The Swine Flu Storm: When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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The Swine Flu Storm: When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Postby Gnosty » 23 Nov 2009, 19:03

What you are about to read below is not what the governments have been telling you for decades. I’ve gathered facts and references to assist you in opening your eyes to what many conscious minds will consider to be impossible, unconventional, and absurd. Please remember that Truth is sometimes a mysterious bedfellow, so I ask every reader to take yourself outside of the mainstream media box so you can see what’s there. Sometimes, a fact is stranger than fiction… and this is one of those times. -- Michael Edward

The Swine Flu Storm: When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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It appears that it’s not the “swine flu” or any other influenza that is essentially responsible for the deaths in the Ukraine - or anywhere else in the world since the Mexico City outbreak. The actual killer has been identified as the body’s own immune system reaction called a cytokine storm.

Cytokine Storms

According to Art Ayers, PhD, a molecular, cellular and developmental biologist for the past 30 years,

“Cytokine storms are a deadly consequence of inflammation that is out of control. These exaggerated host responses are targets for bioterrorism because it takes very little toxin or a very minimal infection to be lethal if it produces a cytokine storm.

When too much tissue is injured, the local, molecular communication that normally occurs just between cells, spills into the blood stream and becomes potentially lethal. That is what happens in anaphylactic shock. It is also what happens in cytokine storms, where inflammatory cytokines that are normally short-lived and processed locally to progress into recovery, erupt into the blood stream and impact distant organs.” - ref.(a)

Angela L. Petrosino, MPH, of the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health, has noted that,

“Acute respiratory viral infection results in a cytokine storm effecting the lungs, and subsequent damage to alveoli and lung tissue results in the lethality seen in more severe flu viral infections, especially those fatalities among young healthy adults.”

In the absence of prompt medical intervention to stop the ‘cytokine storm’, the lung will suffer permanent damage. Many of these patients will develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), i.e. will present with pulmonary edema that is not caused by volume overload, or a depressed left ventricular function. Deaths will usually result from multisystem organ failure, and not from lung failure.” – ref.(b)

Odd as it may seem, this natural immunity cytokine storm reaction primarily occurs in healthy young adults (i.e. ages 20-50). The major reason behind this is because their immune system is stronger and more efficient than that of a child, teen, or older adult. Logically, a healthy immune system is essential to fight off viruses and bacteria within the body. But with regards to the current “swine flu” and it’s apparent variants, it is the healthy immune system that is causing the deaths through cytokine storms. This is the opposite of what should be happening if this were a natural biological virus.

Typical influenza has been around for a very long time, perhaps since the onset of life on this planet. Human beings, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, deer, hamsters, and even birds get viral influenza, “the flu”. When the blood cells become infected, the body immune system produces antibodies against that particular virus. After about a week or so, the infected cells are destroyed and the virus itself - now no longer able to reproduce - is digested and eliminated from the body.

That leaves open the probability that what is being called the Swine Flu has the telltale signs of actually being a bioterrorism killer, a laboratory created lethal biological weapon. People are dying from the Swine Flu because the body’s immune system is over-reacting and literally destroys itself in an all-out warfare against its own infected cells. In layman’s terms, this is what a cytokine storm is all about.

The 1918 Spanish Influenza

It’s difficult not to notice the correlation between the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed the 20-50 year old age group mentioned above – and which created the same immunity cytokine storms in its victims - with the biological/chemical warfare weapons used in Europe during World War I. Mustard gas was not the only weapon used in the trenches.

According to a published article in the Scientific American, June 2006, Vol. 294, Issue 6, page 24,

“Cytokine storm can also result from viral infections such as influenza, and an exaggerated systemic immune response to that particular viral infection (designated a type A, subtype "H1N1" virus) may have been the cause of high lethality seen in the influenza pandemic of 1918 to 1919. The great influenza pandemic was the most destructive pandemic in recorded world history, and killed more people (estimated between 20 to 50 million) than all casualties resulting from the first World War.” - ref.(c)


That same Scientific American article goes on to say how it’s the pro-inflammatory cytokines created by a fiercely aggressive immune response system that causes organ failures now being reported from the Swine Flu:

