Are you hearing a HUMM?

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Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Steal » 12 Apr 2016, 10:52

I hear the hum in Ojai, Ca. It comes and goes. I hear it day and night but mostly at night. It's loud sometimes, and it permeates walls. I can hear it well in my car. It also changes directions where it's coming from, which is odd. It's not tinnitus. When I plug my ears it gets faint, but I can still feel the vibration. It's more of a low oscillating vibration .Sometimes I don't hear it for weeks and then it comes back.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by mklauss » 17 Mar 2014, 15:37

I do not hear the HUMM but I can tell you that in no uncertain terms that in 1969 my father who was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Supply at Eglin AFB Florida told me about the cable that is laid in the Gulf of Mexico.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Hummer » 25 Feb 2014, 23:16

Yes. I recently noticed hearing this low pitch humming noise. I live just South of Mandarin, FL, and cannot figure out the source. Some people think I am crazy but I am also experiencing it near NS Mayport. Primarily notice it at night and it has been difficult to go to sleep. Some websites indicate it may be aliens; some a government-generated gizmo; some indicate it may be the beginning of a hearing problem (tinnitus). Maybe we can start a club! Good luck, we're going to need it!

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Josh » 13 Dec 2010, 01:12

Well folks, there is something you can do for yourself to give a large degree of protection, have anyone ever heard of Orgonite, it is a simple mixture of epoxy metal shaving, (or powder), and some crystals, (or beach sand), it cancel any EMF that could be harmful to your environment.
You can make a small piece and ware it or keep it in your pocket.
Then when you get a bit of practice, make a larger one for your whole dwelling.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Gnosty » 22 Sep 2010, 06:30

NewtoJacksonvilleFl wrote:... My husband can hear it, but he wears ear plugs and can block it out.

If he can block it out with ear plugs, then it's not an electromagnetic humm. This humm is not audible; it's internally sensed and perceived due to the harmonic vibration. It can be "heard" most when local sounds are blocked, such as at night in a well insulated room or in a closed-up car without the engine running. The quieter your surroundings, the more your body perceives the harmonics and vibrations. Your brain interprets it as an audible sound, but it is not auditory. It's vibrational.

Think of it this way: A dog can hear higher frequencies that a human cannot. Human beings have a certain auditory frequency range. When we are exposed to those frequencies outside of our audible range, our bodies can sometimes still perceive the vibration of the inaudible sound. That is what the humm is all about. We're not technically hearing it within our aural range. Instead, this lower frequency outside of our audible range is being perceived through harmonic vibration. This electromagnetic harmonic vibration picked up by our bodies fools the auditory cortex of the brain so that we think we "hear" it as if it was in our audible range.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by NewtoJacksonvilleFl » 22 Sep 2010, 02:38

I live in Jacksonville Florida and have noticed the loud but low pitched noise too. It is worse some days and nights than others. I think it is worse at night because other noises like traffic have gone and the low pitch is all you are left with. It sounds like the humm of a large truck engine and it varies in revs etc.. There are a lot of boats near me and the Navy and large stores with air conditioning, so I think I'm hearing that. I used to live in a very quiet, remote area in a different state and so this city noise is very distracting. I wish I could block it out as it is hard to sleep and I get a head ache at times from it. My husband can hear it, but he wears ear plugs and can block it out. I wish I could buy a machine to cancel out the noise like noise cancelling headphones.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Mo » 21 Sep 2010, 09:50

Wow, that's interesting! I live in Hawaii and there are times that I hear low level sounds on a regular basis. They are to me, just at the conscious level, if you listen very closely you can here the humm. I have asked friends if they could hear it when I could hear it and 1 out of 4 would admit they could hear something. I don't ask everyone I know this just friends that know well and more or less have an open mind. It has been a mystery to me for while. I was also thinking that it was and still could be the low frequency high decibel sonar that the Navy uses, that ends up damaging the whales and dolphins in the area. There seem to be two may be three different types of resonant sounds. I do know from experience, that if you move from a city type environment to a country setting, sometimes at first you will experience a buzz or a ring to help make up for the lack of sounds that your ears are not hearing all the time in the city and are not getting in a rural setting. That ring is different it sounds more localized where the resonant sound,is always far off in the distance. It also has a pulsing quality to it, that is slower that is than my heart beat. Does this grid exist out here in the Hawaiian waters?

