Does the Cotton Menace Have Mind Control Properties/Purpose?

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Does the Cotton Menace Have Mind Control Properties/Purpose?

Postby CliffMickelson » 03 Dec 2004, 05:41

There May be much more to the Cotton Menace than first meets the eye:

Just ask a few dead Microbiologists!



Greetings, "G"

I have just a quick question for you. Just out of curiosity....During your time of affliction with this fiber disease, by any chance have you noticed any changes in your own behavior, or magnifications of counterproductive behavior patterns that may have existed prior to the onset of this thing?

For example, if there was a tendancy to procrastinate on somethings, like say ....balancing your check book or doing paperwork or cleaning bathrooms or doing laundry, or returning phone calls....Anything like that that you may have liked to "creatively avoid" before you became infected.... did you notice that any of those patterns seemed to magnify, (to your personal detriment) or did life and behaviors go on as always with no change?

I ask because I have noticed some definite magnifications of negative (counter productive) personality traits in my case. Some things that I used to have difficulty forcing my self to do in the past, have become practically (mentally) impossible for me to do recently. It's almost like I am incapable of staying on focus long enough to even attempt those certain tasks.. Other things however, are no problem at all. It's just the ones that I always never enjoyed doing.

Wierd, eh?



Hi Cliff

Wow, that was a very astute question. The answer to all is yes.
I would be almost ashamed to admit this but since you asked. I have been feeling like I have lost all sense of time and urgency in attending to household matters like paying my bills on time and keeping up with chores.
I have accumulated piles of mail and catalogues that just sit there and don't get opened . Although I have no difficulties in having enough money to pay my bills I oftern pay late charges because I mindlessly procrastinate and don't even care that I am going to have to pay extra money for the late accounts. I don't know why this is all happening but I do feel that I am thinking about this disease almost every waking minute of my life and it seem to predominate the distribution of my time and energy.
There is such an underlying urgency to get this pathogen out of me that I think my subconscious is sending me distress signals every minute of the day . I think of the movie ALIEN and the critter that rises up from the inside of someone's chest. It's like I have that kind of anticipation about what is happening inside of me . This has only been compounded by the rejection from the medical community and a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis as I watch wiggling strands exit from my skin as well as every other portal of my body.
All my priorities seemed to have shifted aroud this disease and the mundane tasks of life have taken a back seat. Somtimes I feel immobilized and loes track of time. (alien visitations?) Sometimes I wonder if there is some alternate reality that the old punctual and responsible part of myself has gone off to live.
It just seems that since I have stopped living with my "Eyes Wide Shut"
that my entire perspective about what my priorities in life need to be have shifted. It's difficult to stay focused on the mundane and programmed concepts of everyday life when the doorbell rings and you find that the Avon Lady is now Lucifer and that the special of the month ain't wrinkle cream in those bottles of potions. It feels like a primal battle between good and evil and I know I need to keep my focus on the what is real and not the facade that we the sheeple are urged to view and embrace as a happy little plastic world with a government who is there to protect and serve. The only thing I can see them serving is me on a platter being eaten by bioengineered evil.

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