“Sepsis, the most lethal of inflammatory conditions, is a bacterial invasion of the bloodstream. The third leading cause of death in the developed world, it accounts for nearly 10 percent of overall deaths in the U.S. every year. Infection causes part of the damage, but what makes patients critically ill is their own fiercely aggressive immune response. Macrophages churn out huge quantities of proinflammatory cytokines. This exaggerated immune response leads to tissue damage, and eventually the patient dies of cardiovascular dysfunction and multiorgan failure.” – ref.(c)

In an article from Nature Publishing Group, Melanie Brazil wrote:

“Local inflammation is an important defensive response to infection or injury. The process normally leads to recovery from infection and to healing. However, if targeted destruction and assisted repair are not properly coordinated, inflammation can lead to persistent tissue damage. The control of inflammation is complex, involving positive and negative feedback, and is sensitive to context. When an infection spreads to the bloodstream, inflammatory mediators that effectively contain local infections lead to an overwhelming systemic inflammatory response — sepsis — that causes multiple organ failure.” – ref.(d)

This describes what has been occurring throughout the world since the Mexico City Swine Flu was first acknowledged.

Typical inflammation causes allergies, autoimmune diseases, as well as degenerative diseases, and is also the foundational basis for cancer. However, it does provide protection against infections. Molecular biologist Art Ayers makes a lot of common sense when he says,

“One of the reasons that older people are less prone to infectious diseases is that their immune systems have already been exposed to earlier versions of pathogens. Another reason for the relative good health of the parents of baby boomers is that chronic inflammation increases with age, and protection against pathogens is the adaptive advantage of inflammation.

Swine flu is attacking the young and healthy in Mexico. King Corn has already wiped out those targets in the US. Obesity fed by starch, vegetable oils and corn-fed meat, produces chronic inflammation and a potential resistance to swine flu. The US diet provides the inflammatory benefits of old age for the young.” – ref.(a)

It’s pretty sad when an un-natural diet and the obesity it causes is a positive factor in avoiding the effects of the Swine Flu. But, that seems to be the case… at least partially. This variety of influenza is surely not a natural variety. It’s as if it’s been created to do what a natural virus doesn’t.

Where Do We Go From Here?

How do we protect ourselves from this abnormal viral flu that’s being inaccurately called the Swine Flu? This is where my research gets very interesting and is where we need to follow true historical facts from our ancestors as well as scientific facts. Even though Swine Flu may very well be a man-made biological weapon that has it’s foundational beginnings in the 1918 Spanish Flu, who’s to say such mutant pathogens have never existed before? That’s why I decided to look back to what I’ve learned from different cultures around the world.

Indigenous Cures

In my lifetime, I’ve had the privilege to live with tribal elders in Africa and the Americas. What they showed me is vital to understanding how nature provides a cure for all diseases.

By observing their surroundings, indigenous people learned how nature protected itself. They experienced how animals would seek out certain leaves and plants during times of sickness, injury, or distress. They learned from nature and closely studied those they shared the earth with.

Indigenous natives didn’t have modern medical terms like ‘cancer’ or ‘influenza’ to name their illnesses. But they clearly understood physical symptoms such as inflammation and fever. Those who studied the animals, plants and trees were called healers because they applied their knowledge to cure the symptoms and the underlying causes. They learned from each preceding generation and handed down their knowledge to their successors.

In every indigenous tribe, fire and the smoke it produces are a vital part of life. Certain plants, leaves, roots, or herbs were locally found to have specific effects against explicit symptoms or circumstances when ingested or when burned. In all the separate tribes I lived with, I found that pipes or smudge pots were commonly used to administer the desired effects needed to cure sickness.

Something that can’t be denied is the role smoke plays in various religions and societies, even today. American Indian natives have their traditional medicine pipes, smudge sticks, and smoke lodges that were used as tools to cure illnesses. Other cultures have incense or traditional pipes to accomplish the same. These weren’t used as a social tool on Saturday night. They didn’t gather together to light up cheap cigars, open a six-pack of beer, and watch football games on TV.

When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Is there something about the smoke from burning certain organics that has positive values for physical healing? The isolated indigenous tribes believe so and are still successful in using their ancient discoveries for curing the sick. I was told that the same herbal remedies taken orally sometimes had different effects when burned. Also, when a member of the tribe was so sick that he couldn’t swallow, then the leaves or herbs were burned next to him and he was able to indirectly breathe in the smoke (i.e. second-hand smoke). This was especially true for lung problems! I know that may be hard to understand, but I’m writing here what I have heard, seen and experienced while living with different cultural tribes around the world.

