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Postby swampgas » 27 Dec 2003, 20:59

Hello everyone,

I was invited by Angelica, and I see Mech and JBE here. Cool!

I would like to post this not as quackery, but as pharmas that are are on our side.

My wife and I have been vegans for nearly 34 years now, and are 99% organic, wheatgrass, sprouts, double filtered water, seaweeds, and nuts. Been holding diabetes at bay for 45 years with Zero negative effects.

This is about some pharmaceuticals that are unique in the quest for longevity and health, namely ALT-711 and Hydergine. ALT-711 is the only substance to actually REVERSE glycation and protein cross-linking, the #1 cause of aging. L-carnosine, while natural, can only scavenge cross-links already broken by ALT-711, which of not there, cross-links would form double carbon bonds, which ALT-711 could not break again. So there is a synergistic effect.

Hydergine is a much more powerful cousin to Gingko Biloba , but Hydergine will actually grow new brain cells. I use them both.

Another interesting statistic is that the Japanese, Norwegians, and Swedish use these herbs and nootropics quite extensively. Look at who has the lonest life spans.

the Europeans also give out St. John's Wort instead of Prozac and other serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Likewise Hydergine, deprynyl (reverses brain cell oxidation), and ALT-711 are prescribed quite regularly.

They also are using MDMA and LSD for marriage counseling and curing alcoholism. In my opinion, the pharmas that are prescribed in the US do not cure or reverse anything. They are designed for continuing the disease, and to make the pharms rich. Look at the Cancer-Industrial complex. ... 1071086784


Postby Angelica » 28 Dec 2003, 00:42

Hi! Swamp!

Great to see you!

Where can one get the pharmas you mention? Could you include a link on their aquisition? Or do you need a prescription on any of these? Just wondering!

Angelica :turtle:


Postby swampgas » 28 Dec 2003, 13:23

Hi Angelica,

If you follow the links from the MOD site, especially the Life Extension Foundation's, you see some of the links to ALT-711.

Hydergine can be gotten in the US, but you need a nootropic doctor, or a natropath that is willing stretch the envelope. It is used for stroke victims, to repair dead brain cells, and also to allow the blood-brain barrier to be more permeable. A script could be written for the following: Diabetes. Circulation. High Systolic Blood Pressure.

The Deprynyl the same. If you want, just find Canadian or European online pharmacies. We are just looking into ALT-711, as I thought Alteon was the only company that will manufacture it. Untrue. Also, we took Hydergine for years, but our doctor retired, and it is tough to get standard HMOoids to prescribe it. We will be looking into Euro pharms. Same with Deprynyl.

So now, take L-Carnosine and Gingko Biloba. We'll let you know, and vice-versa when we find more out.

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