The Book of Jasher (Introduction & Chapters 1-8)

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The Book of Jasher (Introduction & Chapters 1-8)

Postby Gnosty » 05 Feb 2004, 15:58

The Book of Jasher is a "lost book" mentioned in the modern Bible:

"Isn't it written in the book of Jasher?" - Joshua 10:13

"Teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jashar" - 2 Samuel 1:18


There are several books which have come down to us by this title today.

One is an ethhical treaty from the Middle Ages and (as far as I know) has never been translated into English. This book begins with a section on the "Mystery of the Creation of the World." It is clearly unrelated to the Biblical Book of Jasher.

Another is a forgery published in 1829 supposedly translated by Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus. It opens with the Chapter 1 verse 1 reading: "Whilst it was the beginning, darkness overspread the face of nature."

The third (the one I have re-produced below) is a Midrash that was first translated into English in 1840. It opens with chapter 1 verse 1 reading "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and God created man in his own image."

A comparison of Joshua 10:13 with Jasher 88:63-64, and 2Samuel 1:18 with Jasher 56:9, makes it clear that this book at least claims to be the "lost" Book of Jasher that is mentioned in the Bible.


1 And the God (Elohim) said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and the elohim created man in his own image.

2 And the elohim formed man from the ground, and he blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul endowed with speech.

3 And Yahuwah said, It is not good for man to be alone; I will make for him a companion.

4 And Yahuwah caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. And he slept. And he took away 1 of his ribs and built flesh upon it, and formed it, and brought it to Adam. And Adam woke up from his sleep and looked upon the woman standing before him.

5 And he said, This is a bone of my bones and it will be called woman, for this has been taken from man; and Adam called her name Eve, for she was the mother of all living.

6 And the elohim blessed them and called their names Adam and Eve in the day that he created them. And Yahuwah, the elohim, said, Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

7 And Yahuwah, the elohim, took Adam and his wife, and he placed them in the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it; and he commanded them and said to them, From every tree of the garden you may eat, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you will not eat, for in the day that you eat thereof you will surely die.

8 And when elohim had blessed and commanded them, he went from them, and Adam and his wife lived in the garden according to the command which Yahuwah had commanded them.

9 And the serpent, which the elohim had created with them in the earth, came to them to incite them to transgress the command of the elohim which he had commanded them.

10 And the serpent enticed and persuaded the woman to eat from the tree of knowledge, and the woman listened to the voice of the serpent, and she transgressed the word of the elohim and took from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and she ate, and she took from it and gave also to her husband and he ate.

11 And Adam and his wife transgressed the command of the elohim which he commanded them, and the elohim knew it, and his anger was stirred up against them and he cursed them.

12 And Yahuwah, the elohim, drove them that day from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which they were taken, and they went and lived at the east of the garden of Eden; and Adam knew his wife Eve and she bore 2 sons and 3 daughters.

13 And she called the name of the firstborn Cain, saying, I have obtained a man from Yahuwah, and the name of the other she called Abel, for she said, In vanity we came into the earth, and in vanity we will be taken from it.

14 And the boys grew up and their father gave them a possession in the land; and Cain was a tiller of the ground, and Abel a keeper of sheep.

15 And it was at the expiration of a few years, that they brought an approximating offering to Yahuwah, and Cain brought from the fruit of the ground, and Abel brought from the firstlings of his flock from the fat thereof, and the elohim turned and inclined to Abel and his offering, and a fire came down from Yahuwah from heaven and consumed it.

16 And to Cain and his offering Yahuwah did not turn, and he did not incline to it, for he had brought from the inferior fruit of the ground before Yahuwah, and Cain was jealous against his brother Abel on account of this, and he sought a pretext to kill him.

17 And in some time after, Cain and Abel his brother, went one day into the field to do their work; and they were both in the field, Cain tilling and ploughing his ground, and Abel feeding his flock; and the flock passed that part which Cain had ploughed in the ground, and it sorely grieved Cain on this account.

18 And Cain approached his brother Abel in anger, and he said to him, What is there between me and you, that you come to make your home and bring your flock to feed in my land?

19 And Abel answered his brother Cain and said to him, What is there between me and you, that you will eat the flesh of my flock and clothe yourself with their wool?

20 And now therefore, put off the wool of my sheep with which you have clothed yourself, and recompense me for their fruit and flesh which you have eaten, and when you will have done this, I will then go from your land as you have said?

21 And Cain said to his brother Abel, Surely if I kill you this day, who will require your blood from me?

22 And Abel answered Cain, saying, Surely the elohim who has made us in the earth, he will avenge my cause, and he will require my blood from you should you kill me, for Yahuwah is the judge and arbiter, and it is he who will requite man according to his evil, and the wicked man according to the wickedness that he may do upon earth.

23 And now, if you should kill me here, surely the elohim knows your secret views, and will judge you for the evil which you did declare to do to me this day.

24 And when Cain heard the words which Abel his brother had spoken, behold the anger of Cain was stirred up against his brother Abel for declaring this thing.

25 And Cain hurried and rose up, and took the iron part of his ploughing instrument, with which he suddenly struck his brother and he killed him, and Cain spilt the blood of his brother Abel upon the earth, and the blood of Abel streamed upon the earth before the flock.

26 And after this Cain repented having killed his brother, and he was sadly grieved, and he wept over him and it vexed him extremely.

27 And Cain rose up and dug a hole in the field, wherein he put his brother's body, and he turned the dust over it.

28 And Yahuwah knew what Cain had done to his brother, and Yahuwah appeared to Cain and said to him, Where is Abel your brother that was with you?

29 And Cain dissembled, and said, I do not know, am I my brother's keeper? And Yahuwah said to him, What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries to me from the ground where you have killed him.

30 For you have killed your brother and have dissembled before me, and did imagine in your heart that I saw you not, nor knew all your actions.