In the African bush, I had a very high fever and was barely able to breath from some type of infection that was waging a nasty war in my blood. My lungs felt like they were on fire one moment, and then as if someone was standing on them the next. When I stood up one morning, I felt the same pain in my right lung as when I was a ten year old child with pneumonia in Portsmouth, Maine. There was no doubt I had pneumonia and fluid was building in my lungs quickly since the pain was increasing to both sides as the day passed on.

When it got to the point that I couldn’t stand up by myself any longer, the tribe’s witchdoctor(sic) placed an herbal bitter-tasting paste under my tongue. Almost instantly it brought my fever down to where it seemed tolerable. I remember thinking that this stuff should be marketed as the new aspirin provided it was sweetened with sugar! Besides giving me the sub-lingual paste, the herbalist healer had also brought with him a bowl filled with hot coals that was placed next to me. He kept sprinkling dried leaves on the coals and the smoke was so nasty and putrid smelling, it almost made me vomit. A woman started to slowly fan the smoke towards my face. This lasted about an hour before all the dried herbs were gone. After that, it was already night and I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with the sun and felt amazingly good compared to the day before. I was given the same treatment again that morning and that was the last time. Four days later, I was walking around as if I’d never been sick. How could my pneumonia clear up so quickly? There were no IV antibiotics or Tylenol used. In hindsight, I’m sure I was experiencing a cytokine storm as my immunity system was very strong at 33 years old. I could understand the effects of the sub-lingual herbs, but what role did the smoke from the other herbs have in my healing?

I asked the herbalist how it worked and he told me the smoke of those certain dried leaves “stops the lungs from dying”. That’s all he knew. I asked him where I could find the leaves and he just smiled and walked away. I learned you should never ask anyone to reveal family traditional secrets that would threaten their role in the tribal community.

Here I am surrounded by cutting-edge science and modern medicine 23 years later, yet they can’t find a cure for this new Swine Flu… and that’s what started me thinking about the smoke from the leaves in the African bush. Does certain smoke have qualities to cure just as raw organics do?

The Medicine Pipe & Medicine Wheel

A Cherokee elder from Oklahoma once told me that “pure smoke” (in this case, from tobacco leaves) was a medicine and cure for the body and the mind. They viewed the medicine pipe as a powerful instrument of healing along with smudge sticks.

Most of the North and South American native tribes have a medicine wheel. On most North American medicine wheels, there are four very sacred medicines: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar.

So, if all these indigenous peoples from different parts of the world say the same, then there must be some truth in it… somewhere. That’s why I’ve been researching for weeks and can now write this article with what I feel is proof based on facts and science.

"Tobacco was first brought to Europe by the Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors in the mid-16th century. The first Finnish records referring to the import of tobacco and pipes date from 1637. Tobacco was initially perceived as a medicine and it was considered a suitable treatment for many complaints, such as ague, scurvy and chronic amnesia; some people were convinced that it prevented them from catching the plague." -Ref.(e)

What do I do with the fact that I’ve been told and shown, even through my own personal experience, that breathing the smoke from certain pure leaves cures many different illnesses? According to the symptoms and effects, I’ve concluded that ‘something’ in the smoke must be an anti-inflammatory or trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction. Granted, that’s the opposite of what we’ve all been told for the past 30 years, but in a moment I’m going to show you the scientific proof that this is true.

In the case of the North American indigenous people, what if something in the pure organic tobacco leaves smoked in their medicine pipe calmed down the immune system from destroying itself? Yes, I know that’s opposite thinking as compared to the government anti-smoking campaign since the early 1970’s where we’ve been told that all tobacco is harmful. Let’s take a closer look.

Smoking Will Kill You!

In most respects, I agree. Continual smoking of chemically processed and poison-laden cigarettes will surely put the nails in your coffin quicker than normal. Too much of any chemical or poison is obviously harmful and eventually lethal. Ingesting too much poison will harm you just as much as too many poisons inhaled into your lungs will. I totally agree with the government campaigns to stop people from smoking or using impure tobacco products laced with a lethal brew of added poisons, such as arsenic and cadmium.

But I disagree that pure tobacco should be categorized along with chemically altered and enhanced tobacco. They are not the same.

The Anti-inflammatory H1N1 Swine Flu Cure

Now it’s time to back up my personal observations and knowledge of tribal cures with some facts. What is in pure organic smoke that has health benefits?

