The War OF Terrorism: A Washington City Scam

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The War OF Terrorism: A Washington City Scam

Postby Gnosty » 21 Jun 2004, 12:49

Washington City's primary justification for their "War OF Terrorism" is that Iraq is a TERROR-STATE and a part of the purported AXIS OF EVIL. But when you look at the historical record, you can see that these terms are nothing more than mob rule propaganda.

The term TERROR-STATE is completely redundant because almost every Nation-State in the world can be labeled as a TERROR-STATE. Under the dictatorship of Sadaam, Iraq was clearly a TERROR-STATE.

But a quick glance of historical archives over the past 25 years also clearly evidences that the corporate United States - legally ruling from the autonomous City of Washington in the Columbia District - is also a TERROR-STATE.

A prime example of this is the Washington City invasion of Nicaragua. The Reagan Administration created a terrorist army they named "The Contras" and funded them with illegal drug funds and illegal weapons sales to Iran. [Mind you, this was taking place at the very same time Washington City was both funding and supplying weapons to Iraq in Sadaam's fight against Iran.] The alleged "purpose" for this TERRORIST ARMY was to overthrow the Sandinista government, yet no-where does the historical record show that Nicaragua was a threat to the united States of America.

Many of the "war against terrorism" allies are also TERROR-STATES. For example, NATO member Turkey has been carrying out "ethnic cleansing" against the Kurdish with U.S. supplied weapons since the early 1990s. The same can be said of Israel in their war against Palestine, or Spain's war against those of Basque heritage. This is unlawful terrorism and clearly makes Turkey, Israel, and Spain allied TERROR-STATES.

When you really think about it, if terrorism was the real problem they claim it is, Washington City would have to bomb itself along with most of its allies in their purported "war against terrorism."

Birthright Americans are not terrorists any more than other birthright nationals in this world. It is those who claim they speak for all Americans that have created this War OF Terrorism. Don't blame Americans for the actions of the legalistic TERROR-STATE in Washington City of the Columbia District. After all, Washington City is not a State of the united States of America.
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Postby Paulo » 21 Jun 2004, 19:54

"There is in our political system [two governments], a government of the Several [50] States, and a government of the United States. Each is distinct from the other and has citizens of its own. A person may be a citizen of the United States and of a State, and as such have different rights." - U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 23 L.Ed. 588.

Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785: "The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state". - NY Re: Merrian, 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.CT. 1973, 41 L.Ed. 287.

The United States is defined as "A Federal Corporation" in the United States Code, Title 28 - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, Subchapter A - Definitions and general provisions, § 3002 - Definitions, at number 15 (a).

"The United States Government as such is fictitious and thus includes the States Government." - Blacks Com. 133, Bouvier`s law dictionary, page 1215 (1914).

Also, in the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26, the United States is defined as "the District of Columbia," which is in Washington D.C. This is confirmed in the US Constitution, in Article I, § 8; the jurisdiction of the United States is "over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square)," and is also over federal territories purchased by the federal government. Washington D.C. is not a state.

"The District of Columbia is not a `state' within the meaning of the constitution." - U.S. v. Virginia, 1805

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