31 But you did this thing and did kill your brother for naught and because he spoke rightly to you, and now, therefore, cursed be you from the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand, and wherein you did bury him.

32 And it will be when you will till it, it will no more give you its strength as in the beginning, for thorns and thistles will the ground produce, and you will be moving and wandering in the earth until the day of your death.

33 And at that time Cain went out from the presence of Yahuwah, from the place where he was, and he went moving and wandering in the land toward the east of Eden, he and all belonging to him.

34 And Cain knew his wife in those days, and she became pregnant and birthed a son, and he called his name Chanok, saying, In that time Yahuwah began to give him rest and quiet in the earth.

35 And at that time Cain also began to build a city: and he built the city and he called the name of the city Chanok, according to the name of his son; for in those days Yahuwah had given him rest upon the earth, and he did not move about and wander as in the beginning.

36 And Irad was born to Chanok, and Irad had Mechuyael and Mechuyael had Methusael.

Chapter 2

1 And it was in the 130th year of the life of Adam upon the earth, that he again knew Eve his wife, and she became pregnant and birthed a son in his likeness and in his image, and she called his name Seth, saying, Because the elohim has appointed me another seed in the place of Abel, for Cain has killed him.

2 And Seth lived 105 years, and to him was born a son; and Seth called the name of his son Enosh, saying, Because in that time the sons of men began to multiply, and to afflict their souls and hearts by transgressing and rebelling against the elohim.

3 And it was in the days of Enosh that the sons of men continued to rebel and transgress against the elohim to increase the anger of Yahuwah against the sons of men.

4 And the sons of men went and they served other elohims, and they forgot Yahuwah who had created them in the earth: and in those days the sons of men made images of brass and iron, wood and stone, and they bowed down and served them.

5 And every man made his elohim and they bowed down to them, and the sons of men forsook Yahuwah all the days of Enosh and his children; and the anger of Yahuwah was stirred up on account of their works and abominations which they did in the earth.

6 And Yahuwah caused the waters of the river Gihon to overwhelm them, and he destroyed and consumed them, and he destroyed the 3rd part of the earth, and notwithstanding this, the sons of men did not turn from their evil ways, and their hands were yet extended to do evil in the sight of Yahuwah.

7 And in those days there was neither sowing nor reaping in the earth; and there was no food for the sons of men and the famine was very great in those days.

8 And the seed which they sowed in those days in the ground became thorns, thistles and briers; for from the days of Adam was this declaration concerning the earth, of the curse of the elohim, which he cursed the earth, on account of the sin which Adam sinned before Yahuwah.

9 And it was when men continued to rebel and transgress against the elohim, and to corrupt their ways, that the earth also became corrupt.

10 And Enosh lived 90 years and to him was born Cainan;

11 And Cainan grew up and he was 40 years old, and he became wise and had knowledge and skill in all wisdom, and he ruled over all the sons of men, and he led the sons of men to wisdom and knowledge; for Cainan was a very wise man and had understanding in all wisdom, and with his wisdom he ruled over spirits and demons;

12 And Cainan knew by his wisdom that the elohim would destroy the sons of men for having sinned upon earth, and that Yahuwah would in the latter days bring upon them the waters of the flood.

13 And in those days Cainan wrote upon tablets of stone, what was to take place in time to come, and he put them in his treasures.

14 And Cainan ruled over the whole earth, and he turned some of the sons of men to the service of the elohim.

15 And when Cainan was 70 years old, to him were born 3 sons and 2 daughters.

16 And these are the names of the children of Cainan; the name of the firstborn Mahlallel, the 2nd Enan, and the 3rd Mered, and their sisters were Adah and Zillah; those are the 5 children of Cainan that were born to him.

17 And Lamech, the son of Methusael, became related to Cainan by marriage, and he took his 2 daughters for his wives, and Adah became pregnant and birthed a son to Lamech, and she called his name Jabal.

18 And she again became pregnant and birthed a son, and called his name Jubal; and Zillah, her sister, was barren in those days and had no offspring.

19 For in those days the sons of men began to trespass against the elohim, and to transgress the commandments which he had commanded to Adam, to be fruitful and multiply in the earth.

20 And some of the sons of men caused their wives to drink a mix that would render them barren, in order that they might retain their figures and whereby their beautiful appearance might not fade.

21 And when the sons of men caused some of their wives to drink, Zillah drank with them.

22 And the child-bearing women appeared abominable in the sight of their husbands as widows, while their husbands lived, for to the barren ones only they were attached.

23 And in the end of days and years, when Zillah became old, Yahuwah opened her womb.

24 And she became pregnant and birthed a son and she called his name Tubal Cain, saying, After I had withered away have I obtained him from the Almighty, the elohim.

25 And she became pregnant again and birthed a daughter, and she called her name Naamah, for she said, After I had withered away have I obtained pleasure and delight.

26 And Lamech was old and advanced in years, and his eyes were dim that he could not see, and Tubal Cain, his son, was leading him and it was one day that Lamech went into the field and Tubal Cain his son was with him, and while they were walking in the field, Cain the son of Adam advanced towards them; for Lamech was very old and could not see much, and Tubal Cain his son was very young.

27 And Tubal Cain told his father to draw his bow, and with the arrows he struck Cain, who was yet far off, and he killed him, for he appeared to them to be an animal.

28 And the arrows entered Cain's body although he was distant from them, and he fell to the ground and died.

29 And Yahuwah requited Cain's evil according to his wickedness, which he had done to his brother Abel, according to the word of Yahuwah which he had spoken.

30 And it came to pass when Cain had died, that Lamech and Tubal went to see the animal which they had killed, and they saw, and behold Cain their grandfather was fallen dead upon the earth.

31 And Lamech was very much grieved at having done this, and in clapping his hands together he struck his son and caused his death.

