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Postby kate » 27 Dec 2003, 13:16

My latest spiritual journey involves speaking the word positively and daily recognition and focus on all the good in my daily life both that I receive and give.

This adventure has enriched me immensely and I am almost obnoxious to be around if you want to bitch or moan or whine. That is one of the best blessings of all.

When one's focus becomes what is right and how you can influence the good, people who are and want negativety become somehow reflected out of your personal orbit!!!!

I originally wanted to rant about negative people and how little patience I have with those who do not want to assume resposiblity for their live's as the basic foundation for any sort of adulthood; be it physical, mental, or spiritual. ( I am sure because I feel passionate about this, within me lurks an unresolved, and perhaps unknown, negativiy :clap: )

I tell my kids if someone pisses you off or hurts your feelings, specially someone you don't know ie another driver, cops, store clerks~ and you allow those feelings to continue past the time of the original insult is to give their PERSONAL POWER over to that person. I ask my kids if they think the other person involved is having their day ruined or being generally pissed off? Chances are NOT. They are in effect, LETTING THAT PERSON RUiN THEIR LIFE. That person or situation gets to hurt or anger them twice. The asshole wins. Is that what they want? Wouldn't it be better to be able to forget about it? Bless that person or situation and be done with it. Mama always told me "Living well was the best revenge." You actually are the winner if you can master yourself. It is not easy tho. Being aware is the first step. And with your spouse and kids, and friends it can be a one step forward two step back dance. :lol:

I realize that seeing the positive, enriching, side of all things is a blessing. I had to be older to get it. To internalize that TODAY is sufficient unto itself. I love my Rose colored Glasses. I want to pass them around. :party:


Postby Angelica » 28 Dec 2003, 00:17

Enjoyed reading your sharing, Kate!

From what I've read and learned in life, these kinds of moments with others are the crucial ones and more important than we know on the road to self actualization and spiritual peace. You're a wise mother!

Instant forgiveness seems to be the key and in that, the attitude of detachment and taking nothing personally! Whew! It's a biggie!

I'm still learning and finding that the processing time on loved ones takes a bit longer for me than those I meet along the way, now. My children are in their twenties and I'm still learning. And I can see their learning and growing as well. Wish we could, as parents, plug in our wisdom into their circuits and send them out in the world with that extra edge. But from my experience, they're each on their own path equipped with their individual spirits and life agendas and the experiences will be their teacher just like they were for me and still are.

With love,


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