Sorcha Faal: One Olive or Two?

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Sorcha Faal: One Olive or Two?

Postby CliffMickelson » 15 Aug 2005, 14:44

Greetings, Comrades, Commissars, and Cannonfodder!

I find it interesting to note that Sorcha Faal always includes enough fact as mixer to float the olive of conjecture in the cocktail she serves up to her imbibing readership day after day.

This is a classic characteristic of disinformation. It is a formula she follows to the letter each time.

Despite this, I find it fascinating. I look forward each day to the new column by Comrade Sorcha and read it avidly. I cannot help but note that for a native Great Russian, she rarely focuses on Slavic affairs. Her focus is curiously and extensively American. (Too American)!

Further...I must say that she certainly has an impressive network in place for story information within the United States. (Too Impressive)!

Any Tsavarich living overseas who can quote a story from such obscure places as the Mt. Shasta, Ca. local newspaper to bolster their "case du jour" has my grudging admiration!

I wonder if Mr. Green is still in the picture here? Either way, I am not sure what exactly David Boothe and Co. are thinking at this point, but perhaps an anonymous donor with deep and soveriegn pockets has ended their money problems?

Now wouldn't that be a surprise?

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Re: Sorcha Faal: One Olive or Two?

Postby linn » 15 Aug 2005, 22:36

CliffMickelson wrote:Now wouldn't that be a surprise?

Indeed, Cliff.

I've been getting a LOT of emails asking what I think about Ms. Faal, but haven't had time to keep up with her on a daily basis. Meanwhile, for what it's worth, it feels like an "op" of some sort to me.

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