Hyperinflation: How, What and Why

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Hyperinflation: How, What and Why

Postby Gnosty » 22 Jun 2009, 10:01

by Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster

As Emperor Obama (Romulus the Usurper) fires GM's CEO, steals money from Chrysler's bondholders, puts together Public-Private Investment Partnerships (PPIP's) that will privatize gains and socialize losses in an attempt to stabilize derivative prices by having banks buy their toxic waste from one another in the usual "smoke and mirror" tradition of Wall Street, and creates what currently is an annualized 1.8 trillion dollar federal budget deficit that will grow exponentially over time to finance zombie banker bailouts, to fascistically nationalize the financial, insurance and auto manufacturing industries, and to provide inane, flash-in-the-pan, socialistic spending programs (euphemistically called "stimulus packages" that will do little or nothing to stimulate production or to create permanent jobs), while simultaneously supporting the Fed's actions, which amount to little more than using chewing gum and bailing wire to keep the money and credit markets from collapsing as it creates and distributes, in arrogant, secretive, crony-capitalist fashion, a gargantuan pile of counterfeit monopoly money in an amount on par with total US GDP for an entire year, you can just sense and feel that there is now a runaway, hyperinflationary freight train rumbling down the tracks at ever greater speed that is soon going to derail and create a train wreck out of our economy.

Since hyperinflation is clearly in our future, let's talk about what inflation really is, what causes it, what the different degrees or levels of inflation are, and what it takes to put a stop to inflation?

By modern definitions, inflation is basically an overall increase in the prices charged for goods and services in a particular economy over time. This is a pretty simple concept, but there is some real confusion as to what the root cause of inflation is. It does not come from people willy-nilly charging more for their goods and services. People can raise prices all they like, but if there is not enough money and credit available to purchase their goods and services at the prices they are charging, they will eventually have to either lower their prices, or expect to make far fewer sales.

What you have witnessed for the past two years is the above concept in overdrive, especially in the real estate and automobile markets, as the supply of money and credit has greatly contracted for all but the anointed Illuminist institutions that are parking their profits and bailout money at interest with the Fed for fear that they might lend it out to a zombie financial institution or business corporation and never get it back. As their money is sidelined with the Fed to sterilize it (i.e. to keep it from stoking inflation) the smaller fry who depend on them for their supply of financial capital are being allowed to die of money and credit starvation so the anointed can purchase the most valuable parts of their financial carcasses at pennies on the dollar via bankruptcy auctions and fire-sales in a blatant attempt to eliminate their competition and consolidate their power. This deflationary contraction in the supply of money and credit due to the exposed loan, mortgage and derivative fraud is a strong undertow to our economy which threatens to drag it out to sea until it runs out of air and drowns. The Fed must therefore inflate and swim for shore, or die. And inflate they will. We can absolutely guarantee it. Obama will go down in history as the King of Stagflation, as he joins forces with the inimitable Gordon Brown, the King of Fire-Sale Gold.

On a micro-economic scale, prices for specific goods and services are usually set by supply and demand (that, of course, would be in a free economy which we no longer have, so manipulation becomes an input for pricing specific goods and services in our economy, and is sometimes even the main input, as with gold and silver prices). However, the micro-economic factors which determine prices for goods and services are by far trumped by the macroeconomic factors of supply and demand. The supply side on a macroeconomic scale is determined by the amount of goods and services that are produced for sale in the overall economy. The demand side on a macroeconomic scale is the amount of money and credit available to the overall economy with which those goods and services can be purchased, or expressed another way, the amount of money and credit that is available to chase after those goods and services.