32. And the wives of Lamech heard what Lamech had done, and they sought to kill him.

33 And the wives of Lamech hated him from that day, because he killed Cain and Tubal Cain, and the wives of Lamech separated from him, and would not listen to him in those days.

34 And Lamech came to his wives, and he pressed them to listen to him about this matter.

35 And he said to his wives Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice O wives of Lamech, attend to my words, for now you have imagined and said that I killed a man with my wounds, and a child with my stripes for their having done no violence, but surely know that I am old and grey-headed, and that my eyes are heavy through age, and I did this thing unknowingly.

36 And the wives of Lamech listened to him in this matter, and they returned to him with the advice of their father Adam, but they bore no children to him from that time, knowing that God's anger was increasing in those days against the sons of men, to destroy them with the waters of the flood for their evil doings.

37 And Mahlallel the son of Cainan lived 65 years and to him was born Jared; and Jared lived 62 years and to him was born Enoch.


1 And Enoch lived 65 years and to him was born Methuselah; and Enoch walked with the elohim after having had Methuselah, and he served Yahuwah, and despised the evil ways of men.

2 And the soul of Enoch was wrapped up in the instruction of Yahuwah, in knowledge and in understanding; and he wisely retired from the sons of men, and secreted himself from them for many days.

3 And it was at the expiration of many years, while he was serving Yahuwah, and praying before him in his house, that an angel of Yahuwah called to him from Heaven, and he said, Here am I.

4 And he said, Rise, go forth from your house and from the place where you do hide yourself, and appear to the sons of men, in order that you may teach them the way in which they should go and the work which they must accomplish to enter in the ways of the elohim.

5 And Enoch rose up according to the word of Yahuwah, and went forth from his house, from his place and from the chamber in which he was concealed; and he went to the sons of men and taught them the ways of Yahuwah, and at that time assembled the sons of men and acquainted them with the instruction of Yahuwah.

6 And he ordered it to be proclaimed in all places where the sons of men lived, saying, Where is the man who wishes to know the ways of Yahuwah and good works? let him come to Enoch.

7 And all the sons of men then assembled to him, for all who desired this thing went to Enoch, and Enoch ruled over the sons of men according to the word of Yahuwah, and they came and bowed to him and they heard his word.

8 And the spirit of the elohim was upon Enoch, and he taught all his men the wisdom of the elohim and his ways, and the sons of men served Yahuwah all the days of Enoch, and they came to hear his wisdom.

9 And all the kings of the sons of men, both first and last, together with their princes and judges, came to Enoch when they heard of his wisdom, and they bowed down to him, and they also required of Enoch to reign over them, to which he consented.

10 And they assembled in all, 130 kings and princes, and they made Enoch king over them and they were all under his power and command.

11 And Enoch taught them wisdom, knowledge, and the ways of Yahuwah; and he made peace among them, and peace was throughout the earth during the life of Enoch.

12 And Enoch ruled over the sons of men 243 years, and he did justice and righteousness with all his people, and he led them in the ways of Yahuwah.

13 And these are the generations of Enoch: Methuselah, Elisha, and Elimelech, 3 sons; and their sisters were Melca and Nahmah, and Methuselah lived 87 years and to him was born Lamech.

14 And it was in the 56th year of the life of Lamech when Adam died; 930 years old was he at his death, and his 2 sons, with Enoch and Methuselah his son, buried him with great pomp, as at the burial of kings, in the cave which the elohim had told him.

15 And in that place all the sons of men made a great mourning and weeping on account of Adam; it has therefore become a custom among the sons of men to this day.

16 And Adam died because he ate of the tree of knowledge; he and his children after him, as Yahuwah, the elohim, had spoken.

17 And it was in the year of Adam's death which was the 243rd year of the reign of Enoch, in that time Enoch resolved to separate himself from the sons of men and to secret himself as at first in order to serve Yahuwah.

18 And Enoch did so, but did not entirely secret himself from them, but kept away from the sons of men 3 days and then went to them for 1 day.

19 And during the 3 days that he was in his chamber, he prayed to, and praised Yahuwah his elohim and the day on which he went and appeared to his subjects he taught them the ways of Yahuwah, and all they asked him about Yahuwah he told them.

20 And he did in this manner for many years, and he afterward concealed himself for 6 days, and appeared to his people 1 day in 7; and after that once in a month, and then once in 1 year, until all the kings, princes and sons of men sought for him, and desired again to see the face of Enoch, and to hear his word; but they could not, as all the sons of men were greatly afraid of Enoch, and they feared to approach him on account of the Godlike awe that was seated upon his countenance; therefore no man could look at him, fearing he might be punished and die.

21 And all the kings and princes resolved to assemble the sons of men, and to come to Enoch, thinking that they might all speak to him at the time when he should come forth and be among them, and they did so.

22 And the day came when Enoch went forth and they all assembled and came to him, and Enoch spoke to them the words of Yahuwah and he taught them wisdom and knowledge, and they bowed down before him and they said, May the king live! May the king live!

23 And in some time after, when the kings and princes and the children of men were speaking to Enoch, and Enoch was teaching them the ways of the unified elohim, look, an angel of Yahuwah then called unto Enoch from heaven, and wished to bring him up to heaven to make him rule there over the sons of the unified elohim, as he had ruled over the children of men upon earth.

24 When at that time Enoch heard this he went and assembled all the inhabitants of the earth, and taught them wisdom and knowledge and gave them divine instructions, and he said to them, I have been required to ascend into heaven, I therefore do not know the day of my going.

25 And now therefore I will teach you wisdom and knowledge and will give you instruction before I leave you, how to act upon earth whereby you may live; and he did so.

26 And he taught them wisdom and knowledge, and gave them instruction, and he reproved them, and he placed before them statutes and judgments to do upon earth, and he made peace amongst them, and he taught them everlasting life, and dwelt with them some time teaching them all these things.

