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Are you hearing a HUMM?

Postby Gnosty » 13 Dec 2003, 07:47

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) around the world who hear a low pitched humm, especially at night or when away from the industrial noises of the cities? Does it sound like a diesel truck idling off in the distance? Let us know, and if you are, please take the time to reply to this thread with your regional location.


Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Postby Guest » 13 Feb 2004, 05:25

I am in India and Yes I hear the humming so distinctly clear and 24 hours a day. It is now more than 10 years that I hear strange but good sounds and humming in my ears. The frequency of this has increased in last one year and I can hear the humming even while others are talking or aeroplane crossing overhead. I like this when during the silence of night the pitch of this humming in ear increases to sort of unbearable levels and I have to distrct my attention to some other work.



I have heard the hummmm

Postby Guest » 24 Feb 2004, 01:45

I would like to say that yes i too have heard the humming noise...
it is usually at night....

i am in washington state NOT dc.....

Sacred Warrior :cool:



Postby keepeer » 24 Feb 2004, 02:49

north houston, texas.No hum, nothing at all.........there is no sound. I live next to rail road, train usually run every hour or mor and ther are three crossing that they have to blow at. I am no mor than 5 mile form the air port and usually I can see and hear the planes comming form the north as I watch tv. But tonight is beyond quiet, it's sppoky!


Re: Are you hearing a HUMM?

Postby Guest » 24 Feb 2004, 14:17

Yes, I hear it on occation. But for years now. Always wondered what that was. Sounds like a large low frequency diesel truck. It usually lasts for only a few minutes and at dusk. Any ideas? Region: Ontario Canada



Postby jc » 26 Feb 2004, 00:19

May not be related but,some research on Subterrenes might present
part of the answer to the mysterious hum some people hear.
I live on the florida coast and have never heard it(I've not spotted a "twinkler" either).
The first I heard of this hum was reported by people in the Taos,NM area
and it was called "the Taos hum" and seemed to come from underground
according to reports.As I came across a few more of these reports I started to wonder about possible causes and remembered a photo I had seen in a magazine years ago of a device for fairly fast tunneling that had United States Air Force and the star in a circle with the bar across.
I know the air force flies a lot of planes into the ground but,thought it was peculier that they wanted to tunnel under it.
After looking around on the web a bit I found the photo I had seen.
It was in Popular Science in 1983 and from the little information I have found there have been some unbelieveable advances in these machines.
Nuclear powered with a system to use the waste heat from the power plant to melt the earth and rock as it tunnels to leave a glass-like surface
with any excess forced into cracks in the earth so that there is no spoil piles of material to dispose of as there is with mining and tunneling.
I've no idea if this is the cause of the hum but,once I started thinking about it,high speed Mag Lev trains in tunnels would move more people or anything much faster than aircraft.At amuch lower cost,as well.


Postby Guest » 29 Feb 2004, 08:09

4:02 am 02/29/2004

I cannot recall when I first noticed the "hum", but its been well over 15 years now. I've read here that some hear it only at night...I hear it all the time.

Sally Cristobal

Humming Sound

Postby Sally Cristobal » 03 Mar 2004, 05:52

Yes. I definitely I've been hearing a humming sound for almost a year now. I wandered if I am the only one who hears it .I especially listen at
night when there are less cars and the TV is off. I even pulled the switch
off the fridge to make sure it wasn't a fridge hum. I thought it was the
neighbors aircon/heater but no one turns them on 24 hours a day.I even
think of seeking counsel in the city office hoping someone would come with a tool or device that measures sounds/hums and have them track
what is going on. It is a nuisance.It must cost money/electricity for that
machine-whatever it is to hum endlessly.

Can anyone tell me what do you call the device that measures and tracks
down hums/dull sounds.

Japan, Osaka


Re: Humming Sound

Postby Guest » 06 Mar 2004, 00:38

I first noticed the humm in the late 1990's. I wondered if it was just me, but when I hit this site, It was clear that I was not alone.

I must say that I have a *sense* about things. Not the TV clairvoiance type stuff. However, I just know when relatives are thinking about me. Such as my wife, father, son and so on.

*Story* Recently, my brother's family had a small crisis with their youngest; the two year old. He went into a fever-spike convolsion. They rushed him to the hospital. Fortunately, nothing was wrong.

While wating for his wife to call, my brother and I sat around the idiot box (TV) and suddenly, I felt incoming thoughts. Phone calls from our parents, then 30 seconds after, phone calls from his wife to come pick them up.

I said out loud, "some one is calling out."

I wonder if that has anything to do with the humm? Or is it all nonsense...


Ojai humming

Postby Guest » 23 Mar 2004, 10:58

I have always heard a humm, sometimes a high pitched squealing sound. I always heard it when I lived in Ojai, CA. "They" put in a doppler tower for 'weather' about 10 years ago. It was placed to beam down on the Ojai Valley. As if that valley isn't Uranus energied enough already. A real Aquarian type of town. The dogs never slept but barked all night, every night all over the valley....yikes the noisiest weirdest unsettled energy I have ever experienced. Since relocating to more Southern Cal I don't experience the hum like I did in Ojai. I think the big black tower definitely had something to do with amplifying the hum and squeal.


Postby Guest » 27 Mar 2004, 13:15

I live in Billings MT. A few months ago while laying on my 2nd story apartment floor I heard a low freq hum. I'd be listening to the radio at a low level, with my head on a "rolled" bath towel on top of an empty 50CD-ROM container. It reminded me of 2 aircraft engines that were out of SYNC. Louder/softer, back and forth. I heard it in the early morning hours only (when I listened to C2C). Haven't heard it in a while, though. Will post any new findings...


Postby Guest » 27 Mar 2004, 20:31

Its called Tinitus

or ringing in the ears. Not much the doctors do about it, except to get you to try and ignore it through therapy.


Postby Guest » 28 Mar 2004, 09:07

I don't think so. I know the difference between "ringing" and what I actually hear.


ringing in ears

Postby warcrow » 04 Apr 2004, 12:15

Dr. told me to give up caffine and nicotine. ringing went away. No ringing for 20 years



Postby Rexella » 07 Apr 2004, 13:32

Have been hearing the humm and octaves for almost all of my 56 years. Am very healthy with no kind of health issues for the past 40 years. Not even a common cold or flu.

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