This is why the price of gold and silver must eventually skyrocket. The micro-economic supply, demand and manipulation factors which currently have sway over gold and silver prices will eventually be trumped by the macro-economic factors, namely, a profligate increase in the supply of money and credit to unheard of levels which will drive prices up across the board. The Fed cannot suppress the price of all goods and services as it rampantly expands the supply of money and credit, and can only influence a chosen few, such as gold and silver, which are suppressed because they are the canaries in the coal mine. When everything else gets more expensive, and as fiat currencies are shown to be the "worthless paper" they really are, gold and silver will become the only real safe-havens from the resulting inflation and financial deterioration. That will then generate a demand for precious metals that is so great, it will drive the price of gold and silver up until they catch up with the overall supply of money and credit, and there is nothing the Fed can do to stop it, short of pulling the plug on money and credit and destroying our economy, along with the privately owned Fed itself and its Illuminist cronies with it. This eventual destruction is planned to be sure, in order to pave the way for a one world Orwellian police state. The trick for the Illuminists is how to get out of their paper assets and convert them to real assets on the cheap before pulling the plug on money and credit. The problem is that as they bail out of paper, and into tangible assets, along with other foreign creditor nations anxious to trade their "worthless paper" in for things of real value, their bailing activities will drive inflation, and the price of gold, silver and other tangible assets, to unheard of levels, thereby dramatically decreasing the amount of tangible assets that they can absorb with their dollar reserves and their sales proceeds from the dumping of paper assets. The US and its creditors will be competing with one another in the race to dump dollar-denominated paper assets in exchange for precious metals, commodities, real estate, factories and equipment and other tangible assets, as well as shares in companies which own such assets, including shares in gold and silver producers.

The obvious answer is, of course, that they can't pull this off on the cheap, and they will use the resulting hyperinflation to wreck the rest of the economy while they are desperately attempting to bail out of dollar-denominated paper assets behind everyone's backs, as part of their Big Sting Two criminal enterprise. They will attempt to accomplish this insider trading scam in secret through unregulated dark pools of liquidity such as Project Turquoise and Baikal, as well as through the unregulated gambling casino which some dare to call the OTC derivatives market. They will use their sales proceeds to buy all the real, tangible assets they can get their hands on and leave everyone else holding a bag full of "worthless paper," aka Federal Reserve notes, US Treasury bonds and GSE bonds. But the amount of "worthless paper" is so great, and there are so many substantial players who will be trying to do the same thing, that market chaos will result, and the paper assets will deteriorate, and the price of tangible assets will simultaneously appreciate, at a rate that leaves everyone breathless. Truly, this will be a situation where he who loses the least, and he who buys gold and silver and their related shares early on, are the ultimate winners. The biggest losers will be those who fail to take physical delivery of their precious metals, such as gold and silver ETF shareholders and holders of mint certificates, who will be thoroughly Madoff'd, as well as holders of any leveraged gold and silver futures positions who will be wiped out by manipulations before the final run-up, thus losing all their investment capital.

The elitist oligarchs who run America, Canada and Western Europe and their privately owned central banks own tens of thousands of tons of gold already, and will seek to take the proceeds from the sale of their paper assets and use them to increase their gold holdings in an attempt to maintain monetary dominance over major players like China and Russia, who will also attempt to add to their holdings by many thousands of tons. There is only so much gold to go around, and when all the big players become gold bugs themselves, gold, and also silver, will go ballistic. They want the gold mine (literally), while you get the shaft. That is, has been, and always will be, "The Plan." Bernanke and Geithner are now Obama's twin Tattoo's, with our apologies to the producers of "Fantasy Island," a show which has become a perfect metaphor for what the US economy with its so-called "Green Shoots" has become. De plan, boss, de plan. De plan indeed.

On a technical macro-economic basis, an economy suffers from inflation when the amount of its total money and credit available over a period of time (the demand) grows at a rate in excess of the rate of growth in its total value of goods and services produced over that period of time (the supply), which valuation is based on price levels in effect at the beginning of that period of time. In more simple terms, inflation occurs when the rate of expansion of the supply of money and credit exceeds the rate of expansion in the production of goods and services. In fact, in the past when we still had a modicum of integrity in measuring economic statistics, inflation was defined as an increase in the supply of money and credit, period. Higher prices were simply a symptom of inflation, not a definition of inflation. The supply of money and credit was what was inflated, not the prices of goods and services, which simply rose as a direct outcome of the inflated supply of money and credit.