27 And at that time the children of men were with Enoch, and Enoch was speaking to them, and they lifted up their eyes and the likeness of a great horse descended from heaven, and the horse paced in the air;

28 And they told Enoch what they had seen, and Enoch said to them, On my account does this horse descend upon earth; the time is come when I must go from you and I will no more be seen by you.

29 And the horse descended at that time and stood before Enoch, and all the children of men that were with Enoch saw him.

30 And Enoch then again ordered a voice to be proclaimed, saying, Where is the man who delights to know the ways of Yahuwah his elohim, let him come this day to Enoch before he is taken from us.

31 And all the children of men assembled and came to Enoch that day; and all the kings of the earth with their princes and counselors remained with him that day; and Enoch then taught the children of men wisdom and knowledge, and gave them divine instruction; and he bade them serve Yahuwah and walk in his ways all the days of their lives, and he continued to make peace amongst them.

32 And it was after this that he rose up and rode upon the horse; and he went forth and all the children of men went after him, about 800,000 men; and they went with him 1 day's journey.

33 And the second day he said to them, Return home to your tents, why will you go? perhaps you may die; and some of them went from him, and those that remained went with him 6 day's journey; and Enoch said to them every day, Return to your tents, lest you may die; but they were not willing to return, and they went with him.

34 And on the sixth day some of the men remained and clung to him, and they said to him, We will go with you to the place where you go; as Yahuwah lives, death only will separate us.

35 And they urged so much to go with him, that he ceased speaking to them; and they went after him and would not return;

36 And when the kings returned they caused a census to be taken, in order to know the number of remaining men that went with Enoch; and it was on the 7th day that Enoch ascended into heaven in a whirlwind, with horses and chariots of fire.

37 And on the eighth day all the kings that had been with Enoch sent to bring back the number of men that were with Enoch, in that place from which he ascended into heaven.

38 And all those kings went to the place and they found the earth there filled with snow, and upon the snow were large stones of snow, and one said to the other, Come, let us break through the snow and see, perhaps the men that remained with Enoch are dead, and are now under the stones of snow. And they searched but could not find them, for they had ascended into heaven.


1 And all the days that Enoch lived upon earth, were 365 years.

2 And when Enoch had ascended into heaven, all the kings of the earth rose and took Methuselah his son and anointed him, and they caused him to rule over them in the place of his father.

3 And Methuselah acted uprightly in the sight of the unified elohim, as his father Enoch had taught him, and he likewise during the whole of his life taught the children of men wisdom, knowledge and the fear of the unified elohim, and he did not turn from the good way either to the right or to the left.

4 But in the latter days of Methuselah, the children of men turned from Yahuwah, they corrupted the earth, they robbed and plundered each other, and they rebelled against the unified elohim and they transgressed, and they corrupted their ways, and would not listen to the voice of Methuselah, but rebelled against him.

5 And Yahuwah was exceedingly wroth against them, and Yahuwah continued to destroy the seed in those days, so that there was neither sowing nor reaping in the earth.

6 For when they sowed the ground in order that they might obtain food for their support, look, thorns and thistles were produced which they did not sow.

7 And still the children of men did not turn from their evil ways, and their hands were still extended to do evil in the sight of the unified elohim, and they provoked Yahuwah with their evil ways, and Yahuwah was very wroth, and repented that he had made the man.

8 And he thought to destroy and annihilate them and he did so.

9 In those days when Lamech the son of Methuselah was 160 years old, Seth the son of Adam died.

10 And all the days that Seth lived, were 912 years, and he died.

11 And Lamech was 180 years old when he took Ashmua, the daughter of Elishaa the son of Enoch his uncle, and she conceived.

12 And at that time the children of men sowed the ground, and a little food was produced, yet the children of men did not turn from their evil ways, and they trespassed and rebelled against the unified elohim.

13 And the wife of Lamech conceived and bare him a son at that time, at the revolution of the year.

14 And Methuselah called his name Noah, saying, The earth was in his days at rest and free from corruption, and Lamech his father called his name Menachem, saying, This one will comfort us in our works and miserable toil in the earth, which the unified elohim had cursed.

15 And the child grew up and was weaned, and he went in the ways of his father Methuselah, perfect and upright with the unified elohim.

16 And all the children of men departed from the ways of Yahuwah in those days as they multiplied upon the face of the earth with sons and daughters, and they taught one another their evil practices and they continued sinning against Yahuwah.

17 And every man made unto himself an elohim, and they robbed and plundered every man his neighbor as well as his relative, and they corrupted the earth, and the earth was filled with violence.

18 And their judges and rulers went to the daughters of men and took their wives by force from their husbands according to their choice, and the children of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke Yahuwah; and the unified elohim saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals.

19 And Yahuwah said, I will blot out the man that I created from the face of the earth, yes from the man to the birds of the air, together with cattle and beasts that are in the field for I repent that I made them.

20 And all men who walked in the ways of Yahuwah, died in those days, before Yahuwah brought the evil upon the man which he had declared, for this was from Yahuwah, that they should not see the evil which Yahuwah spoke of concerning the children of men.

21 And Noah found grace in the sight of Yahuwah, and Yahuwah chose him and his children to raise up seed from them upon the face of the whole earth.


1 And it was in the 84th year of the life of Noah, that Enoch the son of Seth died, he was 905 years old at his death.

2 And in the 179th year of the life of Noah, Cainan the son of Enosh died, and all the days of Cainan were 910 years, and he died.

3 And in the 234th year of the life of Noah, Mahlallel the son of Cainan died, and the days of Mahlallel were 895 years, and he died.

4 And Jared the son of Mahlallel died in those days, in the 336th year of the life of Noah; and all the days of Jared were 962 years, and he died.

5 And all who followed Yahuwah died in those days, before they saw the evil which the unified elohim declared to do upon earth.

