Fiber Disease Alert!...Death By Cotton...The Lethal Thread

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Fiber Disease Alert!...Death By Cotton...The Lethal Thread

Postby CliffMickelson » 02 Dec 2004, 05:51


Below, the interested reader will find an excerpt and a link from an astounding, astute and well organized diary of a parasite sufferer.

To be more precise, this is the dairy of a parasite sufferer who has also discovered the horrible truth about cotton.

It is a long read, but a short while to spend, compared to a potential lifetime of misery incurred by a failure to inform ones self.

Once, it was only in the fantasy of Science Fiction that there could ever be a bio-engineered nightmare of world threatening proportions set loose upon an unsuspecting planet.

But Sci Fi has an uncanny knack for fulfilling it's own prophesy, doesn't it?
And, loose the nightmare is.

I have been involved in research and study of this emerging disease for close to three years. During that time I have built up a huge data base. I have letters on file from victims around the world. Each day adds new file cases of people, lost, confused and very sick.

These are people plagued by a malady that is not only newly emerging, but actively ridiculed, ignored and suppressed by both the governmental and private medical communities at large. Nonetheless, a small number of stalwart doctors risk their careers to attempt to fulfill their oath. Often, these few find themselves attacked on all sides or stonewalled into impotence.

But this is not the worst of it. There may be growing evidence that a number of the best and the brightest micro biologists in the world have paid an even higher price than simple professional censure due to the existence of this artificial creature.

Is there a link here to the sudden deaths of so many world class micro-biologists? Only time will tell...


Whether this abomination is the manufacture of human hands or not, it is a highly successful micro Frankenstien that has already penetrated every nook and cranny where humans hold dominion over planet Earth.

To further complicate affairs, there is growing knowledge of the disease in the alternative communities, but it's connection to cotton is one that I and, (to the best of my knowledge) only one other person have stumbled upon and established.

But it doesn't take a lot of effort to now establish the connection yourself. All you need is a fluff or two of infected cotton and a jewelers loop.

The life cycle progression of this cotton borne symbiotic parasite/pathogen disease is a long and slow one. Where it may end is currently at a point yet to be arrived at in the short time extant since it has been placed among us. To the best of my knowledge there have been no moralities to date. There has been much concern expressed however, that some sufferers may have taken their own lives due to depression and despair.

It is difficult for those not yet infected to comprehend the outlook of those who are.

But, imagine this: You don't understand what is happening to you. No one believes you when you try to explain. Those you try to explain your situation to, avoid you studiously from then on. Your family and friends become distant. There is NO official help. Those who do seek help are diagnosed as mentally unstable or as delusional. You realize you are highly contagious. You become listless and constantly fatigued. You lose your job. You then lose your home.

The list goes on and on ... and, believe it or not, These folks are the lucky ones!

The less fortunate are misdiagnosed as suffering from Lymn or a hobb's selection of other serious plagues. They endure all of the above, plus useless treatments that ruin them financially for life and cure them of nothing but their enjoyment of living and their faith in the system.

That delusional paracitosis is the honest diagnosis of many uninformed doctors is testament to the fact that we currently, (if metaphorically) are engaging the Borg. We do battle with an organism endowed of a nature, so fiendishly clever, so diabolically and efficiently vectored, and so well possessed of a wealth of strategic keys; all of which are curiously and impeccably mated to the lockouts of the human body's immuno-defenses, that, in this authors opinion, the genesis of such a creation is beyond the capability of all but perhaps a handful of men now living on Earth.

It is like something from another planet.

But, we must never forget. It is in the nature of man to cherish eternal optimism in the face of insurmountable adversity.

No nightmare lasts forever ... and this one too, shall pass.

There will be a cure.

Keep faith and hope alive, the day will dawn when, perhaps by the simple expedient of accident, someone somewhere someday will exclaim:


And from the darkness, a new day will dawn for millions.


(Begin snip from: "Diary of a Parasite Sufferer")

The nematode I believe is an enteropathogenic biocontrol species which has been genetically modified to be of very small size. The Steinernema riobravis is one genetically modified species used today in the USA for cotton. Many species are used already all over our country as well as the world. The way it works is: agriculturalists (since the late 80s) release millions of these tiny biocontrol worms into the soil of crops (in particular citrus, cotton and corn), into golf course turfs, gardens, etc., etc. to parasitize and kill off other "pest" insects. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that these nematodes would stop at insects, when warm-blooded hosts may be readily available. (There are absolutely NO controls by our government regulating either the testing, distribution or application of these creatures!) The worms each contain a unique type of bacterium (which they themselves are immune to, and this bacteria has been genetically "enhanced" to make them more lethal) and is the deadly element released once the worm invades the larger insect host. The bacterium could explain the bizarre formation of fibers and other amorphisms in the skin of the host. Obviously the clothing or textile (raw cotton or processed cloth) is not being sanitized and getting into garments which are distributed through our country (USA). In Columbia, they treat crops with dioxin, and some crops have been exposed to paraquat via the drug cartel wars which may have modified the organism. And many clothing manufacturers use Columbia for a source of cotton. And numerous other chemical treatments are used on crops there. Also many third world countries lack the stringent sterilizing elements found in the US methods. Enteropathogenic nematodes are used by ALL countries that produce cotton.

