Woman Strikes Oil in Toilet

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Woman Strikes Oil in Toilet

Postby WVP News » 07 Feb 2004, 19:50

DALLAS (Reuters) - An East Texas woman struck oil a strange way when she came home to find her toilet gushing with the bubblin' crude.

Liela LeTourneau returned from her work as a nurse on Monday to find oil gushing out of everything in her house connected to the water drainage lines, including her kitchen sink and toilet.

The floor of her Longview residence was drenched with a thick coating of what locals call "Texas Tea."

Texas state and Longview city officials said on Thursday they believe that a mix-up in sewer lines connected to the house might be the cause of the oil spill.

"There was this black (ooze) coming out from my house. I thought, 'What have I left on? What has my son left on that's spilled over?'" LeTourneau told the local daily Longview News-Journal. She had moved into a rental home due to the oil spill and was not immediately available for comment.

Longview city officials said they believe the trouble was due to the residence being connected to a line used to dispose of saltwater instead of a sewage line. Saltwater disposal lines are used in the oil production process as a conduit to drain off liquids associated with that process -- mostly saltwater.

The saltwater disposal line became backed up, and oil seeped out of that line, turning the LeTourneau home into an oil patch, they said.

"I was always proud to have an oil derrick in my back yard. Every Texan should have one," she told the paper. "Now, I don't know."

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