6 And after the lapse of many years, in the 480th year of the life of Noah, when all those men, who followed Yahuwah had died away from amongst the children of men, and only Methuselah was then left, the unified elohim said unto Noah and Methuselah, saying,

7 Speak ye, and proclaim to the children of men, saying, Thus saith Yahuwah, return from your evil ways and forsake your works, and Yahuwah will repent of the evil that he declared to do to you, so that it will not come to pass.

8 For thus saith Yahuwah, Behold I give you a period of 120 years; if you will turn to me and forsake your evil ways, then will I also turn away from the evil which I told you, and it will not exist, saith Yahuwah.

9 And Noah and Methuselah spoke all the words of Yahuwah to the children of men, day after day, constantly speaking to them.

10 But the children of men would not listen to them, nor incline their ears to their words, and they were stiff-necked.

11 And Yahuwah granted them a period of 120 years, saying, If they will return, then will the unified elohim repent of the evil, so as not to destroy the earth.

12 Noah the son of Lamech refrained from taking a wife in those days, to beget children, for he said, Surely now the unified elohim will destroy the earth, wherefore then will I beget children?

13 And Noah was a just man, he was perfect in his generation, and Yahuwah chose him to raise up seed from his seed upon the face of the earth.

14 And Yahuwah said unto Noah, Take unto you a wife, and beget children, for I have seen you righteous before me in this generation.

15 And you will raise up seed, and your children with you, in the midst of the earth; and Noah went and took a wife, and he chose Naamah the daughter of Enoch, and she was 580 years old.

16 And Noah was 498 years old, when he took Naamah for a wife.

17 And Naamah conceived and bare a son, and he called his name Japheth, saying, The elohim has enlarged me in the earth; and she conceived again and bare a son, and he called his name Shem, saying, The elohim has made me a remnant, to raise up seed in the midst of the earth.

18 And Noah was 512 years old when Naamah bare Shem, and the boys grew up and went in the ways of Yahuwah, in all that Methuselah and Noah their father taught them.

19 And Lamech the father of Noah, died in those days; yet verily he did not go with all his heart in the ways of his father, and he died in 195th year of the life of Noah.

20 And all the days of Lamech were 770 years, and he died.

21 And all the children of men who knew Yahuwah, died in that year before Yahuwah brought evil upon them; for Yahuwah willed them to die, so as not to look, the evil that the unified elohim would bring upon their brothers and relatives, as he had so declared to do.

22 In that time, Yahuwah said to Noah and Methuselah, Stand forth and proclaim to the children of men all the words that I spoke to you in those days, peradventure they may turn from their evil ways, and I will then repent of the evil and will not bring it.

23 And Noah and Methuselah stood forth, and said in the ears of the children of men, all that the unified elohim had spoken concerning them.

24 But the children of men would not listen, neither would they incline their ears to all their declarations.

25 And it was after this that Yahuwah said to Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me, on account of their evil deeds, and look, I will destroy the earth.

26 And do you take unto you gopher wood, and go to a certain place and make a large ark, and place it in that spot.

27 And thus will you make it; 300 cubits its length, 50 cubits broad and 30 cubits high.

28 And you will make unto you a door, open at its side, and to a cubit you will finish above, and cover it within and without with pitch.

29 And look, I will bring the flood of waters upon the earth, and all flesh be destroyed, from under the heavens all that is upon earth will perish.

30 And you and your household will go and gather 2 couple of all living things, male and female, and will bring them to the ark, to raise up seed from them upon earth.

31 And gather unto you all food that is eaten by all the animals, that there may be food for you and for them.

32 And you will choose for your sons 3 maidens, from the daughters of men, and they will be wives to your sons.

33 And Noah rose up, and he made the ark, in the place where the unified elohim had commanded him, and Noah did as the unified elohim had ordered him.

34 In his 595th year Noah commenced to make the ark, and he built the ark in 5 years, as Yahuwah had commanded.

35 Then Noah took the 3 daughters of Eliakim, son of Methuselah, for wives for his sons, as Yahuwah had commanded Noah.

36 And it was at that time Methuselah the son of Enoch died, 960 years old was he, at his death.


1 At that time, after the death of Methuselah, Yahuwah said to Noah, Go you with your household into the ark; look, I will gather to you all the animals of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and they will all come and surround the ark.

2 And you will go and seat yourself by the doors of the ark, and all the beasts, the animals, and the fowls, will assemble and place themselves before you, and such of them as will come and crouch before you, will you take and deliver into the hands of your sons, who will bring them to the ark, and all that will stand before you, them will you leave.

3 And Yahuwah brought this about on the next day, and animals, beasts and fowls came in great multitudes and surrounded the ark.

4 And Noah went and seated himself by the door of the ark, and of all flesh that crouched before him, he brought into the ark, and all that stood before him he left upon earth.

5 And a lioness came, with her 2 whelps, male and female, and the 3 crouched before Noah, and the 2 whelps rose up against the lioness and smote her, and made her flee from her place, and she went away, and they returned to their places, and crouched upon the earth before Noah.

6 And the lioness ran away, and stood in the place of the lions.

7 And Noah saw this, and wondered greatly, and he rose and took the 2 whelps, and brought them into the ark.

8 And Noah brought into the ark from all living creatures that were upon earth, so that there was none left but which Noah brought into the ark.

9 2 and 2 came to Noah into the ark, but from the clean animals, and clean fowls, he brought 7 couples, as the unified elohim had commanded him.

10 And all the animals, and beasts, and fowls, were still there, and they surrounded the ark at every place, and the rain had not descended till 7 days after.

11 And on that day, Yahuwah caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before; and the unified elohim did this mighty act, in order to terrify the children of men, that there might be no more evil upon earth.

12 And still the children of men would not return from their evil ways, and they increased the anger of Yahuwah at that time, and did not even direct their hearts to all this.

