There's War Afoot, Right here in River City

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There's War Afoot, Right here in River City

Postby linn » 25 Dec 2010, 07:29

Don't Ask Don't Tell: But There's War Afoot, Right here in River City
by Michael Lutin
20 DECEMBER 2010

It’s not a coincidence that the tax cut legislation coincides with the repeal of the Don't ask don't tell rule. It’s a way for both sides to keep the other from totally going to war right in America.

It’s a temporary measure because both sides are getting angrier and more defensive.

SO what’s the coming revolution all about?

You think it’s about North Korea?

Or airport security?

t’s a game everyone is going to be playing with everyone else for dominance, starting in March.

Dominance. Aries and Capricorn. It’s a story of dominance.

Who’s going to be the one to set the rules?

The world will be full of teenagers battling restrictive parents.

From North Korea to your own back yard.

And this is just the beginning.

Aquarians all over the world have been suffering over the fact that they want to fit in and they don’t. The ones born later in February are at the worst of it right now with Chiron right smack on their Sun. And Kim Jong Il could screw himself big time right now with Chiron and Neptune right there direct on his Sun.

He could play into the hands of anyone waiting for him to make an angry acting out. It’s funny how world leaders appear with their planets in perfect position at the perfect time to be part of the whole plan.

Yeah but what’s the plan.

Well we are at the brink of a world social and cultural revolution that is just about to erupt.

And according to the Mayans we are also about to enter a new phase of our Galactic citizenship and if Wikileaks fulfills the promise to release UFO reports, then maybe,as we’ve suspected all along, half the people in Congress could turn out to be from the planet Zorcan .

No kidding though, 2011 is going to unleash a period of struggle between individuals who are sick ad tired of being dominated and pushed around. The question is going to be who is the hero and who is the disrupter who is the oppressor who is the protector. There will be a world wide war between those who feel their individual rights have bee trampled on and those who are trying to keep society from completely falling into chaos.

This won’t be like the sixties because I don’t think it has the same collective feeling. I think this will be more individuals who fight the system. Random, separate instances where people battle a regime they perceive as oppressive and corrupt. It’s the little guy against the big guy. The midget against the giant. David against Goliath.

It will all be in the eyes of the beholder. If you’ve got a family, a mortgage, kids in school, cars to pay off and are deeply immersed in the System, you’re not going to appreciate some twenty year old hacker f**k up the ATM machine. On the other hand the twenty year old who's been saddled with thousands of dollars in college loans while executives all over the place are stealing the silver right out of the kitchen, that’s going to piss him off too.

And this is just the beginning.

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