(22) The Hawk Devours the Dove

It began on January 18, 2003
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(22) The Hawk Devours the Dove

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:29

Recorded by Michael Edward on December 23, 2003 - While the Dove has been on the ground, the Hawk has been waiting overhead to strike. Without knowing of the danger in the skies, the Dove takes flight in familiar territory. Not far from home, the Dove sees the approaching terror of the Hawk and starts to turn back towards the safety of her home. Suddenly, talons pierce through the Dove. She realizes that her wings of flight are broken as she tries to keep aloft. After crashing into a window, the Dove falls to the ground not far from the timber. But then the talons of the Hawk strike again and the Dove has no more life. Only a small feather or two will remain as a telltale sign of the attack and tragedy.

Beware of the Hawk, the Condor, and the Eagle, who are all one and the same. One by one, they will devour the Doves in the skies. The destruction of the Doves will be blamed on the Vultures, but the Hawks are the sharp and piercing talons of terror.

In the past, only by hunger and necessity of survival would a Hawk ever devour a Dove, but this has now changed. Very soon many shall see the Hawk strike the Dove without reason in order to conquer by fear. Young Doves, take to the ground and stay in your nests. Any flight is a grave danger while the Hawks are in the skies.
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