Since central banks are currently in control of the supply of money and credit in most modern economies, it is the bankster-gangsters who are, ergo, solely responsible for any overall increases in inflation, and that goes double for any large increases.

In the US, the privately owned Fed plays the role of our central bank, and it presides over our nefarious banking system, which is a fiat-money, debt-based, European form of fractional reserve banking that once powered the British mercantilist system. All major US inflationary issues and debacles can therefore be squarely placed at the doorsteps of the Fed, and of our Treasury Department, which is little more than a doormat for the Fed, which together with Wall Street, runs a revolving door with the Treasury. In fact, our current Treasury Secretary is the former President of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. So much for checks and balances and avoidance of conflicts of interest.

We now have the Fed increasing total money and credit (M3) at a rate of 18% while our GDP is contracting at a rate of minus 6%. That is a 24% differential, and that means that the amount of goods and services being produced has an ever-growing supply of money chasing after it, money and credit that is growing at a pace that is 24% more than the pace at which goods and services are growing. Based on all the foregoing, we'll give you three guesses as to what the outcome will be somewhere down the road when the Fed's ever-burgeoning money blob starts chasing after a shrinking supply of goods and services.

Inflation comes in basically three varieties.

Normal inflation, which is basically harmless, is a temporary increase in prices caused by an increase in the supply of money and credit by the central bank which is intended to precisely anticipate the rate of growth in the production of goods and services. You have more money and credit, but you also have more goods and services being produced. The temporary bout of minimal inflation caused by the anticipatory increase in the supply of money and credit is offset or absorbed by the greater pile of goods and services that is accumulating, so prices remain stable over time. This is obviously not an exact science, so there are some up-ticks if the money supply grows a little too fast, but over time this can be corrected. It is best to overshoot a little so as not to start an economic contraction, which, if left unchecked, could lead to a recession or depression.

The next type of inflation we would characterize as elevated inflation. This is what we have currently at a rate of about 10% and growing. This type of inflation results where the central bank consistently grows money and credit at a rate far in excess of the rate of growth in the production of goods and services, measured in terms of GDP growth, over an extended period of time. What the Illuminati have done for over 20 years now, was to have the Fed, which they privately own, raise the level of growth in the supply of money and credit to ludicrous levels, while they simultaneously ordered their lackeys at the BLS to lie about the rate of the resulting inflation by using hedonics (statistical manipulations) that were intended to greatly understate inflation. As a result, when real GDP was calculated, the GDP deflator, which is based substantially on the official (and falsely low) rate of inflation, and which is used to calculate real GDP, was obviously far too low. This farce resulted in higher levels of real GDP than were warranted by the data, because inflation was not being properly taken into account.

This is how they covered up the destruction of our economy via free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing, along with both legal and illegal immigration (slave labor). If the true figures were used, our real GDP would show that the rate of growth in our economy has been virtually flat to negative since 1990. That means all the growth in our stock markets since the early 1990's has been nothing but false puffery, which resulted from profligate growth in the supply of money and credit, and not from growth in production. For this reason, when the Dow finally bottoms, we expect it to track back to its levels during the early 1990's, which means roughly 2,500 to 3,500. That level will destroy everything, especially the wealth of our middle class, but the elitists themselves are going to take it on the chin. They are afraid the system will implode before they can bail, and that they will go down with the ship also. We wholeheartedly confirm their fears.

The Illuminati are about to learn a hard lesson: Hell hath no fury like an American deceitfully parted from his money!!! These unfortunate souls now risk being torn to shreds by rabid mobs using their bare hands. They have gone way beyond tar and feathers this time, or a humane execution. A large portion of the American people will not go into their internment camps, but will instead expend their last breath and bullets tracking these miscreants down like dogs. They will be chased relentlessly to the utter ends of the earth until they are systematically and utterly destroyed. You can run, but you can't hide, from angry Americans robbed of their health and their wealth. If they try to hide in their bunkers, Americans will get small nukes from our nuclear arsenal and our patriotic soldiers, or from the Russians or Chinese, drill a hole down into their lair, drop the warhead down, and detonate it in their rabbit hole. They'll go out in a blaze of glory! Have you really thought this thing through, morons?

