Heartworms - Alternative Treatments

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Heartworms - Alternative Treatments

Postby WVP News » 20 Jan 2004, 13:56

by Juli Kight

As the number of pets infected with heartworms rises, so do costs in prevention and treatment drugs. Are there any alternatives? What natural programs if any do you use?

Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitus) is a nematode parasite which effects dogs and cats and causes ultimate heart and organ failure. Dogs are the common host for this parasite however they have found in cats as well. Cats have a lower incidence of infection because of their immune systems.

Heartworm larvae are deposited into the animal via mosquito bite. They circulate throughout the dog undergoing several changes then attach to the heart and lungs. A female heartworm bear live young by the thousands every day, which circulate throughout the dog as well. Once attached to heart or lung tissue, they grow and begin clogging the heart, arteries and lungs.

Dogs diagnosed with heartworm infection must go through treatment prior to using any preventative products. To use preventatives prior to treatment could have devastating results. Drugs used to kill the adult heartworm involve arsenic compounds which can result on other complications. In some cases, the treatment can be just as risky as the infection itself.

Heartworm prevention can be costly in households with several animals. The costs of treatment are untouchable to even more, not to mention the risks associated with it. We have several rescue dogs, one which was just diagnosed with adult heartworms. I have found some information about natural heartworm treatment and prevention which are linked below.

NaturalRearing.com at http://www.naturalrearing.com/newsandvi ... rtworm.htm - Continued and Consistent Success with Heartworm Treatments and Prevention.

Heartworm - The Nature Of Animal Healing at http://www.ivillage.com/pets/expert/hol ... -1,00.html by Dr. Martin Goldstein.

Heartworms - Classical Veterinary Homeopathy at http://www.homeovet.net/content/lifestyle/section4.html

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