Mortgage Fraud (part II) & Blue Plague Update

In this September 21, 2010 broadcast, Michael Edward further discusses the blatant fraud behind many mortgages in the USA, and also gave a brief update about the Gulf Blue Plague.

Mortgage Fraud Part II Audio files located at:

The Blue Plague Update audio is in the last 15 minutes of this compilation:

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Have You Checked Your Mortgage Lately?

In this broadcast from September 20, 2010, Michael Edward reveals the blatant fraud behind most mortgages in the U.S. and why the majority of mortgage foreclosures are unlawful. He’ll walk you through a particular mortgage foreclosure fraud case that he’s been investigating. After this broadcast, you’ll want to make sure More >

Gulf of Mexico Weather Modification

This weekend edition for September 18, 2010, continues the Weather Warfare discussion that began on the September 16 broadcast. Find out exactly how the hurricanes are being steered away from the Gulf of Mexico as part of the Gulf oil disaster government cover-up. For background information, go to WEATHER CONTROL and More >

Weather Manipulation & Weather Warfare

In this broadcast from September 16, 2010, Michael Edward begins the first of several broadcasts documenting how different nations and the U.S. Military, among others, have been developing and using weather modification technology since the 1940′s.

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The Power of Our LifeCross

We are created and exist as both physical and spiritual beings. But over time, our inner spiritual awareness has become dormant. It’s time to reverse our course and to allow the power of our LifeCross to flourish. This powerful broadcast from September 15, 2010 will surely awaken the Living Light More >


The Free Spirit of Horses

During these two broadcasts from September 13 & 14 (2010), co-hosts and horse rescuers Michael and Linn talked about the free spirit of horses and how they are a unique animal who can help teach mankind how to awaken the LifeCross within us and to let free the Living Light.

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Living Light is Within You Waiting to be Awoken

It’s time to begin tuning in to the LifeCross – the center of your being – and tune out the world of shadows that surround you. Prepare to be encouraged and enlightened as Michael Edward shows you how to turn on your own Light during this special two hour broadcast.

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The C-enter of the LifeCross

The world always shoots the messenger in order to hide the message. In this broadcast from September 5, 2010, Michael talks about the Living Light message within the C-enter of the LifeCross and why it is not the same as the religion created cross of worldly death.

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I shop therefore I am

Imprisoned Within Progress

In this radio broadcast from August 28, 2010, Michael Edward discusses why we are all imprisoned within progress. In today‚Äôs society, all is conditional upon an imaginary utopia achieved by ‘progress,’ unreachable for anyone. We shall never find the end until we see the beginning. We will never see the More >

Gulf Blue Flu

Gulf Blue Flu Symptoms – Premiere Broadcast

Join us for the premiere broadcast of WVP Radio hosted by Michael Edward. In this opening 90 minute show, Michael reveals what’s REALLY happening with the Gulf of Mexico. You won’t hear what he’s researched on any typical MSM – Mainstream Media – radio show. If you want to know More >