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Medical Quakery

Postby Paulo » 22 Mar 2005, 02:52

Writing of Medical Quakery, well, as the saying goes... "If it walks like a duck... looks like a duck... and talks like a duck... IT'S A DUCK!"

About three months ago, my elderly mother decided to get one of those "outta-stock" flu vaccinations disregarding my comments on the matter. Oh well... I guess the doctors know best.

A night or two later, her body began to show changes in alarming results. The first symptoms where on her lips, as they swole up about three times their normal size. Then... as the "irritation" continued, rashes began to appear throughout her body to the point of being hospitalized twice spanning for over two weeks in total. The rashes did not just clear up, but began to worsen, actually developing into large open wounds crippling her to go about her way. They looked like infected 2nd to 3rd degree burns, and even worse, parts of her body which had direct joint movements (ankles, waist, elbow etc.) where incapacitatingly destroyed. Special handicap equipment where obtained for her daily necessities, and the sounds of agony and pain where extremely evident.

Weeks and months passed as her oozing sores began to dry up and her skin began to get its elasticity back, then to slowly watch her shed the old infected skin to the new. I remember my first and only comment to the doctor, "Listen... shouldn't you give anti-venom to one that has been bitten by a poisonous snake instead?"

A couple of weeks after she thought her struggle with that POISON was over and done with, she began to get rashes, though not as severe, on her body again!

Now, this is my dilema, IF my mother would listen to my concerned and logical reasoning, considering these bioterror causes going around, what would be a natural remedy to evict these festering poisons/critters out of her body?

There is an old saying: "You cannot lead an old horse to drink water."
BUT... that is IF the horse is not thirsty. With us beings, both men and women... even if we are not thirsty, we, can take little sips.


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