Weather Modification


One Cell One Light: Rosalind Peterson on Weather Modification, Hedge Funds and Derivatives

September 14, 2011: Guest Rosalind Peterson

While controlling the weather is most often presented as fantasy, such as the super powers of Marvel Comics character Storm, modern technology has made it relatively easy to influence certain weather patterns. In fact, there are weather modification programs ongoing in over seventy countries throughout More >


Atmospheric Geoengineering Awareness

How Do You Like Your Weather? Natural or Man-Made?

A special Living Light Network broadcast with Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch and the Agricultural Defense Coalition. No one – not a single government agency or private corporation – has the right to pollute our air or drinking water, modify our weather, or impact the living More >


Weather Hedge Funds – Rosalind Peterson

In this video clip from our Living Light Network radio broadcast on April 15, 2011, our special guest on The Gulf of Mexico Update with Michael Edward was Rosalind Peterson who discussed new revealing information about financial Weather Hedge Funds being traded on the Chicago exchange.

Rosalind Peterson is California President More >


Weather Modification in the Gulf of Mexico with Rosalind Peterson

Our guest on Friday, April 15, 2011 was Rosalind Peterson who discussed Weather Modification in the Gulf of Mexico and what to expect during the 2011 hurricane season, in addition to Weather Hedge Funds.

Audio Mp3 download and archive located at:

Rosalind Peterson President, Agriculture Defense Coalition Post Office Box 499 Redwood Valley, California More >

Electromagnetic (EM) Weather Warfare in the Gulf

Is it just oil and chemicals that we have to be concerned with in the Gulf of Mexico? Are we witnessing electromagnetic (EM) Weather Warfare? Join Michael Edward in these broadcasts from September 27 & 28, 2010 as he explores what may be behind the Gulf cover-ups and lies.

Part I: Part More >

Gulf of Mexico Weather Modification

This weekend edition for September 18, 2010, continues the Weather Warfare discussion that began on the September 16 broadcast. Find out exactly how the hurricanes are being steered away from the Gulf of Mexico as part of the Gulf oil disaster government cover-up. For background information, go to WEATHER CONTROL and More >

Weather Manipulation & Weather Warfare

In this broadcast from September 16, 2010, Michael Edward begins the first of several broadcasts documenting how different nations and the U.S. Military, among others, have been developing and using weather modification technology since the 1940′s.

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