“Nicotine has an anti-inflammatory effect via the vagus nerve, which is useful against many diseases, and perhaps may block the cytokine storm of the H1N1 swine flu.

Nicotine stimulates the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. At the end of this pathway are immune cells that produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that block inflammation.” – ref.(a)

What Dr. Ayers is saying is that the nicotine from tobacco smoke is anti-inflammatory. Now read what he says about lab experiments showing how nicotine protects mice from a known bioterrorism agent:
“In mice, the ricin toxin, a bioterrorism agent, induces a cytokine storm that kills by multiple organ failure. Ricin-treated mice can be protected by nicotine prior or after the cytokine storm begins.” – ref.(a)

From the June 2006 Scientific American magazine:

Nicotine has undergone an image overhaul, at least biomedically. In the past few years researchers have found that the substance can alleviate symptoms of ailments such as Alzheimer's disease and ulcerative colitis. Just how nicotine battles these foes, however, has remained unclear. Now, by studying sepsis, Luis Ulloa of North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y., has evidence elucidating nicotine's biochemical pathways that could lead to more potent anti-inflammatory drugs.

Ulloa and his collaborators have found something remarkable: nicotine can shut down this overshooting inflammatory response, to the point of reversing sepsis in mice. As far as anti-inflammatory treatments go, this is powerful stuff. ‘Nicotine taps into the body's own potent anti-inflammatory mechanisms,’ Ulloa explained in February at a Novartis Foundation meeting in London. ‘That is the beauty of our approach. By using nicotine, we are copying physiological mechanisms that have been selected by evolution to modulate the immune system.

Specifically, nicotine mimics acetylcholine, the Cinderella of neurotransmitters. Largely ignored over the years, acetylcholine has been catapulted into a starring role, linking the nervous and the immune systems. Through acetylcholine the nervous system controls the inflammatory fires that constantly crop up in our bodies. Receptors for acetylcholine reside not only on nerve cell endings but also on immune cells. Nicotine binds and activates these receptors, allowing cross talk between the brain and immune system.

‘This is something quite phenomenal,’ comments Wouter de Jonge of the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, who studies how macrophages respond to acetylcholine. ‘Smokers suffering from ulcerative colitis seemed to benefit from their habit, so there were hints that nicotine could ameliorate inflammatory diseases, but nobody could get a handle on it,’ he notes.

Now Ulloa's group may have provided an explanation for the positive effects that nicotine has on illnesses as diverse as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, Tourette's syndrome and ulcerative colitis. In laboratory experiments, Ulloa demonstrated that nicotine latches onto the nicotinic receptors on macrophages and stops them from spewing out inflammatory cytokines. This clampdown is brutally effective. The researchers also identified the specific receptor subtype, the alpha-7 acetylcholine receptor, that nicotine binds in macrophages to stop cytokine production.” – ref.(c)

I want to repeat a quote above as I feel this statement is profound:

“By using nicotine, we are copying physiological mechanisms that have been selected by evolution to modulate the immune system.”

The nicotine from organic sourced smoke, such as from tobacco leaves, is an evolutionary factor for regulation of the human immune system.

I want to make it very clear that tobacco smoke is not the only way nicotine can enter your system, although it may be the easiest or most convenient. Many other organic leaf smokes also have nicotine. The nicotine in the smoke of native smudge sticks can do the same as can a fire in your fireplace. Nicotine is found in smoke from organic sources.

Now What?

Is this why the smoking of tobacco in public is being banned by governments everywhere in the world?

Is this why tobacco is being taxed so highly that people have been forced to quit so they will have no nicotine induced modulation for their immune systems?

Is this why the sale of pure tobacco by North American Indian nations is about to become so legislatively restricted that they will not be able to sell it or ship it any longer?

The indigenous tribes were right… and they understood that smoke was a cure for certain ailments. The Cherokee elder was right when he said to me that pure tobacco smoke was a medicine and cure for the body and the mind.

At this point, the “governments” say there is no way to stop the N1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. They have no cure to offer their citizens.

The symptoms of those who have died from what is loosely being called the Swine Flu are outlined above along with the scientifically proven cure to stop the immune system from creating deadly cytokine storms… nicotine.

If you had the option of smoking natural tobacco knowing that it could save your life, would you?

Whether you like it or not, nicotine is an important factor regarding your survival of Swine Flu.

Perhaps the Army platoon leaders and Sergeants said it best…

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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