The final type of inflation is what we would call hyperinflation. This is the nightmarish stuff which destroyed Germany's Wiemar Republic and Zimbabwe. But you don't get to hyperinflation by having the government simply increase spending. You cannot attain million percent and billion percent inflation through government spending alone, as they could never spend money at such levels under normal circumstances to fight a run-of-the-mill recession or depression. No, to get this type of runaway inflation, or hyperinflation, requires two ingredients. The first ingredient is currency speculators. And the second ingredient is a central bank that is corrupt enough, or moronic enough, to print as much money as those speculators demand, creating a carry trade in that currency that destroys it in hyperbolic fashion. This is what really destroyed the German and Zimbabwean currencies utterly. The speculators are loaned currency from the central bank, which they sell short into the international currency market for stronger currencies in anticipation of further declines. They keep borrowing money as long as the central bank cooperates and prints it, thus driving down the value of the currency ad nauseam. It's like being able to have your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the case of Germany's Wiemar Republic, and the rise of Hitler to power, we see the shadowy hands of the US and European Illuminists all over this situation. Hitler was more of a madman than a genius. The genius part came from the US and European Illuminists who sponsored, supported and aided Hitler in resurrecting Germany as a militaristic police state so we could have a second world war to take us out of the Illuminist-created Great Depression. They told Hitler that they would destroy the German mark to break Germany out of the clutches of the admittedly onerous and disgusting Treaty of Versailles, which required Germany to make reparations to Allied nations in amounts that were impossible for a country destroyed in a world war to manage. Germany would pay their reparations with increasingly debauched German marks. (Does this not sound familiar with what the Fed and US Treasury are up to as they debauch the dollar in a stealth default on their debts to international creditors? Looks like they are taking another page out of Hitler's Nazi playbook, which they originally wrote for Hitler). The Illuminists, on their part, had their currency speculators keep borrowing from Germany's recently privatized central bank, which was more than happy to print the German mark out of existence as the currency speculators did their dirty work. This then created the financial and social chaos, which brought Hitler to power, and was the perfect excuse to set up the Jews, with their many banking connections, as scapegoats.

But the Illuminists also did something very, very interesting. Once Hitler came to power, they told Hitler to have his fledgling Nazi government issue a new German currency that was only good inside Germany so it could not be manipulated by outside speculation, and told him to print only as much currency as would be needed to cover the anticipated production that would occur as Germany underwent reconstruction and re-militarization. This was their idea as Hitler was hardly that well versed in economics to come up with it on his own. Hitler of course had his own German advisors, but we can assure you that they got most of their ideas from the Illuminist Puppet Masters, who were experts on currency manipulations and on monetary history. In fact, it was the Puppet Masters and their predecessors who in fact made much of monetary history. This move, of course, worked, as the Illuminists knew it would, and soon Nazi Germany, with all kinds of financial and political support from the Illuminists, was ready to start its conquest, thus generating trillions in profits for the US military-industrial complex, and providing an escape from a terrible depression.

We can assure you that the war-to-escape-depression idea will be used again shortly. We wonder who the next Hitler will be who will take us into World War III to put an end to the Much Greater Depression that is currently underway and getting worse by the minute. Stay tuned. You haven't seen anything yet.

This idea of a non-bank currency issued directly by a government free of any interest burden is along the lines of what Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy did, and tried to do, respectively, for the US. Their boldness in promoting the welfare of US citizens cost them their lives. They did not want to become interest slaves to a private national bank, and chose to issue our own official currency directly from our Treasury Department free of the interest burden imposed by a privately owned, debt-based, European-style fractional reserve banking system, which is what our Founding Fathers fought a war to free themselves, and their posterity, from.

