The American 38 Year Financial Cycle: Gold to the Rescue

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The American 38 Year Financial Cycle: Gold to the Rescue

Postby Gnosty » 16 Apr 2009, 14:59

Do you want that packaged in paper or metal?

by Michael Edward

Sometimes, facts are stranger than fiction...

Beginning with the year the nation-states of north America became the confederated States of America (later to become the united States of America), a 38 year cycle of economic/financial collapse has taken place like clockwork:

1781 --- The American Revolution ends with Cornwallis surrendering to Washington at Yorktown, Virginia. The Continental Currency paper scrip has become worthless and hyperinflation is in full swing. In order to save the new union of American nation-states from financial collapse, the Bank of North America is founded by the Congress of the Confederation. The Netherlands and France loan this new central bank physical gold and silver to stop hyperinflation and to finance international trade.

1819 --- Inflation, public debt from the War of 1812, and the Louisiana Purchase bring about the "Panic of 1819" that takes hold when there is no physical gold left in the Treasury or in the central Bank of the United States to back up the gold paper notes issued against it.

1857 --- The "Great Financial Panic of 1857" comes about in August when there is a run on physical gold at banks as gold paper notes are handed in for redemption. The stock market crashes, unemployment soars, manufacturing is at a standstill, and people in the northern States begin to starve as most banks are shut down for more than two months. The southern States are only slightly effected due to a high international trade demand for their crops where they are paid in gold by foreign purchasers.

1895 --- The U.S. Treasury physical gold supply is exhausted and the economy faces collapse along with the federal government. President Cleveland makes a "big business" deal with JP Morgan to purchase foreign gold through him in order to replenish the Treasury gold reserves. Morgan makes enormous profits trading U.S. Treasury bonds for physical gold.

1933 --- The "Great American Depression" is in full swing. The U.S. Treasury is bankrupt due to little or no physical gold reserves. President Roosevelt confiscates private gold and declares a banking holiday (closure) to "bail out" the economy. Central Federal Reserve Bank paper notes are exchanged for the physical gold and cannot be converted back into gold.

1971 --- President Nixon deals with "The American Inflation Crisis" and stops all foreign exchange for physical gold by terminating the 1946 Bretton Woods agreement. The U.S. Treasury has run short of necessary physical gold reserves, so Nixon removes the "dollar" from the gold standard of exchange.

2009 --- Insolvent banks, collapse of manufacturing, $trillions of worthless derivative contracts, rapidly growing unemployment, and little or no U.S. Treasury physical gold to stop the financial bleeding and impending hyperinflation.

There's a common denominator for each timely crisis. The cause of each 38-year cycle of American economic collapse has been the lack of physical gold as well as the value loss of paper currency.


Re: The American 38 Year Financial Cycle: Gold to the Rescue

Postby VinceCate » 22 Sep 2009, 18:37

I evolved the above article a bit, including links to Wikipedia articles about the various panics. The modified version is at:

Admin comment-- Excellent update to the original posted above with references and further clarity. Thank you Vince :smile:

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