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WeB-Bots Unchained as Rogue Mule Confounds Foundation!

Postby CliffMickelson » 01 Dec 2005, 17:06

Hi Cliff:

"In my opinion, what the webbots are "seeing" is the
natural remote viewing of the human internet
population that occurs as a normal part of human
existance that most are not aware of. The webot
reports correspond directly to what I learned in
remote viewing, namely that the stronger the emotion
the easier it is to "see". I may, as I free up a
little time here, try remote viewing the "cause" of
the emotional release."

-Nancy B


"I have seen the enemy and they is us!"
-Lil Abner

Greetings, Nancy:

Yes, I agree. This is exactly what the Web Bots are relaying...AND, with the above quote from Al Capp still reverently ringing in our currently tinnitus plagued ears, let us give pause to consider that the computer/Internet is simply acting as an accidentally discovered amplifier.

It serves to bring that remote and enigmatic phenomena into view and gives it a level of a wider audibility.

In their present state the Bots remain a fairly crude tool but nonetheless, a tool with a "future"!

(How's that for a bad pun?)

To put the function of the Web Bots into perspective, we may reasonably compare the phenomena they have uncovered to that of the dilemma experienced by an acoustic guitar player lost in the din of the band who suddenly discovers the miracle of amplification.

Now, thanks to this new "amplification" technology he has "lead" guitar capabilities whereas before, both he and the listener had to strain to hear the guitar's melody.

Eventually, when we learn to refine this technology, we will be able to fine tune and then direct the vibrating strings of such formerly enigmatic human energies and abilities in an orchestrated and concerted direction.

Having once emerged from the chrysalis of the cave and discovering the glory of sunlight, our logical next step is to put that sunlight through a magnifying glass in order to burn our fingers....er...opps!...I mean, harness it's power and burn someone ELSE's fingers!

Yes, lacking the supervision of an adult, such an undertaking is a bit dangerous for a pyro and pyre prone species such as ours.

But Man rarely is a faithful husband to Prudence in these modern end-of- days, eh?

He invariably chooses instead to recklessly divorce a virtuous maid for the seductive allure of an unconquered Siren.

Eschewing all domestic rationality, he can be counted on to espouse in her place a Sybille who's song of his own destruction wafts out to all such lusting wastrels on a poisonous zephyr of dark-side ill-intent or.... just plain bad choices usually compounded by a breezy dose of stunning stupidity.

Geez...What a dork!


As usual, our feckless and wax free modern-day Odysseus can be faithfully relied upon to ever fail to note that the source of his malevolent melody conveniently always emanates from just beyond technology's visible horizon

So...Will we burn down our own home sweet home while trying to hold a candle against the rage of the night?


But in the meantime, let's try to imagine a spin-off technology that can create or actualize the mental energies and force-of-will of those that input it!

Is this the power of prayer run amuck? Or is it simply an opportunity for yet another Sylph Lord to obtain search and destroy capabilities?

If history is any guide, it is a safe bet that dark-side interests are already working on proprietary ways to hijack yet another universal human patrimony.

As Mr. Tesla found to his chagrin, those who fail to learn from the past often end up working for George Westinghouse.

The good news here is that the pioneering technology of the Web Bots is currently mining only the very top surface of the metaphysical mother lode.

The real ascended bonanza still lies buried below and waiting to reward the perserverent prospector. When last seen it was rumored to be about six feet down.

Naturally, the proximity and potential disinterment of such power must be a source of endless, fevered panic to the laboring slaves of night.

These unfortunate members of the ruling elite been charged with convincing We the Sheeple that the promised land of such promise and liberation will forever remain just a few miles north of Tijuana. They must toil to persuade us that only a lunatic would chance a wade across the polluted River Jordan to the holy land "Un poco mas alla!" (Probably somewhere near Marin County)

Now, some food for thought:

These newly amplified "extrasensory" potentialities of the Human species are but one piece of the overall puzzle of our species collective 3d experience.

AWOL for countless eons, this mystery sourced DNA circuitry and its products has been consigned by TPB to dwell SOL as a spiritual MIA on the barren and un-amplified DMZ that borders Terra Incognita Metaphysica....(TIM)? (Whew!)

So, my initially overwhelmed avatars.....What shall we lovers of other-worldly music finally hear when the technology becomes available to further amplify, interpret and then integrate the voluminous symphony of all the complementary and similar powers that certainly exist in other species along side those of ours ?

The fuzzy folk wisdom of Lil Abner to the side, I am ever convinced that there is no such thing as a "dumb" animal!

Will pay backs be a mean bitch?

If so....What is the penalty for having bit the hand that fed you?


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