Note that Baron Rothschild started and bankrolled the War of 1812 when the first private US central bank charter was not renewed by our then gutsy Congress, which, unlike our current corrupt and cowardly Congress, saw through the ruse of the British crown, which was attempting to take back its colonies via monetary extortion. Lincoln made the mistake of not backing US notes with gold and silver as required by our Constitution, an error that was confirmed as being a mistake by the Supreme Court of the United States, and the US notes that were used to fund the Civil War efforts of the North soon became worthless, triggering a long, hard, devastating depression in the 1870's. President Kennedy was assassinated before Executive Order 11110 could be implemented, and the Fed was allowed to continue on with its blatant criminality.

You might also note that Presidents Garfield and McKinley were both ardently opposed to the idea of a private central bank, and we know what happened to them. Andrew Jackson, who the Illuminists tried to assassinate on multiple occasions, was our most vehement objector to a private central bank, and his face now appears on the front of a twenty dollar bill. If he was alive today, he would throw a "hissy fit" the likes of which has never been recorded in human history. This is the way the Illuminists chose to rub Jackson's face in their final victory to establish a private central bank with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, albeit their insult was delivered posthumously. In addition, President Lincoln's face is on the front of a five dollar bill, which is yet another posthumous insult to the leader who rejected the European Illuminists and their private banking interests. Next we'll see President Kennedy's face on the front of a thousand dollar bill, which will be created so that you don't need a wheelbarrow to cart around the cash necessary to pay the ridiculously high prices of goods and services that will be caused by the coming hyperinflation. On second thought, let's not give them any more ideas!

So, in the case of the Federal Reserve Note (which is a private note backed by the full faith and credit of the US government, and not a US note issued directly from the US Treasury), do these two ingredients for the creation of hyperinflation exist? Currency speculators we always have, but are the Fed and our Treasury Department corrupt enough to keep printing the dollar so speculators can short it into oblivion by creating a dollar carry trade? Is the Pope a Catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? So the answer to that question is: Abso-freaking-lutely!!!

But the Illuminists had a problem. They could not print money, thus creating an interest-bearing debt for the US government, without the consent of the US Treasury, which was in turn limited as to how much it could borrow by the US Congress. So how on earth could they get the Treasury and Congress to spend a totally unprecedented amount money by borrowing it at interest from the Fed, which then creates it out of thin air, such that hyperinflation, and the destruction of the US economy to pave the way for world government, is accomplished as the desired and ultimate end? The politics of such a move would be horrendous unless justified by an extremely compelling reason.

Naturally, they would have to start their sting operation by buying off or compromising the Executive Branch and its various Departments, especially the Treasury Department, as well as the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, and most of the relevant regulatory agencies, which they had very nearly accomplished already in any case when they put their plans for a hyperinflationary recession, followed by a deflationary depression, into motion. And remember, the ultimate aim of this sting operation is to take down the US economy, along with the economies of Canada and most of Western Europe, to pave the way for world government, which they will attempt to put into place in the ensuing chaos.

So what is an Illuminist with a compelling desire for hyperinflation to do? We'll tell you what they did.

They started by having the Fed create profligate amounts of money and credit well beyond the amounts necessary to absorb any increases in production, thus creating an elevated level of inflation for almost two decades. They continuously lied officially about the rate of inflation by understating it. This was done to cover up their destruction of our economy via free trade and globalization by creating bogus increases in production that were just inflation in disguise. This inflation was implemented to get us started down the road to economic destruction from which a hyperinflationary environment could be created.

To take us out of recession, and prevent the purging which our economy needed from the destruction wreaked in the early 1990's in the aftermath of the Savings and Loan Crisis and the collapse of the real estate market, both of which they also created, they pushed tech stocks into a dot.com bubble, followed by a real estate bubble to cover up the dot.com destruction, which real estate was then re-bubbled after 9/11 via ultra-low interest rates and their if-you-can-fog-a-mirror-you-can-have-a-mortgage-loan policy. This was done to keep the debt snowball rolling, and to prevent the purging of losses from fraud and speculation out of our economy by keeping those losses in the system so they could later become the reason for future defaults, losses and bailouts that would help lead us into hyperinflation when the Illuminati were ready.

