The Bush-Bros are the Soundbite Kings

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The Bush-Bros are the Soundbite Kings

Postby Gnosty » 05 Jan 2005, 21:56

COLLINSVILLE, United States (AFP) - US President George W. Bush is sending checks totalling $10,000 dollars to relief efforts in Southeast Asia after last month's devastating earthquake and tsunami, the White House said. "They are being mailed today," spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters travelling with the president for a speech here.

How admirable of our appointed "President" to do this when he never wrote a single check for victims of the 4 hurricanes that devastated Florida just a few short months ago.

An even more ironic controlled media "news" headline is that John Ellis Bush a/k/a "Jeb", the notorious leader of corporate Florida, is "touring" Southeast Asia to "assess" the damages. I'm sure Jeb will miss his 25 vehicle Florida State Police motorcade he used on August 15 in Charlotte County, Florida... the same motorcade than ran cars of hurricane victims off the streets while speeding through DeSoto County and along King's Highway from Port Charlotte.

I'm also sure that "Jeb" will do the same for the tsunami victims as he did for his fellow Floridians... which has amounted to nothing but speeches, sound bites for TV, and empty promises of "Government" assistance.

Say Dubya, why don't you write a $10,000 check for some of your fellow countrymen who STILL have no place to live after the 4 hurricanes that devasted Florida a few months ago? Your FEMA boys have done very little for the people who needed the most help... but we all see how the homes, streets, and infrastructure on Gasparilla Island were rebuilt by the Army Corps of Engineers within a few short weeks after Charley hit... while most hurricane devasted roadways remained impassible. Could this be because so many of the Bush Clan and other "politicos" running Washington City have "vacation" homes on Gasparilla Island? Or is it because your brother, "Marty" Marvin Bush, has a $1.5 million "vacation" home he recently purchased here.

Say "Jeb", how about you fly yourself back to Florida and pretend you're someone who cares about your own neighbors? Better yet, gather together your 25 State FDLE vehicle motorcade and take another tour of Arcadia and the rest of DeSoto County. Not much has changed since your "tour" here just over 4 months ago. We still have lots of debris, destroyed homes, and now some new grave markers for you to visit.

Michael Edward

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