A Vision of Living Light

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A Vision of Living Light

Postby Gnosty » 08 Feb 2004, 23:44

In 1982 I had this vision one summer night, and it was far more than a dream to me: It was as real as reality could ever be. Because of this vision, my life changed and I began traveling the world telling people about the "Living Light".

Even though I was not a fisherman, I took a fishing pole that sat in my closet for many years and went to the shoreline early one morning. This was the same place that I had spent my childhood, always loving the sea and finding peace there.

The water was unusually calm and quiet with no waves that morning. I saw small fish swimming about in the crystal clear shallow water and dropped my hook into the water there; but I had no money to buy any bait or shiny lures, so the fish paid no attention to my hook. Instead, they swam away from it.

Then a man spoke from behind me on the right side and said, “Those are not worthy of the catch. Take up your line and cast it out as far out as you can into the deep water, and there you will find a worthy catch.”

I reeled up my line to expose the small hook and said to the man, without turning to face him, “But I have no bait! I have no lure or even a small baitfish to place on my hook.”

The man answered me and said, “You don’t need a lure or other fish as bait. There are many large fish who will bite into the hook without this bait, but you must cast your line out into the deep to find them.”

I thought this was impossible, but what did I know? After all, I was surely not a fisherman. Then I realized the man must be one of the old fishermen who caught the large fish from the shoreline in the early morning hours as I had seen when I was a young child.

I looked out onto the great sea. While the water at my feet was clear and the fish could easily be seen in the early morning sunlight, the further out I looked, the darker the water was. “But the water is dark out there! How will I know what fish are in this darkness? I won’t be able to see them!”

But the man at my side reassured me and calmly said, “Cast your line as far as you can into the deepest and darkest water. Trust me and you will catch a large fish.”

I thought this made no sense, but since I wasn't an experienced fisherman, I decided to do as the man said. I checked my reel to make sure the line was free, held the pole back behind me with both hands, and then cast the line out as far as I could. The line went remarkably far and somehow I saw the hook splash right in the middle of the darkest water. This frightened me a little. I couldn't see what was in the water so far out and didn’t know what kind of fish might be there.

After only seconds, the reel was whizzing quickly and the line was being pulled out at blazing speed. I shouted, “I’ll run out of line and the fish will be lost!” But just as quickly as the line had been pulled out, it stopped. I thought that it had broken or that the fish had gotten free from the hook.

As I looked out towards the dark waters, I felt a tug on my fishing pole, so I began to reel up the line as I had seen all the experienced fishermen do in my childhood. The more I reeled in the line, the more excited I was.

Without warning, a great swordfish, larger than any I had ever seen, leapt from the dark sea and came clear out of the water. This swordfish was immense and I was amazed at such a magnificent fish. “Look at the size of that fish, and look how long his sword is!” I shouted out.

I saw the fish go higher into the air. I could see its entire body and it had leapt up perhaps 10 or 15 feet higher than the surface of the water.

As I gazed at this brilliant fish, adorned with colorful scales and a sword that seemed longer than half his body length, something very unexpected happened.

The swordfish burst into every color of the light spectrum. As I watched, the colors grew quickly until the both the sky and the waters were covered with it. The colors of light became brighter and brighter with each passing second. It wasn’t like any light or color I had ever seen before. There were no words I could find that could describe the warmth, beauty, or intensity of this light. This cloud of light grew stronger and brighter until even the dark waters were now clear and full of the light. Where I could see nothing before, now I could see great and mighty fish swimming everywhere.

The light came to the shore where I stood and, as I looked to my left, the cloud of light encompassed all the sea, the sky, and the land. All that was had become completely encompassed by this bright cloud of light.

I quickly turned to my right to see who this great fisherman was, but he was no longer there.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward


Postby CrimsonWarrior » 03 Oct 2004, 01:14

Yup definitely a vision. Hehe I know the guy on your right hand side, 'oh fisher of men!' *wink*. He walks on my right hand side too! :)

Beautiful symbolism too, the fish,with its the long sword of truth, the rainbow of many colour aka eternal covenant.

Yup the best catches are in the deeps, in the dark waters and the Light reveals all! :)

Shalom! :)

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