13 And at the end of 7 days, in the 600th year of the life of Noah, the waters of the flood were upon the earth.

14 And all the fountains of the deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened, and the rain was upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights.

15 And Noah and his household, and all the living creatures that were with him, came into the ark on account of the waters of the flood, and Yahuwah shut him in.

16 And all the children of men that were left upon the earth, became exhausted through evil on account of the rain, for the waters were coming more violently upon the earth, and the animals and beasts were still surrounding the ark.

17 And the children of men assembled together, about 700,000 men and women, and they came unto Noah to the ark.

18 And they called to Noah, saying, Open for us that we may come to you in the ark--and wherefore will we die?

19 And Noah, with a loud voice, answered them from the ark, saying, Have you not all rebelled against Yahuwah, and said that he does not exist? And therefore Yahuwah brought upon you this evil, to destroy and cut you off from the face of the earth.

20 Is not this the thing that I spoke to you of 120 years back, and you would not listen to the voice of Yahuwah, and now do you desire to live upon earth?

21 And they said to Noah, We are ready to return to Yahuwah; only open for us that we may live and not die.

22 And Noah answered them, saying, Behold now that you see the trouble of your souls, you wish to return to Yahuwah; why did you not return during these 120 years, which Yahuwah granted you as the determined period?

23 But now you come and tell me this on account of the troubles of your souls, now also Yahuwah will not listen to you, neither will he give ear to you on this day, so that you will not now succeed in your wishes.

24 And the children of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them.

25 And Yahuwah sent all the beasts and animals that stood round the ark. And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth.

26 And the rain was still descending upon the earth, and it descended 40 days and 40 nights, and the waters prevailed greatly upon the earth; and all flesh that was upon the earth or in the waters died, whether men, animals, beasts, creeping things or birds of the air, and there only remained Noah and those that were with him in the ark.

27 And the waters prevailed and they greatly increased upon the earth, and they lifted up the ark and it was raised from the earth.

28 And the ark floated upon the face of the waters, and it was tossed upon the waters so that all the living creatures within were turned about like pottage in a cauldron.

29 And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken.

30 And all the living creatures that were in the ark were terrified, and the lions roared, and the oxen lowed, and the wolves howled, and every living creature in the ark spoke and lamented in its own language, so that their voices reached to a great distance, and Noah and his sons cried and wept in their troubles; they were greatly afraid that they had reached the gates of death.

31 And Noah prayed unto Yahuwah, and cried unto him on account of this, and he said, Oh Yahuwah, help us, for we have no strength to bear this evil that has surrounded us, for the waves of the waters have surrounded us, mischievous torrents have terrified us, the snares of death have come before us; answer us, oh Yahuwah, answer us, light up your countenance toward us and be gracious to us, redeem us and deliver us.

32 And Yahuwah listened to the voice of Noah; Yahuwah remembered him.

33 And a wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested.

34 And the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped, and the rain from heaven was restrained.

35 And the waters decreased in those days, and the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat.

36 And Noah then opened the windows of the ark, and Noah still called out to Yahuwah at that time and he said, oh Yahuwah, who did form the earth and the heavens and all that are therein, bring forth our souls from this confinement, and from the prison wherein you have placed us, for I am much wearied with sighing.

37 And Yahuwah listened to the voice of Noah, and said to him, When you will have completed a full year you will then go forth.

38 And at the revolution of the year, when a full year was completed to Noah's dwelling in the ark, the waters were dried from off the earth, and Noah put off the covering of the ark.

39 At that time, on the 27th day of the 2nd month, the earth was dry, but Noah and his sons, and those that were with him, did not go out from the ark until Yahuwah told them.

40 And the day came that Yahuwah told them to go out, and they all went out from the ark.

41 And they went and returned every one to his way and to his place, and Noah and his sons dwelt in the land that the unified elohim had told them, and they served Yahuwah all their days, and Yahuwah blessed Noah and his sons on their going out from the ark.

42 And he said to them, Be fruitful and fill all the earth; become strong and increase abundantly in the earth and multiply therein.


1 And these are the names of the sons of Noah: Japheth, Ham and Shem; and children were born to them after the flood, for they had taken wives before the flood.

2 These are the sons of Japheth; Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras, 7 sons.

3 And the sons of Gomer were Askinaz, Rephath and Tegarmah.

4 And the sons of Magog were Elichanaf and Lubal.

5 And the children of Madai were Achon, Zeelo, Chazoni and Lot.

6 And the sons of Javan were Elisha, Tarshish, Chittim and Dudonim.

7 And the sons of Tubal were Ariphi, Kesed and Taari.

8 And the sons of Meshech were Dedon, Zaron and Shebashni.

9 And the sons of Tiras were Benib, Gera, Lupirion and Gilak; these are the sons of Japheth according to their families, and their numbers in those days were about 460 men.

10 And these are the sons of Ham; Cush, Mitzraim, Phut and Canaan, four sons; and the sons of Cush were Seba, Havilah, Sabta, Raama and Satecha, and the sons of Raama were Sheba and Dedan.

11 And the sons of Mitzraim were Lud, Anom and Pathros, Chasloth and Chaphtor.

12 And the sons of Phut were Gebul, Hadan, Benah and Adan.

13 And the sons of Canaan were Zidon, Heth, Amori, Gergashi, Hivi, Arkee, Seni, Arodi, Zimodi and Chamothi.

14 These are the sons of Ham, according to their families, and their numbers in those days were about 730 men.

15 And these are the sons of Shem; Elam, Ashur, Arpachshad, Lud and Aram, 5 sons; and the sons of Elam were Shushan, Machul and Harmon.

