Reversing Alzheimer's Disease

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Reversing Alzheimer's Disease

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Reversing Alzheimer's Disease

by Tom Warren

Common Complaints

Mercury poisoning and toxic chemicals cause Alzheimer’s sufferers many common medical and mental problems.
Following is a listing of several conditions routinely seen in these patients:

1. Irritability
2. Inexplicable explosive behavior.
3. Endogenous depression:
4. Emotional Instability.
5. Low stomach acid
6. Candida overgrowth
7. H-pylori (Helicobacter pylori)12
8. Excessive belching and flatulence
9. Putrefaction, parasites, flukes13, fungus, etc.
10. Malnutrition
11. Chronic fatigue
12. Leaky gut syndrome
13. Food allergies and chemical sensitivities
14. Loss of the ability to control weight.
15. Poisoning of the liver
16. Dry flakey skin
17. Abnormal white cell blood count ranging from 10,000 to 22,000 mm³
18. Discoloration of the genital organs. Sometimes men report gray discoloration of the penis, testicles and gray arm pits. Women may notice the insides of the lips of the vulva are gray. All of the above areas should be light pink. In people with white complexions gray discoloration is definite confirmation of mercury toxicity. During mercury detoxification all of the above areas eventually become light pink.

The subclinical signs of mercury poisoning are as follows:

1. White spots on the finger nails (zinc deficiency). In pregnant women
white spots on the finger nails most often signify calcium deficiency.14
(Important endnote)
2. Hangnails (Folic Acid deficiency)
3. Inability to remember dreams (B-6 deficiency)
4. Cracks or holes on the tongue dentists call Geographic tongue. (B-3 and
B-Complex deficiency)
5. White growth on the tongue (Candida overgrowth)
6. Frequent urination suggests mercury toxicity. It is also a marker for
7. A tendency to be exhausted, depressed, irritable, exhibit short term
memory problems, explosive outbursts of unexplained anger and impaired decision making capability and sometimes, incessant unfocused chatter (due to low level chronic mercury poisoning, Candida overgrowth, electrolyte imbalances, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome and chemical sensitivities)

There are many other subclinical signs of mercury poisoning, but these are the complaints that I most often hear from persons seeking information about short term memory loss.

The Park-Davis Continuing Pharmacy Education Course lists the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in the following manner:


* Memory loss affecting job or household skills
* Time/Place disorientation
* Language problems
* Difficulty with abstract thinking
* Poor judgment
* Misplacing things
* Depression


* Suspiciousness, paranoia
* Increased appetite
* Loss of initiative
* Lethargy, Listlessness
* Agitation
* Personality changes
* Liability of mood

Compare Park-Davis symptoms with the above symptoms of chronic low level mercurial poisoning.


I would like to enter here a few words of prudence about the rapid and random removal of mercury fillings. There is a report from “Amalgam og Skydom” (Dental Amalgam and Disease) Oslo, Norway, 1993, by Dr. Harald J. Hamre that states If the patient is seriously ill, they are strongly advised against removing more than one or two small fillings at a time, with an interval of four to six weeks (multiple sclerosis, eight weeks) between amalgam removal sessions.

Removing all amalgam in a very short time is well tolerated by most healthy people, but has repeatedly led to devastating long-lasting or even permanent disease in sensitive individuals. The rationale behind the above statement stems from sudden alterations in the body chemistry from replacement of mercury-silver fillings, and changes in the electrogalvanic balance in the mouth that could affect brain and immunololgic functions (which is another reason biocompatibility testing is so important). A significant amount of mercury vapor is released when mercury-silver fillings are removed. The absorption of this vapor can result in a medical crisis for the neurologically impaired person.

