Great White Shark Forecloses On Stinson Beach Surfer!

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Great White Shark Forecloses On Stinson Beach Surfer!

Postby CliffMickelson » 20 Oct 2005, 16:29

Greetings, Mortgage Holders!

And welcome to the wide, wonderful world of "La Mordida"!

A new shark attack this morning north of San Francisco, CA. brought to mind this story from two years ago.
The attack back in 2002 took place in the same general area. The only difference was that this attack had a twist to it....The victim was standing on dry land!
Yup...Dry land, folks!.....I'm sure glad sharks don't have legs.

I'm certain that if they did, our heros, the State and Federal Fish and Wildlife gang, would be releasing them along with the grizzlies and lions they have been importing into the hills above Lake Tahoe and San Bernadino.

Only in America, eh? What a novel way to control the wild mountian bike population!

But...if sharks had legs?....Just try to imagine!

It's already bad enough with all the Globalist bankers running amok across the country! Throw in a few Great Whites and how's a poor, harried citizen to tell which dorsal fin is which?


*** ... 121310.DTL

Shark atttacks surfer in Marin
Bite wounds require 100 stitches after assault at Stinson Beach
Peter Fimrite, Kelly St. John, Michael Cabanatuan, Chronicle Staff Writers

Saturday, June 1, 2002

A 12- to 14-foot shark bolted out of the water near Stinson Beach on Friday afternoon and clenched a screaming surfer in its razor-sharp jaws as fellow surfers watched in disbelief.

The attack, which prompted National Park Service officials to bar anyone from entering the water at Stinson Beach for five days, occurred inside the so- called Red Triangle -- the stretch of Northern California coast where more shark attacks have taken place than anywhere else in the world.

Lee Fontan, 24, a Bolinas landscaper and lifelong surfer, needed 100 stitches to close four bite wounds after Friday's attack.

"We were out there kidding around, talking, waiting for the next wave. Then all of a sudden we heard a scream," said John Gilbert, 33, an avid surfer who lives in Stinson Beach and owns the town's Parkside Cafe. "I looked over and this guy was about three or four feet out of the water in the shark's mouth. You could see its teeth, its gums. Its eyes were shut. Its gills were wide open, like shutters. The whole dorsal fin on its back was out of the water."

When the shark crashed back into the ocean, it released the surfer and disappeared. Fontan was left clinging dearly to his board. A dozen surfers pulled him to shore, then tended to his wounds -- including an 8-inch gash in his left thigh and three tooth holes below his ribs.

"You could see all the way to the bone," said Paul Fontan, the surfer's father, who was on his way to the beach when the attack happened. "It made me sick."

(See link for rest of story)

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