However the shape of this parasite appears more like the filarial Nematode species. This has to be a cross between several species… it behaves like a silk worm, and demonstrates Scabies or spider like tendencies.. and it is producing some chemical particles from my skin and hair… also there is a bacterial element and that bacterial could be genetically altered bacteria which works with the nematode, as they do have symbiotic relationships

It is possible that the primary damage or core of this disease is bacterial, although I do not believe it is Lymes disease, as is sometimes supposed. Obviously, if bacterial, then the vector of it becomes secondary in
importance. In this case, a microscopic nematode, which may itself have been vectored by a small species of screw worm fly found throughout our the Midwest and Eastern coast. One or more of these insects carried with it a new form of genetically modified, heat-resistant bacteria, capable of producing fiber. Please don't misunderstand, I am not suggesting that this is bio-terrorism. On the contrary, that these types of bacterial strains may have been produced with our own government's consent and even involvement for the purposes of research and development.

Second, the bacteria involved in this disease do not consist of one but multiple strains, depending on their source of origin. Thus, while all those experiencing this disease present with certain symptoms which are
common to all, many individuals manifest symptom variations which are quite different from those of others. There exists such a diversity in the commonality, because the bacteria that one person or group received are
slightly different from the bacteria another received, although they are designed to produce similar end results.

Third, the bacterial strains have been engineered for the purposes of creating raw materials biologically, especially fibers which will be used in creating new textile markets. These bacteria have been extensively
engineered and tested over the last ten years by a plethora of companies (DuPont, Honywell, Nexia, etc.) including the U.S. Army, using both plant and mammal tissue as a medium to verify their ability to produce these materials. Many failures were reported and the inadequate bacterial strains were "discarded."

Fourth, these bacterial strains have been disposed of indiscriminately, with improper safety protocols, much as were the many toxic wastes of the last generation's industries. This is because there are no effective safety
measures in place within our government or any others (of which we are aware). Instead, the public is told that these types of research and products are absolutely environmentally friendly, since they are not "toxic" but purely biological. It is alarming to think how easily the mutant bacterial strains could spread to different vectors once outside the laboratory. NOTE: I am not implying that such leakage would be intentional, but merely accidental based on lax protocols.

Finally, the bacteria which produce fibers can do so inside the skin as well as outside it, as long as there are available proteins for it to use. The "fiber balls" that are seen so often with the disease are in fact
produced by the bacteria (not nematodes, or any other invertebrate species), using the proteins from skin, hair, cloth, etc. The bacteria themselves are quite infective, being able to invade the skin, and are felt as "itchy, stinging" sensations on the skin when they enter. When they are multiplying and (often) rapidly producing fibers, they can be felt as "tingling" or "crawling" sensations, on or under the skin.

NOTE: Now as we know, the bacterial spores infest clothing readily, and are quite heat resistant, a factor to which everyone with these fiber balls in their laundry can testify! (We must bake our clothes for 13 hours at 250 degrees to finally kill all the spores or boil 30 minutes & cool 30 minutes 3x in a row.) This heat resistance is yet another verification that the bacteria have been genetically modified. As you may know, before the 1960s, it was commonly held in scientific circles that even the hardiest bacteria could not withstand lengthy temperatures of over 160 degrees. This notion was completely shaken when Thomas D. Brock of the University of Wisconsin-Madison began to study bacterial strains in the hot springs of Yellowstone which actually thrived and reproduced at near-boiling temperatures! Sometime in the seventies and at least by the eighties, the high heat genes in these bacteria began to be spliced by scientists into other bacteria (Bt bacterium used in GMO corn or cotton, for instance) and other organisms, enabling them to become far more heat resistant. Even naturally occurring pathogenic nematodes used in crop control are now being infected (in the laboratories) with heat resistant bacteria to make them more "effective" in killing their hosts.

(end snip)


Please follow link to read additional information, including the personal account of one victim's struggle to survive in an upside down world.

-CliffMickelson ... of/030.htm

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