Finding the Right Dentist

Before we begin: The most logical approach to dental treatment is no tooth is worth saving if it damages your immune system. If I were looking for a dentist, the first thing I would do, is call Dr. Hal Huggins (719) 548-1600 or the Well Mind Association (206)-547-6167 in Seattle,WA. If the patient is seriously ill, there is a very narrow margin for error in removing and replacing mercury-silver amalgam fillings. Dental detoxicologists and many mercury free dentists have specialized training to reduce the chances of permanent disability. It is the patient’s pocketbook that pays the bill and is the patient who will suffer the consequences of iatrogenic disease. If there was ever a time for the patient to take charge his or her own recovery program, this is it! For a preview of the quality of dental work you can expect, have your teeth cleaned before spending a dime on x-rays, or allowing the dentist do any other work. It is unusual to find a skillful hygienist working for a incompetent dentist. If the hygienist takes the time to carefully clean the patient’s teeth, he or she is working for a dentist who demands high standards and will do excellent work himself.
Ask the dentist

The Correct Answer Should Be

1. Does he place mercury fillings? No
2. Does he do root canals? No
3. Does he remove amalgam fragments and tattoos15? Yes
4. Does he treat cavitations? Yes
5. Does he do materials biocompatibility testing?

6. Does he do consecutive 7 day appointments? 23 No

If the patient is seriously ill, and the dental office cannot answer these questions correctly, leave. Find another dentist. Some dentists claim they can safely place root canals22. Researchers report the bacteria on an extracted root canal tooth is so toxic, that if a dentist were to scrape the surface of enough root canals (in the area that would normally be below the gum line) to collect one cupful of toxin it would be enough poison to kill every person on the earth.

I do not know how to be more explicit than that, but this issue is too important not to make “the second effort.” If I had any chronic disease that my physicians could not determine the underlying cause for, especially mental problems, I would get rid of every root canal and cavitation in my mouth as-well-as every mercury-silver amalgam filling, down to the smallest tattoo and amalgam fragment within the gums and in the jawbone.

I would insist on a biocompatibility blood test before allowing “any dental materials” to be inserted into my mouth. Dentists who ignore materials biocompatibility testing do not seem to understand that, after a persons immune system has been compromised, especially Alzheimer’s sufferers, they are treating a patient who can be allergic to almost anything. Cerebral allergic brain-fog and brain-fag reactions are involved in the Alzheimer’s disease process and seventy per cent of all the materials that dentists use can cause allergic response in sensitive people. Don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire. Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

Disease Induced From Root Filled Teeth

In the early 1900s Dr. Frank Billings16 introduced the focal infection theory17 that 95 per cent of all focal infections in the body came from decayed teeth and infected tonsils. The National Dental Association18 appointed Dr. Weston Price, a dental researcher, and a team of 60 scientists and physicians to do a study that proved bacteria and toxins within dentin tubules19 of teeth and cavitations20 (areas of bone necrosis21) of the jawbone spread throughout the body. The method by which the bacteria and toxins migrated was not determined and the theory was eventually discounted. With the discovery of penicillin,22 further interest in the project waned. This paper presents the first reproducible evidence of how these bacteria and toxic debris migrate.


To read article in its entirety click here:

This is the homepage for this information and is a comprehensive site on Reversing Alzheimer's Disease. It is worth the time to browse the site.


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What should I do to begin the recovery process?

by Tom Warren

Don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire. Read. Learn. Knowing what to do will save tens of thousands of dollars in wasted medical expenses and put the patient in charge of his or her recovery program.

First, fan open the pages of new books and dry them outside in the air for a week or ten days before anyone with cerebral allergies attempts to read them. New books have formaldehyde in the glue. Hydrocarbons are in the ink and paper is bleached white with chlorine. Any form of chlorine product uses mercury in the manufacturing process.

In addition, while old books have out-gassed most of their chemicals, they are often moldy. Mold also can cause cerebral allergic reactions. All of the above items cause brain-fog35 in sensitive individuals. If necessary, read outside with the wind at your back.

Again, out-gassing fumes from books or newspapers can cause brain-fog and brain-fag36 in a chemically sensitive person in two seconds. Some chemically sensitive people are so reactive to out-gassing chemical odors they must live like hermits in the mountains. They stow “printed” mail in garbage cans outside the house. All of those people are low on trace minerals. I had to take trace minerals every day for more than four months before there was any noticeable improvement to cerebral brain-fog reactions from auto exhaust. Within 12 months most of the side effects from noxious smells abated.

