A New Look at the Vaccine Question

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A New Look at the Vaccine Question

Postby Paulo » 12 Nov 2009, 08:35

"We have considered the vaccination question from several aspects. We have looked at
the way in which I think that routine vaccinations can result in the production of chronic
disease in animals and I have made some specific suggestions of the symptoms that result.

Also, we have considered the question of vaccine effectiveness with the surprising evidence
that vaccines do not actually protect populations from disease — though they do seem to
modify the pattern in which the acute disease manifests.

I realize that this topic is a controversial one and that many will disagree with my conclusions.
However, what I have observed is that if one can look at this question with an open mind, one
will be surprised at the amount of evidence that is actually there. If you look at the larger
perspective of disease incidence (of any type) in the weeks and months following vaccination,
you will soon see confirmations of what I am presenting to you today. And once this is seen,
the way is open for you to question the whole edifice."

Entire Presentation here:
A New Look at the Vaccine Question


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