Joe Vialls Goes Nuclear....Yet Again!

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Joe Vialls Goes Nuclear....Yet Again!

Postby CliffMickelson » 03 Jun 2005, 14:49


Re: American Nuclear Device Triggered Sumatra Tsunami ... nami2.html

a complete list of his articles at


Greetings, "Truth Seekers:"

Well folks, truthfully now, (Should the "truth" ever be known) I am not going to put "thumbs up, or thumbs down" on this particular Vialls article because to do so credibly would require more research than I currently have time for.

However, if memory serves me correctly, I recall that there were several other earthquakes in the 8 + range within just a few months of the one that produced the tsunami.

I believe one of them was near the epicenter of the "Tsunami" quake, one near South Australia and one other "Great" Quake was near Antarctica.

I remember that there was much talk in the Internet media because 4 Great quakes occurring in such a short time frame was so highly unusual.

I did not see any mention of these quakes in Joe's article. Perhaps, since they failed to produce a genocidal Muslim killing wave, they were natural events and do not warrant Joe's attention.

Therefore I will content myself with noting that so far in the last several years, Joe has claimed that the Americans have exploded nearly half a dozen nuclear devices around the world, generally for the benefit of Israel.

This makes good press and builds a readership base, but is an excessive obsession with nuclear detonations on Joe's part that even I find hard to swallow.

In fact, although they may exist, I have yet to find an example of a high profile disaster, either natural or man made, (such as terrorist bombings) that Joe has not attributed to being the work of the American government.... Who, according to Joe, always jumps to pull the nuclear trigger each and every time Tel-Aviv says "Clear"!

Now all of you reading this know that I am no friend of the criminal forces behind the cabal currently running this nation into the ground. Neither am I prone to make excuses for them. However, I note a curious lack of balance in Joe's work.

Though not as hysterical in tone as is John Kaminski, Joe exhibits a great deal of the same left wing self-loathing that is the universal common denominator of the guilt ridden, spoiled rotten, middle class Anglo Saxon, English speaking post-world war II generations.

To wit:

"We," (And all other's who share similiar culture or heritage) ...are bad, sinful, and unclean, and therefore everyone else is the squeeky clean, noble and oppressed victim of our Way Bad sinfulness."

Sorry, I don't buy it.

The perpetration of this aforementioned lousy self-image complex is used almost exclusively as a psychological warfare tool by the more cynical propagandists of the far left in order to further their always oppressive agendas.

A People reduced and convinced to buying into and believing such guilt and mental self-degradation is a People already enslaved in all but fact.

If you look for it at all, you will start to see this guilt/shame technique being used everywhere.

It is the same technique used to discredit and silence those who would oppose the rewriting of American history in order to falsely shame, dilute, or minimize the affirmation and validation of the particular cultural heritage and virtues that built the nation.

Case in point, the renaming of the Jefferson Davis Highway, here in Washington State, or the phony hullabaloo over the Confederate battle flag, or the excessive and pathetic hand wringing over how the white man killed the Indians.

It is seldom mentioned that the Indians were doing an excellent job of killing each other on their own prior to Columbus, and after the white man arrived, it was usually Indian scouts that led the White war parties through the wilderness.

Most of the Army of Cortez was made up of Indian Auxiliaries who were more than eager to take a crack at the Aztecs.

General Crook would never have been able to track down the Mescalero Apaches without the aid of Indian scouts.

It happened. Get over it.

Again, I have yet to see an article from Joe that pins a tail on anyone besides the Israelis and the Americans, (and in decending order from there upon any English speaking nation) for any and all acts of diabolical murder and mayhem that may or may not occur.

At this point, it seems that everyone gets to go to heaven except the formerly named objects of Joe's attention. I am relieved to know as a result, that there is no sin of consequence, now or in the past, that stains the hands of Moscow, Beijing, or for that matter, any other person, place, or thing in the world, including the Sudan and Zimbabwe as well as half a dozen other murderous regimes in Africa and south Asia.

Only the running dog Americans and the infernal Zionists,..... living in Israel, a nation whose population numbers less that 6.5 million, and of whom over 14 percent are Muslims, All of whom live in a country that you can see across on a clear day;.... A postage stamp entity, surrounded by a region that takes up nearly a seventh of the land mass of the world and contains nearly a billion Muslims, of which more that 200 million are Semitic (kin) Arabs, ......are proven adept at being the root of all evil.

The argument over Zionism and it's finger on the American Nuclear trigger to the side, I submit for Joe's consideration, that if in fact, the Bible codes are correct, then it can be argued that the Jews truly ARE The Chosen People, charged many thousands of years ago with carrying forward to the rest of humanity, the coded message of a God like entity, then..... it follows that the historically endless tragedies, slaughters, Diaspora's, genocide's, and constant attacks upon them with the purpose of destroying them as a people since time immemorial, must be the work of ......Who do you suppose? As Joe says in his article, "We must ask...Who would benefit"?...

So, Joe.....Any Guesses?


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