Vitamins and Minerals

For the first six months the patient will probably need to take intramuscular liquid vitamin shots. May I suggest older people take liquid vitamins sublingually (under the tongue). I think that approach might be almost as effective as taking shots. It will certainly be less troublesome and painless. Dr. Lendon Smith writes one cc B 12, 1 cc B complex and ½ cc of folic acid every three days is the correct dose. The patient can determine the correct time schedule as their brain-fog begins to clear. They will ask their care giver for additional vitamins and minerals when their thinking starts to deteriorate again.

There are many other vitamins, minerals and food supplement including digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCl) that I take regularly. See Beating Alzheimer’s. It is important to read “Clean Room” in Beating Alzheimer’s. Start there. People with brain-fog symptoms cannot recover without an “oasis.” They need an uncontaminated area to regain their strength and thought processes when they crash. Reread Beating Alzheimer’s until the pages fall apart.

The second book to study as if your life depends on knowing everything within its cover is Alternative Approach to Allergies by Theron Randolph MD. Pay attention to this important information that can make a real difference in your recovery. This book is the key that unlocks the food allergy, chemical sensitivity connection to AD. This is the area of life the patient must learn to control. If they are unable, or unwilling to pay the price to make permanent changes in their lifestyle and living environment no one, nothing, can help them. The buck stops here! Do it or die. Why hang onto a family home near a freeway, keep a gas or oil furnace because hydrocarbon fuel is more economical than electricity, or eat favorite foods if it kills you? The patient must learn to be as keen an environmental detective as Sherlock Holmes and find 200 needles in a hay stack, while blindfolded. Every food allergy will cause withdrawal and be painful to let go of.38 Reduction of allergies will accelerate after dental detoxicology treatment is completed.

Now is the time to read It’s All in Your Head and Uninformed Consent by Dr. Hal Huggins, (719) 548-1600, and Dental Infections and Degenerative Disease by Dr. Weston Price and The Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. George Meinig. Dr. Meinig is an original founding member of the American Endodontic Association (AEA) and was a dentist for the 20th Century Fox Studio. If the patient reads these books, he or she will have learned the information to protect themselves that both the ADA and the FDA have covered up. He or she will have learned more about the toxic effects of dentistry and oral pathology than 99 per cent of ADA dentists in the United States. With few exceptions, every dentist in the United States should have to return to college for retraining. Every professor of every dental school needs a thorough course in dental detoxicology. Traditional dental practice belongs to the dark ages.

The sixth book to read is The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook. You cannot consume any form of sugar or refined flour products. You must not substitute honey for sugar either. While we are on the subject, do not use substitute sugar. Aspartame (NutraSweet) is linked to sudden memory loss, seizures, flicker induced epileptic activity, permanent brain damage, blindness and other acute physical reactions. Do not drink fruit juice. Do not eat any fruit for at least two months. After two months you may try one “organic” apple once in a while. Substitute powdered vitamin C for fruit. Continue to read The Yeast Connection until you know everything within its cover. If you are unwilling to discontinue using refined flour products and stop eating sweets, recovery is impossible. The Seventh book is Smart Nutrients by Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Morton Walker.

Follow the directions in Dr. Huggins’ report that you will obtain after you complete biocompatibility testing, or find an orthomolecular physician to balance body chemistry and take homeopathic remedies and other detoxicants to remove metals and chemicals from the body.

Studies show older dogs occasionally display symptoms of memory loss. Obviously a dog does not go to the dentist, but grain, the main ingredient of dog food, is exposed to mercury vapor in the silo. Incidentally, a cat fed a steady diet of tuna fish for seven months will become acutely ill from mercury poisoning. Flea collars are saturated with chemicals. Household animals sleep on carpets. Their noses are a half inch away from formaldehyde fumes.

