Seeking Truths? These can be empowering...

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Seeking Truths? These can be empowering...

Postby justanotherhuman » 30 Aug 2010, 14:13

An excellent, if rather chaotic and often downright wacky ’safe haven’ resource of fundamental truths resides at:-

I suggest a deep study of the following three obscure authors:-

W.G.Carr “Pawns in the Game” ... ntents.htm

Eustace Mullins “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” ... 6.htm#menu

Fritz Springmeier “13 Bloodlines”
and “Monarch” ... _index.htm

If you can disregard their politics and their agendas and, in one case at least, ‘alleged’ felonies, armed with this combined knowledge mankind can overcome the underlying evil on Earth, heal itself and get back onto a more spiritual path.

This will be of the greatest relief to presently terrified children and confused adults everywhere…

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