ELECTIONS: As Credible as a Spayed Cat in Heat

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ELECTIONS: As Credible as a Spayed Cat in Heat

Postby Gnosty » 22 Apr 2004, 11:08

With almost 19 million foreign-born non-citizen alien "residents" reported in the 2000 Census, and an estimated 10 to 12 million current illegal "residents" (most were not counted in the 2000 Census), the potential for illegal aliens effecting the outcome of local, State, and national elections is absolutely enormous.

If anyone were to contact the Florida State Voter Registration (Secretary of State, Elections Division) and obtain the numbers of how many voters registered by mail without any need for proof or evidence of US citizenship, they would be shocked.

Most people would be amazed at how many foreign tourists and illegal aliens living in Florida have Florida Driver's licenses and Florida ID Cards. I have friends from Europe who visit Florida each year for holiday, and they all have "Florida Only - Resident" Drivers Licenses as well as Florida Voter Registration cards. All they had to do was tick a box and mail it in. One of them registered by mail using his foreign mailing address. Sure enough, his Florida Voter Registration card was sent directly to his European address by the County registrar.

Why is this allowed? Where is the outrage? How can this be happening? Simply because the Florida "Register to Vote by Mail" program deliberately does not require an applicant to produce any evidence of U.S. citizenship prior to completing the voter card. Obviously, The Powers That Be (TPTB) intentionally (and knowingly) want foreign nationals to "vote."

It's such an easy process to register to vote in Florida that the form can be filled out online and mailed in. All you have to do is supply a Florida Driver's License or Florida ID number on the form. Once you get your Voter Card mailed to you, just show up at the local polling place on election day and show them a photo ID. Accepted photo ID's are a Florida ID Card, Florida Drivers License, a Sam's Club or Costco membership card, or even a utility bill in your name. That's all it takes. This "proof" of Florida Residency is no different than the proof required by Disney World or Sea World for a Florida Resident Pass!

Obviously, voting in U.S. "elections" is a scam and a fraud. Just pick up a copy of VoteScam: The Stealing of America from Amazon and you'll understand why so-called "elections" are decided before anyone "votes." You can also read and download a copy of the book online at http://www.constitution.org/vote/votescam__.htm

In short, computers are covertly stealing your vote.

• For over four decades, the American vote has been subject to government-sponsored electronic theft.

• The "vote" has been stolen from you by a cartel of federal "national security" bureaucrats, who include higher-ups in the Central Intelligence Agency, political party leaders, Congressmen, co-opted journalists — and the owners and managers of the major Establishment news media, who have decided in concert that how America's votes are counted, by whom they are counted and how the results are verified and delivered to the public is, as one of them put it, "Not a proper area of inquiry."

• By means of an unofficial private corporation, the News Election Service (NES), the Establishment press has actual physical control of the counting and dissemination of the vote, and it refuses to let the public know how it is done.

In the end, it really doesn't matter that illegal aliens have voter registration cards or that they even vote. It really doesn't matter that anyone, including American citizens, has a voter card because the "election" process is no longer what decides who will fill that political office.

If the election process was valid, showing proof of US Citizenship would be mandatory in order to protect all elections from illegal voters. But since no mandatory proof of citizenship is required to obtain a Voter Registration card, anyone with common sense can see that the purported "elections" are about as credible as a spayed cat in heat.

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Postby Paulo » 10 May 2004, 16:25

From the March 2004 Idaho Observer

Help the American Voter Act launches new era of vote fraud in U.S.
Apparently determined to avoid a repeat of the chad scandal that caused the Supreme Court to choose our last president and compromised voter perception that elections are fair and honest, the Bush administration passed the Help the American Voter Act in 2002. Under the guise of making it easier for all voters, including the disabled, to exercise their right to choose their leaders at the polls, a new age of votefraud has begun in America. Instead of traditional ballot box-stuffing, Diebold has developed a black box capable of any election result hackers, programmers and the interests employing them desire. And there is virtually no way of recounting the electronically-cast votes to qualify them.

The Inlander of Spokane published the excellent feature, “Cyber Voting” (Feb. 19, 2004) by Farhad Manjoo. The article states the stark realities of electronic voting as they are being uncovered by investigators such as Roxanne Jekot of Georgia and Bev Harris of Seattle.

Jekot, 51, a computer programmer, was initially excited about electronic voting but obviously rigged outcomes in Georgia elections in 2002 caused her to investigate the new system. When she analyzed the source code for the Diebold machines, she was shocked at how vulnerable they were to hacking. She described the security features as being akin to “locking the door and leaving the key on top of the mat.”

Jekot received an email circulating among those like herself who are tracking the security flaws of the Diebold system. The email did nothing to allay her concerns that electronic elections will be rigged. In the email, Diebold CEO Waldon O'Dell boasted that he is “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.”

Manjoo described a meeting with computer tech Jim March of Sacramento. March got right in and changed the results of a March, 2002 primary held in San Luis Obispo, Calif. March explained that anyone in the county elections office could accomplish the same thing. The Diebold system used in San Luis Obispo, Georgia and elsewhere does not leave a paper trail so it's virtually impossible to investigate votefraud with this system.

Former publicist Bev Harris began investigating the Diebold system in 2002. What she has uncovered should convince even the most trusting voter to question the integrity of blackbox voting. In the 1990s, for instance, before he was elected to office, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hegel was president of American Information Systems -- the company that built most of the voting machines used in his state. Harris also found that Diebold left the files used to run its system during the Georgia elections questioned by Jekot on a public server where anyone could download them. She also found the source code to be rife with security flaws.

Diebold executives and others defending blackbox voting are not able to counter claims that the system is open for mischief, but they are quick to describe the likes of Jekot, March and Harris as “conspiracy nuts” or “whack jobs.”

At least one thing is certain -- There will be no need to call upon The Supreme Court to choose the next prechosen president in 2004.

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