With Mark Sircus, OMD & Gabriela Segura, MD

The information being offered in this broadcast from March 18, 2011 is absolutely essential for detoxification from Gulf of Mexico toxins as well as radioactive fallout detoxification. We are very privileged to have both Dr. Sircus and Dr. Segura discuss the proven and researched methods for naturally ridding our bodies of the lethal contaminates from our air and water.

It’s vital for everyone to read the latest IMVA updates Dr. Sircus is posting at International Medical Veritas Association as well as essential information Dr. Segura posts at Health Matrix and Signs Of The Times.

Audio Mp3 download, player, and archive: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wvp/2011/03/18/gulf-blue-plague-update.mp3