Environmental Chemicals

The rule is, if you smell any out-gassing odor, remove the offending substance away from you, or you away from it. Your nose knows. It is your first line of defense. Pay attention to what it is telling you. By the time you have recognized an odor, the out gassing substance has passed from your lungs into your blood stream. In addition, we lose approximately 50 per cent of our ability to distinguish separate odors of compounds we are sensitive to within 24 hours.

All petroleum products contain mercury. Remove chemicals, aluminum foil, soft plastic food containers and plastic bags from the cupboards and from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. If the garage adjoins the house, the ideal place to store chemicals, books, magazines and newspapers is an outside storage shed. Never park an automobile in an attached garage or in the basement. Gas and oil hydrocarbon fumes will flow into the living area.

Dr. Randolph has ordered more than 3,000 gas furnaces and stoves removed from reactive patients’ homes. With the exception of Addy Defur I have not heard of one Alzheimer’s sufferer, or mentally ill person who did not develop brain-fog reactions, or mixed up thought process from hydrocarbon fumes (any fossil fuel that burns, even candles)! I repeat the above information every time I talk or write about Alzheimer’s. If the patient’s family is unwilling to exchange the entire fossil fuel heating system (I mean fuel pipes, heat ducts, everything, every single part must go.) for an electric stove and base board heat, or a heat pump air exchanger the patient will not recover.

One of the surest ways to ruin an infant’s health is to lay him or her, or let youngsters crawl, on new neurotoxic synthetic carpets. Out-gassing fumes have killed mice exposed to air blown over new carpets into their cage. Synthetic carpets, indoor latex paint and pressed board in cupboards are laced with formaldehyde. (Formaldehyde is also an ingredient in some baby shampoos.) As of September 1995, 25 per cent of latex indoor wall paint still contains mercury. Indoor air pollution within the home and in our schools39 can build up four to 10 times higher than outside air. Many foodstuffs are chemically contaminated. Read the Safe Shopper’s Bible, The Consumer’s Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics and Food, by David Steinman, Simon and Schuster, April 1995.

Other chemicals cause brain dysfunction, especially chlorine. Mold also causes brain-fog. All these things and the food connection to Alzheimer’s are covered in depth in Beating Alzheimer’s and in Alternative Approach to Allergies. Those books can save your life.

Please Pay Close Attention: This is Important.

Mercury poisoning (and/or excessive sugar or substitute sugar consumption) causes Candida overgrowth. In its turn, Candida overgrowth causes leaky-gut syndrome. The tissue of our intestines is approximately the size of a tennis court. Imagine a membrane that large, so full of holes that under a microscope it looks like Swiss cheese.

Although Dr. William Crook’s book, the Yeast Connection was published in 1973, by 1982 Candida yeast infection was virtually unheard of in the medical community and, at the time, leaky-gut syndrome had not been discovered. In the winter of 1982 Dr. Randolph read our group of patients a five-line paragraph about Candida and handed us a bottle of Nystatin powder. He said, “Take this Nystatin according to instructions and when you start thinking that you know more than us, you are getting well."The point is: Dr. Randolph an environmental allergist was treating identical chronic diseases in an entirely different way than Dr. Crook. Dr. Randolph was making his patients avoid favorite foods that produced allergic brain-fog reactions or other chronic diseases for a minimum of four days. In four days a specific food passes completely through the alimentary canal. Dr. Crook -- a Candida specialist required his patients to take Nystatin and eat a diet of “complex” carbohydrates. Both treatments were effective. The common denominator was leaky gut syndrome.

Several years ago a story circulated about a fellow in Japan arrested for driving while intoxicated who did not drink. His digestive process manufactured alcohol. I remember my Italian buddies in high school made hooch by throwing orange peels, apple cores, bread and assorted left overs from their sack lunches into a glass jar and letting the mess ferment. They could have added sugared cold cereals, oranges (fruit is loaded with sugar and yeast), soda pop, candy bars, ice cream, noodles, pie, maybe a sandwich, etc. I suspect many teetotalers are their own breweries. If you have flatulence, if you require antacids for burning stomach sensations, the real culprit is not excessive acid. It is low, or in some cases, no stomach acid. You need a Heidelberg stomach acid test, digestive enzymes and HCl. Food must digest properly to supply the brain with nutrients.