They engineered the 9/11 false flag attack to take US citizens, via fraudulent intelligence, into a multi-trillion dollar, two-front war in Iraq and Afghanistan to get the big spending sprees started. These were wars for profit intended to enrich Illuminists while simultaneously bankrupting America and pushing us down the road to hyperinflation.

They bankrupted the Social Security system by stealing from its reserves to pay for Illuminist pork projects and benefits for illegal immigrants (slave labor), drove up medical and pharmaceutical costs, and created an entitlement indebtedness in the tens of trillions of dollars that they know can never be repaid, thus ensuring the destruction of the dollar by curtailing the ability of the US to repay its creditors, and providing a backdrop for huge bailouts and expenditures to keep paying out benefits and to fund medical insurance reforms that can only be paid for through debt monetizations that will propel us toward hyperinflation.

They got rid of the Glass, Steagall Act via the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act so they could defraud investors with new flimflam financial products in the complete absence of any checks and balances. They deregulated the already opaque OTC derivative market with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act so that derivatives could be issued naked (without collateral backing the guarantees against default) to back securities that in many cases were not even owned by the buyers of derivatives backing those securities (credit default swaps), and further allowed investors to gamble on interest rates (interest rate swaps), thus turning the entire OTC derivatives market into a gambling casino. They continued to foster mortgage and other consumer loan fraud, via liar loans, false appraisals, slack credit standards, false derivative ratings and fraudulent derivative sales, using Fannie, Freddie and the unregulated OTC derivative market to accomplish their dirty work until a Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star was created. All of this fraud was allowed in order to plant and build a fatal flaw into the entire debt system, and this flaw would be used to ignite the Derivative Death Star, and start the bankster-gangster bailouts that will eventually run into the tens of trillions of dollars unless stopped by US citizens. How's that for spending us into hyperinflation!

They also allowed investment banks to use 40 or even as much as 60 to 1 leverage to fund the Derivative Death Star, and allowed commercial banks to reduce their reserve requirements to unprecedented levels. They increased money and credit to psychopathic levels to feed the hedge funds, pensions funds, endowment funds, and sovereign wealth funds, which then went berserk on a wild spending binge, thus driving stock and bond prices up to ludicrous levels, which have now imploded or are in the process of imploding, thus giving more cause for bailouts and profligate borrowing and spending by our government at taxpayer expense, once again socializing losses after profits have been privatized.

By exposing the fatal flaw just alluded to that was built into the debt system via rampant fraud, they created an implosion of financial markets by showing how vulnerable, flawed and over-rated derivatives really were (in this case, the exposure of the fatal flaw may have happened sooner than planned by an untoward event, thus throwing a wrench into the works), and set up the 19 anointed financial institutions, and the Fed, as too-big-to-fail institutions, and made sure that no Illuminist companies were allowed to fail. Instead of allowing failure through bankruptcies to purge the economy, they bailed out Illuminist banks and corporations in typical crony capitalist fashion at taxpayer expense, thus socializing losses after profits had been grandly earned and privatized, using the oh-we-can't-let-this-happen routine and the fear of increased unemployment and horrendous amounts of asset losses, which will of course occur anyway further down the road, but this time on steroids. Needless to say, non-anointed companies can go suck an egg.

They hid the losses of Illuminist-anointed financial institutions via false accounting which was approved by "regulators," and caused the BLS and other government agencies to lie about every known economic statistic, in order to convince taxpayers and private investors that there are Green Shoots and that they should once again invest in these zombie institutions which later will implode, thus rendering the stock worthless. In the meanwhile, they allowed non-Illuminist companies to fail, thus reducing their competition and consolidating their power. They then had their government flunkies create fascistic, socialized spending programs, and termed the first of what will be many such programs as an "economic stimulus," when in reality these are all going to be nothing more than flash-in-the-pan, pork-laden masterpieces of profligate spending that stimulate nothing, create few if any permanent jobs, and virtually ignore the middle class, which got a token tax break - big deal. As the economy unravels, they will just keep up the same oh-we-can't-let-this-happen routine, and continue to play on taxpayer fears while they totally ignore the Constitution which in no way authorizes these bailouts of private companies on a secret, crony-capitalist basis, which bailouts are also being extended to foreign banks and corporations stung by the Illuminist derivative fraud (hence the lack of lawsuits). In this fashion, they will continue to spend and spend as the PBGC and FDIC go bankrupt while our middle class is wiped out. This spending will have to monetized. Hyperinflation is the inevitable outcome.