16 And the sons of Ashar were Mirus and Mokil, and the sons of Arpachshad were Shelach, Anar and Ashcol.

17 And the sons of Lud were Pethor and Bizayon, and the sons of Aram were Uz, Chul, Gather and Mash.

18 These are the sons of Shem, according to their families; and their numbers in those days were about 300 men.

19 These are the generations of Shem; Shem brought forth Arpachshad and Arpachshad brought forth Shelach, and Shelach brought forth Eber and to Eber were born 2 children, the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the children of men were divided, and in the latter days, the earth was divided.

20 And the name of the second was Yoktan, meaning that in his day the lives of the children of men were diminished and lessened.

21 These are the sons of Yoktan; Almodad, Shelaf, Chazarmoveth, Yerach, Hadurom, Ozel, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah and Jobab; all these are the sons of Yoktan.

22 And Peleg his brother brought forth Yen, and Yen brought forth Serug, and Serug brought forth Nahor and Nahor brought forth Terah, and Terah was 38 years old, and he brought forth Haran and Nahor.

23 And Cush the son of Ham, the son of Noah, took a wife in those days in his old age, and she bare a son, and they called his name Nimrod, saying, At that time the children of men again began to rebel and transgress against the unified elohim, and the child grew up, and his father loved him exceedingly, for he was the son of his old age.

24 And the garments of skin which the unified elohim made for Adam and his wife, when they went out of the garden, were given to Cush.

25 For after the death of Adam and his wife, the garments were given to Enoch, the son of Jared, and when Enoch was taken up to the unified elohim, he gave them to Methuselah, his son.

26 And at the death of Methuselah, Noah took them and brought them to the ark, and they were with him until he went out of the ark.

27 And in their going out, Ham stole those garments from Noah his father, and he took them and hid them from his brothers.

28 And when Ham brought forth his first born Cush, he gave him the garments in secret, and they were with Cush many days.

29 And Cush also concealed them from his sons and brothers, and when Cush had begotten Nimrod, he gave him those garments through his love for him, and Nimrod grew up, and when he was 20 years old he put on those garments.

30 And Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments, and the unified elohim gave him might and strength, and he was a mighty hunter in the earth, yea, he was a mighty hunter in the field, and he hunted the animals and he built altars, and he offered upon them the animals before Yahuwah.

31 And Nimrod strengthened himself, and he rose up from amongst his brethren, and he fought the battles of his brethren against all their enemies round about.

32 And Yahuwah delivered all the enemies of his brethren in his hands, and the unified elohim prospered him from time to time in his battles, and he ruled upon earth.

33 Therefore it became current in those days, when a man ushered forth those that he had trained up for battle, he would say to them, Like the unified elohim did to Nimrod, who was a mighty hunter in the earth, and who succeeded in the battles that prevailed against his brethren, that he delivered them from the hands of their enemies, so may the unified elohim strengthen us and deliver us this day.

34 And when Nimrod was 40 years old, at that time there was a war between his brethren and the children of Japheth, so that they were in the power of their enemies.

35 And Nimrod went forth at that time, and he assembled all the sons of Cush and their families, about 460 men, and he hired also from some of his friends and acquaintances about 80 men, and be gave them their hire, and he went with them to battle, and when he was on the road, Nimrod strengthened the hearts of the people that went with him.

36 And he said to them, Do not fear, neither be alarmed, for all our enemies will be delivered into our hands, and you may do with them as you please.

37 And all the men that went were about 500, and they fought against their enemies, and they destroyed them, and subdued them, and Nimrod placed standing officers over them in their respective places.

38 And he took some of their children as security, and they were all servants to Nimrod and to his brethren, and Nimrod and all the people that were with him turned homeward.

39 And when Nimrod had joyfully returned from battle, after having conquered his enemies, all his brethren, together with those who knew him before, assembled to make him king over them, and they placed the regal crown upon his head.

40 And he set over his subjects and people, princes, judges, and rulers, as is the custom amongst kings.

41 And he placed Terah the son of Nahor the prince of his host, and he dignified him and elevated him above all his princes.

42 And while he was reigning according to his heart's desire, after having conquered all his enemies around, he advised with his counselors to build a city for his palace, and they did so.

43 And they found a large valley opposite to the east, and they built him a large and extensive city, and Nimrod called the name of the city that he built Shinar, for Yahuwah had vehemently shaken his enemies and destroyed them.

44 And Nimrod dwelt in Shinar, and he ruled securely, and he fought with his enemies and he subdued them, and he prospered in all his battles, and his kingdom became very great.

45 And all nations and tongues heard of his fame, and they gathered themselves to him, and they bowed down to the earth, and they brought him offerings, and he became their lord and king, and they all dwelt with him in the city at Shinar, and Nimrod ruled in the earth over all the sons of Noah, and they were all under his power and counsel.

46 And all the earth was of 1 tongue and words of union, but Nimrod did not go in the ways of Yahuwah, and he was more wicked than all the men that were before him, from the days of the flood until those days.

47 And he formed elohim of wood and stone, and he bowed down to them, and he rebelled against Yahuwah, and taught all his subjects and the people of the earth his wicked ways; and Mardon his son was more wicked than his father.

48 And every one that heard of the acts of Mardon the son of Nimrod would say, concerning him, From the wicked goes forth wickedness; therefore it became a proverb in the whole earth, saying, From the wicked goes forth wickedness, and it was current in the words of men from that time to this.

49 And Terah the son of Nahor, prince of Nimrod's host, was in those days very great in the sight of the king and his subjects, and the king and princes loved him, and they elevated him very high.

50 And Terah took a wife and her name was Amthelo the daughter of Cornebo; and the wife of Terah conceived and bare him a son in those days.

51 Terah was 70 years old when he brought him forth, and Terah called the name of his son that was born to him Abram, because the king had raised him in those days, and dignified him above all his princes that were with him.


1 And it was in the night that Abram was born, that all the servants of Terah, and all the wise men of Nimrod, and his conjurors came and ate and drank in the house of Terah, and they rejoiced with him on that night.

