

Spiritual Discernment

I want to bring out the point that there are genuine prophets and genuine seers. History has proven this. As for modern day prophets and seers, their messages must be discerned by the spirit inherent within you. This is because your 5 senses oriented mind cannot do this.

I am going to let the reader spiritually discern the messages given in the examples below. Some readers will see nothing here at all and will think both writers to be speaking gibberish. Others will discern things immediately. After reading them, allow your spirit to show you what is and what is not. Use the spiritual discernment that is a part of your inherent Being.

The following black quotes were posted by self-proclaimed seer Claude Alain Hug a/k/a Michael St. Clair on February 15, 2004 at the Surfing the Apocalypse forum, while the blue quotes are taken from the Crux Visions at The World Vision Portal. The colors are to differentiate the two writers and have no other purpose:

“I have been in constant communications with what people call the ‘Twinklers’. There is one such space ship that I call ‘T1’, the Twinkler usually positioned to the left of Orion. That entity answers queries and sends messages. You too can learn how make this hyper space contact… I am merely the messenger of this script. I was told to write it down for you as it was given to me.”

“You look to the skies and to the stars; a change is seen by the naked eye. These sights are visual and they are real. They exist. But the illusion is the explanations offered as the source of their origin. Beware of these illusions of fear offered by the shadows because they are the creators of these lights in the heavens. If they also create an explanation founded in fear, then their toys in the skies will accomplish the goal they have set; a goal to rule humanity by fear of that which is unknown. For sixty-six years these earth-made ships of light have been there, and the shadows are their builders. But if they can lead humanity to believe the origins are unknown, then they can lead mankind to follow their false promises of protection and safety.” – The Crux Visions, January 24, 2004.

“Have you noticed the moving objects that look like brilliant stars but are in reality shooting lights that twinkle? The big blue Twinkler, ‘T1’, seen at night to the left of constellation Orion in Gemini stated:

‘We have sent to you one Magi, an individual who in our culture is considered to be the bridge across time. It is your decision what you do with the vision and advice he brings into your world.’

Focus on a twinkler when you see one, then formulate and ask your question, then let go of the thought, send it on its way, and at the speed of thought you receive answers. After a while you can do this without having to see them physically, although their physical presence is a reassuring feeling for some who are just learning...”

The faces of shadows will appear in the heavens and illusive miracles will follow their appearances in the form of light. Beware of this false light, as it is an illusion founded in the deepest shadows. What will be seen with the eye is a false image of light…” – The Crux Visions, 31 May 2003.

“At times they wake us up in the middle of the night, via thought, to say: 'Look out! We are here.' Then the communications resume. I guess yes you can call it teleportation thoughts... They are watching from afar, building a network, or a Cosmic inter-NET around the galaxy, as things are shifting now...”

“If you were dependent on the LifeCross within you, you would see through their illusionary explanation and know that there is no true Light in their wickedness. All is identified and all is known by the LifeCross living within you. Seek the Living Light and you will know the Wisdom of Truth and the origins of fear.”The Crux Visions, January 24, 2004.

“Here is another Twinkler Message - in a series of examples. The entire web site below is 'edited' by this Twinkler contact - click on the link and on the Blue Star Logo at the end of that page: The "Blue Star" People (”

One Last Thought....

From William Cowper’s Light Shining out of Darkness:

Blind unbelief is sure to err,
And scan his work in vain;
God is his own interpreter,
And he will make it plain.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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Postby Gnosty » 26 Feb 2004, 14:16

From an email...


Great article.

The valid and genuine connection to spiritual truth always lies WITHIN, through Source connected Soul. Looking outward (gods, gurus, aliens, channeled entities, etc.) always leads to control and deception -- AWAY from genuine enlightenment and growth. Inspiration, ideas, and teachers from without are often valid, but only as they direct the seeker inward to the genuine Source.

Discerning the differences between these two overall methodologies, I think, represents the key to spiritual growth. Nor do I think it is valid to claim (as some do) that "since everything is One," these messages from without are "really just from our Higher Self." The fact of the matter is that polarity and differentiation still exists in our 3rd density, and in 4th density as well.

Discernment is needed!

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