They have also created Public Private Investment Partnerships so Illuminist institutions can buy their toxic waste from each other in what will be a failed attempt to prop up toxic derivative prices, with the public being the big loser because they will absorb most of the losses while most of the profits, if any, will go to Illuminist investors. This is just another method of converting private red ink into public red ink, thus adding to the debt blob that will debauch the dollar and help send us into hyperinflation.

The Fed will continue to absorb the toxic waste of its member banks, setting itself up as the ultimate too-big-to-fail zombie financial institution which is now helpless to stop the oncoming hyperinflationary freight train because all its assets are unmarketable cess pools of toxic waste that no one in their right mind would purchase for more the 10 cents on the dollar. Thus, the Fed has been intentionally disabled from fighting against the inflationary consequences that will result from the rampant spending and bailouts that are now ongoing right before your eyes. The Fed has been hamstrung so that hyperinflation can be assured. They can no longer suck money out of the system because the value of their assets is laughable.

After they achieve an elevated level of inflation by all this spending on pork, bailouts and socialist programs while the hamstrung Fed continues to profligately spew out money and credit at an ever-increasing rate via monetization of treasuries which investors are starting to shun more and more for obvious reasons, interest rates will rise, the real estate, stock and bond markets will collapse, credit default and interest rate swaps will implode, and suddenly there will be tens of trillions in losses that of course will have to be bailed out.

As this debacle transpires, everyone owning dollar-denominated assets will be running for the exits, all the dollars parked in foreign currency reserves will be repatriated, and the currency speculators will go to town as the Fed pumps out money in ever-increasing quantities to fund bailout after totally illegal and disgusting bailout. This will mark the start of the period during which the Much Greater Depression will be at its most severe level, and is where will we be Weimarized. You won't know about the foreign investment until it is too late because, conveniently, like the cessation of M3 statistics by the Fed, the FTC no longer provides figures regarding foreign investment in the US.

During this whole process, only the Illuminist institutions and corporations will receive any bailouts, so in the end, all the money for which taxpayers and their descendents become indebted will have been paid as salaries and bonuses to the Illuminati and their henchmen, and as free booty to their Illuminist business corporations to keep them from failing and to resettle them overseas. Taxpayers will be lucky if they get a lump of coal in their stockings as they watch their pensions, benefits and entitlements trickle down to nothing, especially after hyperinflation becomes full blown. Note how the losses are allowed to be trickled out as slowly as possible so that taxpayers are less prone to say that the losses are just too big to handle and that the elitist institutions must be allowed to fail and let the chips fall where they may as the market sorts things out.

The financial institutions of elitists and oligarchs, including the Fed and other privately owned Illuminist central banks around the world, are eventually going to be discarded in favor of a new super-entity, like the IMF and World Bank combined into a single monstrosity and shot up with mega-steroids, while they simultaneously introduce (stuff down everyone's throats) a world currency along with Draconian world financial regulations. This will occur after they futilely attempt to bail themselves out to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars so they can bankrupt and monetize virtually all developed nations to death, thereby sending us all inexorably down the road to hyperinflation. Then comes world government, and the fulfillment of George Orwell's horrific, nightmarish vision, as well as the Mark of the Beast.