The Other End of Mercury Poisoning

The dentist puts mercury in your mouth, but the mercury, that leaches from mercury-silver amalgam fillings (and sugar), feed Candida. Candida bores through the intestines causing leaky-gut syndrome that allows parasites, flukes, fungus and viruses to become systemic.
We eliminate flukes in our stool most of the time. Remember the solvents we expose ourselves to, like soap, cosmetics, alcohol, fossil fuel fumes, or diet soda drinks40 and if we have low stomach acid our own internal brewery. Solvents cause the protein shell encapsulating flukes to dissolve and instead of passing into the toilet, they hatch. Then, they suck up our vital juces, compromise our immune system, kill, and eat us.

Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D. ND reports:

Adult flukes in the brain, if you have toluene, or xylene in it (from carbonated beverages), cause AD! Adult flukes in your liver, if you have propyl alcohol in it, cause cancer! Adult flukes in your thymus, if you have benzine in it, cause HIV disease! Adult flukes in your pancreas, if you have wood alcohol (methanol) in it, (found in carbonated drinks, diet drinks, and some herb tea blends, store- bought water and infant formula,) cause diabetes! If you have adult flukes in your skin, you have Kaposi’s sarcoma. . . . (Adult flukes, if you have solvents in your body, cause many other chronic diseases.)
For the rest of the story

Until recently, it was thought impossible to kill slow viruses that plague humanity. There has been a remarkable breakthrough. Order the Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark. Her book should be available from your local health food store, or I do not know if Dr. Clark has uncovered the cure for “all” diseases or not. Scores of chronic diseases originate from infections within the jawbone so I will be looking forward to further information from Dr. Frank Jerome or Dr. George Meinig and Dr. Clark about the ability of her treatment to kill bacteria within the jawbone. None-the-less, my hat’s off to Dr. Clark for her revelations in the Cure for All Diseases.

This paper was originally written almost three years ago. Since that time I have cautiously examined her information and can say without equivocation that Hulda Clark's discoveries deserve the Nobel Prize in medicine. This breakthrough might be the most important advancement in medicine of the 20th century. Cancer patients do not usually die from chemotherapy, they die from secondary infections while their white blood cell count is suppressed. I suspect that CCU (Critical Care Units) should be able to kill every single pathogen that threatens cancer patients after chemotherapy until the patient's white cell blood count rises and they redevelop their own immunity. This needs further research.
Hydrocarbons, Benzine and Fossil Fuel

There is a more compelling reason than Hulda Clark’s discoveries to avoid Hydrocarbon, Benzine and Fossil fuel fumes that time and space does not permit amplification of within this report. This topic will be covered in my next book. Anyone living near a freeway or a busy street who manifests signs of Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, endogenous depression, breathing difficulties or cancer ought to move. Petrochemical products contain mercury. Both mercury and Carbon Monoxide bind to the oxygen carrying sights on red blood cells. If that information does not seem important, hold your breath five minutes. Move a minimum of three miles away from freeways or a busy street. Be careful in which direction the prevailing wind blows. Do not move within its path.

Another Important Reminder

Remember, when you get in trouble now and then, crash in your oasis 42 until your thinking clears. Then pull up your socks, tighten your belt and get on with getting well. Keep this thought in mind if you are not getting well: What did not seem important enough to do? Where are you short changing yourself? You are the only one who can do what it takes to recover-not your doctor, or spouse, not anyone else, just you.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Early in the disease process, I had to crawl up a flight of stairs and rest twice to reach the second floor. The most difficult thing in the world was to push one foot ahead of the other. Unless you literally cannot stand up, walk. If you can only walk a hundred feet, start putting one foot ahead of the other. Go! Tomorrow walk a hundred and ten feet. Keep right on going. If necessary, sit on a trampoline and bounce each day until you regain enough energy to stand. Then walk. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the Lord bless you and hold you in the hollow of his hand. ... l#recovery

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