Natural and Practical Detoxification with Gabriela Segura, MD

Gabriela Segura, MD from France was our guest on the May 6, 2011 Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague Update with Michael Edward as we discussed natural and practical detoxification for Gulf of Mexico toxins, including radiation from the higher levels of uranium and thorium in the asphaltic oil still spewing into the More >


The Gulf Water Was Boiling With Oil Eating Microbes

From the Friday, April 29, 2011 broadcast of the Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague Update with Michael Edward an exclusive interview with a BP Operations contracted Lead Operator on the Toisa Pisces containment and production ship, Paul Hebert, regarding his personal observations of the Gulf water boiling with microorganisms that were More >


Gulf Blue Plague Realities: Deadly Radioactive Microbes

In this radio broadcast from April 29, 2011, Michael Edward discussed the radioactive uranium and thorium now coming from the deep asphaltic oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gratis of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the resulting fractures in the Gulf seabed. Michael also discusses how radiation effects microorganisms including More >


Weather Hedge Funds – Rosalind Peterson

In this video clip from our Living Light Network radio broadcast on April 15, 2011, our special guest on The Gulf of Mexico Update with Michael Edward was Rosalind Peterson who discussed new revealing information about financial Weather Hedge Funds being traded on the Chicago exchange.

Rosalind Peterson is California President More >


Weather Modification in the Gulf of Mexico with Rosalind Peterson

Our guest on Friday, April 15, 2011 was Rosalind Peterson who discussed Weather Modification in the Gulf of Mexico and what to expect during the 2011 hurricane season, in addition to Weather Hedge Funds.

Audio Mp3 download and archive located at:

Rosalind Peterson President, Agriculture Defense Coalition Post Office Box 499 Redwood Valley, California More >


Michael Edward: Gulf of Mexico Update on the Jeff Rense Program

Michael Edward, a host on the Living Light Network, was the second hour guest with the Jeff Rense Program on April 14, 2011 discussing what’s been going on in the Gulf of Mexico and further updates regarding the Gulf Blue Plague.

Audio used with permission of Jeff Rense at

Reference articles: More >


Organic Answers for Radiation Detoxification

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger & Dr. Janet Hull

Besides a vital need for detoxifying ourselves from Gulf of Mexico bacterial and chemical toxins, we now have airborne radioactive contamination to be concerned with. Our two guests from April 1, 2011, have extensive worldwide experience in both environmental and industrial toxicology.

Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., More >


United Houma Nation Crisis

United Houma Indigenous Nation at Louisiana

On Friday, March 25, 2011, during the first hour of the show we were permitted to re-broadcast (from earlier in the day) The Houma Indian Nation Crisis from David Gibbon’s Crossing Over the Bridge radio program. Patrick O’Brien was Michael’s guest during the second hour. Pat is More >


Indigenous World Prayer Gathering


On March 19, 2011, Living Light Network’s Michael Edward hosted a special two hour radio event led by Chief Phil Lane, Jr. with special guests Chief Arvol Looking Horse, White Bear, Firewoman, Jordan Big Horn, Charla Tarwater, Grand Mother More >


Detoxification Essential Knowledge

With Mark Sircus, OMD & Gabriela Segura, MD

The information being offered in this broadcast from March 18, 2011 is absolutely essential for detoxification from Gulf of Mexico toxins as well as radioactive fallout detoxification. We are very privileged to have both Dr. Sircus and Dr. Segura discuss the proven and More >