How do we put an end to this mess, and stop the Illuminati dead in their tracks? You buy gold, silver and their related shares as a failsafe. You pass Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed, and expose their skull-duggery. You then put an end to the Fed as the public screams for their blood. For US citizens only, in compliance with the requirements of the US Constitution, you issue interest-free, gold-backed US dollar notes to replace, dollar for dollar, all Federal Reserve notes. You then take all the old Federal Reserve notes that have been exchanged, load them on dump trucks, take them to the Federal Reserve in Goldman Sachs South, and dump them at their front door. You place a sign on the pile that reads: "We now consider our debt to the Federal Reserve Bank to be paid in full, and will cease all future interest payments.

Incidentally, this pile of "worthless paper" is no longer legal tender in the US. "Have a nice day." Foreigners will have their treasury bonds and dollars redeemed in oil, coal, natural gas and other commodities, in a percentage that is based on how many jobs and plants they stole from our economy, how many subsidies they gave their industries, the extent to which they debased their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages, the extent to which they imposed trade tariffs and import duties on our exports to their countries, and the amount they would have received had the Illuminists successfully ignited hyperinflation. These bonds would be retired over time as they came due. We also obviously have to purge government of all Illuminist influence by arresting, trying, convicting and sentencing all Illuminist criminal co-conspirators for their myriad of felonies and acts of high treason. All Illuminist assets would be seized and applied to the national debt, and we would apply all gold seized, by force if necessary, no matter where it might be found, until we have enough to properly back our new currency, which would remain the world's reserve currency. Rockefeller alone could probably retire the entire official US debt and replace our gold reserves.

Banking leverage would be greatly reduced, and there would be proper regulation of financial markets by both the federal and state governments acting in concert with one another to protect consumers, and no conflicts of interest between Wall Street, corporate America, and the federal and state governments would be tolerated. Oil, coal, natural gas and power generation facilities, along with pharmaceutical companies, would be nationalized, all publicly owned energy resources would be tapped, and all patents unused for over five years would be taken by eminent domain, with all profits from these resources and patents being used to pay for our debts. After our debts were retired, these industries would be privatized again, and any unused/unsold patents would be returned to their owners, except to the extent they were necessary to fund the much reduced activities of our federal government.

All companies that are currently insolvent would be forced to go bankrupt, and the economy would be purged, with the markets working out the details free of the influence of the PPT, which would be dissolved. Illuminist judges, officials of the Administration, and members of Congress found to be in cahoots with Illuminist criminals would be immediately impeached and then tried criminally. Class action lawsuits would be prosecuted on behalf of all members of the public screwed out of their rightful profits by the Illuminists, the PPT and our regulatory agencies. All lobbying would cease. Term limits would be imposed. Each and every candidate for a particular office would receive the same amount of money with which to conduct a campaign. The income tax would be repealed and a reasonable national sales tax would be implemented, with a mandatory periodic reduction and phase out over time.

The tax would be phased out as we reduced the size of our federal government and returned powers back to the states. The tax would cease when our budget was balanced and a proper Constitutional balance between federal and state powers was achieved. Trade tariffs and import duties would be imposed on a Golden Rule basis, meaning, we will charge you whatever you charge us, and we will grant subsidies and manipulate our currencies to achieve parity with whatever you do on your end. We will also charge duties to make up for the difference in our relative standards of living so you stop using your citizens as slave labor to undercut our workers. All illegal immigrants would be ejected. Any legal immigrants would be processed faster. Our troops would be returned home except for a few key positions, and we would mind our own business except where military action is absolutely necessary to defend our nation, as opposed to supporting a nefarious elitist agenda. And this is just for starters. Real reform of our educational and health systems would then follow. Once we had our own house in order, we would help the nations of the world succeed and progress as never before. World government would be outlawed as treasonous, and anyone promoting it would be given life without parole if they were convicted. God would be given preeminence in our society once again as the separation of church and state was applied the way it is supposed to be: that Congress shall pass no law that would establish a national religion or that would abridge the free exercise of religion. Period.


Re: Hyperinflation: How, What and Why

Postby Juan » 24 Jun 2009, 14:18


Bluntly said Mr. Chapman :8ball:

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