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by HUMBUGS » 20 Sep 2010, 14:21


Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Truthtalker » 20 Sep 2010, 11:31

The Humm we are speaking of is not Tinnitus, (which I have oddly enough). this is Haarp. We are continually hit with pulses of all kinks.
Other related issues have to do with the metals in the air that work in conjunction with Haarp.
Check it out.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by patriot9878 » 20 Sep 2010, 08:54

I live on the East Coast of Maryland and I have been hearing this for 6 or 7 years now.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by barlandnewhouse » 20 Sep 2010, 00:27

In 1998-99 winter we lived 25 miles inland from Silver Bay MN off of the north shore of Lake Superior. We were trying to build a bug out area. Guess we were a few years early. Anyhow I remember that it was around Christmas and extremely cold at night. If I remember right about -30 f. We lived in a cabin with a wood cook stove and had an outhouse and had to chip ice off an open pit well to get water. It was interesting to say the least Of course no electricity either.

One night I lay down. It was crisp and very cold. For anyone that has lived in that environment knows, on nights like that sound travels seemingly forever.
No electricity so no equipment running. Dead silence. All of a sudden, as I quieted down there it was. It was a hum that oscillated. Very, very low with a long rise and fall to a frequency about a half an octave higher. Up and down. I thought I was hearing things so I asked my wife if she could hear it. it took her a bit, with some coaching but she heard it as well.

Over the years I have mentioned this incident to people I know, and really I came to believe that we were somehow hearing the earths frequency. about 3.12 hz? I think. A friend gave me a plausible scientific explanation on how that might happen, so I went with it.

Finally others have heard this to.

Still, middle of the country, close to the northern border? Maybe cables in Lake Superior?

Anyhow very interesting. If this is weather mod. Than I do know one thing for certain...... It will come back to bite them in the ass. And I will laugh so hard right in there face, if within the acceptable parameters of the Lords will. :grin:


Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by [email protected] » 20 Sep 2010, 00:19

Yes. Have been hearing the hum here in Jacksonville (actually Middleburg)for about 5 years. Have called the county code enforcement people about it. Had the police over. Also had a Clay County Electric Coop guy come by (thinking it might be a harmonic from the power lines about a half mile from here and it is about sixty cycles) and he heard it also. It is more pronounced at night with the traffic and other noises abate.

It is more pronounced in an enclosure which seems to augment the noise. A house and even an auto will resonate to it. I have friends who also hear it and it does surge up and down in amplitude and sounds like it is inside your body at times warbling between the ears. Hear it right now. Even with sound protectors (which are mainly designed for high frequency power tools anyway), it is still irritating.

Did not hear it in Memphis, Las Vegas, or other inland cities. Have also heard about the "Taos Humm." It is extremely irritating and we use a fan to make a bit of white noise to mask it. Sometimes it goes away for a day or two.

Question...why, if it's a weather control or steering device, do they keep it energized when there are no storms approaching??

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by ManchesterUK » 19 Sep 2010, 16:43

I am living in the UK now after moving from the US. I've been hearing a *humm* since the mid 80's. Sometimes it's low pitched and sometimes higher pitched. Sometimes I can ignore it, but at times it's so loud I cannot concentrate on what I am doing. For years I thought I had hearing problems and finally went to a hearing doctor to have a range of tests done, which all came back negative for any hearing disorders. I'm glad to finally find out I'm not crazy and that blasted *humm* is really out there and has a cause!

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Juan » 24 Jun 2009, 14:37

hear it at night all the time. louder in mornings. diesel engine noise but no truck near.

Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Post by Jimmie » 12 Jun 2009, 13:21

Yes the HUMMM is ever present. I have noticed more people are hearing it too. The quality has changed over time. Back in 97-98 the sound was lower, slower, deeper oscillation kind of like a very big diesel motor off in the distance. Now it is a faster vibration, a little higher pitched and less definitive oscillation. It also has an actual physical quality that can be felt at times. Kind of like a bouncing off my ear drums or pressure sensation.

I did not, and have not heard it or felt it while visiting the islands of Hawaii over the past few years. Everywhere else I have heard it, including Europe but not much in the Alps. There is a high correlation of earthquake, volcanic and other phenomenon associated when it is loud or "intense" . Not just earth activity but odd human and animal behavior too. Stress responses. Seems to be a variety of emotions and physical effects so I suspect it is frequency modulation. Stuff like apathetic attitudes, anger escalation, fear, lethargy, confusion, unclear thinking, the most curious to me is the lack of people taking back their rights and rebelling against total loss of rights and freedoms in America. The theft of the currency system, the blindness to what is going on in this country is pathetic. The lack of peoples awareness and actions to stand for truth and freedom of information is clearly a dumbing down of society.

Also those people who are using electronic devices of sensitivity have notice very odd readings and output data at times as of late. It appears to be electronic manipulation of sorts.

For the past month roughly, the Hummm has been loud and intense feeling. I expect there will be continued elevated earthquake and volcanic activity but also feel as if this frequency is agitating people. Do not know if it is a natural occurring sound due to the magnetics of the planet shifting or a man made frequency generator.

Personally I block it out and ignore it as best as I can.