2 And when all the wise men and conjurors went out from the house of Terah, they lifted up their eyes toward heaven that night to look at the stars, and they saw, and look, 1 very large star came from the east and ran in the heavens, and he swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of the heavens.

3 And all the wise men of the king and his conjurors were astonished at the sight, and the sages understood this matter, and they knew its import.

4 And they said to each other, This only betokens the child that has been born to Terah this night, who will grow up and be fruitful, and multiply, and possess all the earth, he and his children for ever, and he and his seed will slay great kings, and inherit their lands.

5 And the wise men and conjurors went home that night, and in the morning all these wise men and conjurors rose up early, and assembled in an appointed house.

6 And they spoke and said to each other, Behold the sight that we saw last night is hidden from the king, it has not been made known to him.

7 And should this thing get known to the king in the latter days, he will say to us, Why have you concealed this matter from me, and then we will all suffer death; therefore, now let us go and tell the king the sight which we saw, and the interpretation thereof, and we will then remain clear.

8 And they did so, and they all went to the king and bowed down to him to the ground, and they said, May the king live, may the king live.

9 We heard that a son was born to Terah the son of Nahor, the prince of your host, and we yesterday came to his house, and we ate and drank and rejoiced with him that night.

10 And when your servants went out from the house of Terah, to go to our respective homes to abide there for the night, we lifted up our eyes to heaven, and we saw a great star coming from the east, and the same star ran with great speed, and swallowed up four great stars, from the four sides of the heavens.

11 And your servants were astonished at the sight which we saw, and were greatly terrified, and we made our judgment upon the sight, and knew by our wisdom the proper interpretation thereof, that this thing applies to the child that is born to Terah, who will grow up and multiply greatly, and become powerful, and kill all the kings of the earth, and inherit all their lands, he and his seed forever.

12 And now our lord and king, look, we have truly acquainted you with what we have seen concerning this child.

13 If it seems good to the king to give his father value for this child, we will slay him before he will grow up and increase in the land, and his evil increase against us, that we and our children perish through his evil.

14 And the king heard their words and they seemed good in his sight, and he sent and called for Terah, and Terah came before the king.

15 And the king said to Terah, I have been told that a son was yesterday born to you, and after this manner was observed in the heavens at his birth.

16 And now therefore give me the child, that we may slay him before his evil springs up against us, and I will give you for his value, your house full of silver and gold.

17 And Terah answered the king and said to him: My lord and king, I have heard your words, and your servant will do all that his king desires.

18 But my lord and king, I will tell you what happened to me yesterday, that I may see what advice the king will give his servant, and then I will answer the king upon what he has just spoken; and the king said, Speak.

19 And Terah said to the king, Ayon, son of Mored, came to me yesterday, saying,

20 Give unto me the great and beautiful horse that the king gave you, and I will give you silver and gold, and straw and provender for its value; and I said to him, Wait till I see the king concerning your words, and look, whatever the king saith, that will I do.

21 And now my lord and king, look, I have made this thing known to you, and the advice which my king will give unto his servant, that will I follow.

22 And the king heard the words of Terah, and his anger was kindled and he considered him in the light of a fool.

23 And the king answered Terah, and he said to him, Are you so silly, ignorant, or deficient in understanding, to do this thing, to give your beautiful horse for silver and gold or even for straw and provender?

24 Are you so short of silver and gold, that you shouldst do this thing, because you can not obtain straw and provender to feed your horse? And what is silver and gold to you, or straw and provender, that you shouldst give away that fine horse which I gave you, like which there is none to be had on the whole earth?

25 And the king left off speaking, and Terah answered the king, saying, Like unto this has the king spoken to his servant;

26 I beseech you, my lord and king, what is this which you did say unto me, saying, Give your son that we may slay him, and I will give you silver and gold for his value; what will I do with silver and gold after the death of my son? Who will inherit me? Surely then at my death, the silver and gold will return to my king who gave it.

27 And when the king heard the words of Terah, and the parable which he brought concerning the king, it grieved him greatly and he was vexed at this thing, and his anger burned within him.

28 And Terah saw that the anger of the king was kindled against him, and he answered the king, saying, All that I have is in the king's power; whatever the king desires to do to his servant, that let him do, yea, even my son, he is in the king's power, without value in exchange, he and his 2 brothers that are older than he.

29 And the king said to Terah, No, but I will purchase your younger son for a price.

30 And Terah answered the king, saying, I beseech you my lord and king to let your servant speak a word before you, and let the king hear the word of his servant, and Terah said, Let my king give me 3 days' time till I consider this matter within myself, and consult with my family concerning the words of my king; and he pressed the king greatly to agree to this.

31 And the king listened to Terah, and he did so and he gave him 3 days' time, and Terah went out from the king's presence, and he came home to his family and spoke to them all the words of the king; and the people were greatly afraid.

32 And it was in the third day that the king sent to Terah, saying, Send me your son for a price as I spoke to you; and shouldst you not do this, I will send and slay all you have in your house, so that you will not even have a dog remaining.

33 And Terah hurried, (as the thing was urgent from the king), and he took a child from 1 of his servants, which his handmaid had born to him that day, and Terah brought the child to the king and received value for him.

34 And Yahuwah was with Terah in this matter, that Nimrod might not cause Abram's death, and the king took the child from Terah and with all his might dashed his head to the ground, for he thought it had been Abram; and this was concealed from him from that day, and it was forgotten by the king, as it was the will of Providence not to suffer Abram's death.

35 And Terah took Abram his son secretly, together with his mother and nurse, and he concealed them in a cave, and he brought them their provisions monthly.

36 And Yahuwah was with Abram in the cave and he grew up, and Abram was in the cave 10 years, and the king and his princes, soothsayers and sages, thought that the king had killed Abram.
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