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Gulf Bioterrorism (part 2): A Silent & Deadly Enemy

So now we have an engineered genetic bacterial mix that is a super-charged oil dispersing and oil munching creation. But it appears that it also has a serious down side when it comes to most living creatures, including mankind. They’re using components that are known to cause inflammation and sepsis, More >


Gulf Bioterrorism (part 1): A Silent & Deadly Enemy

The Gulf Blue Plague is Sanctioned Bio-terrorism

While the vast majority of Americans were deceived into focusing their attention solely on BP’s underwater “dog and pony video show” and professed chemical “dispersants,” the biological war initiated within the Gulf of Mexico battleground was already a raging bacterial inferno. First broadcast on More >

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Permanent Biological Contamination of the Gulf


While natural viruses and bacteria respect species barriers, the storm of artificial genetics created by synthetic biology engineers – in order to eliminate the flow of crude oil and gasses in the Gulf of Mexico – are actually designed to cross species barriers. This has More >