(20) Messages to the Seven Nations

It began on January 18, 2003
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(20) Messages to the Seven Nations

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:44

To the People of the Second Land of Discovery

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 18, 2003 - Open your eyes to see the deceptions flowing through you from the four false spirits of the winds. Your breath is limited to the whims of those who are your masters. You desired the riches of the earth, but your reward is the revenge of your own parched soil. The bridge you have crossed does not touch the other side. You will not reach the illusion promised to you as the river is not bridged and the divide will swallow your lust for that which is not yours to claim. How clear is the movement of your heart? You must now choose between the broken crystal or the amber of the coals. Your former majesty cannot be cured by the rains or the songs of the mountains. There is no glory to the name you once had and now you have nothing to say. There is no grain in your canyons and the tempest gales no longer speak. The road you chose has suddenly caught you by surprise.

But if you find your heart, you will have the breath of nations once again: If you hide your heart, no nation will know or remember you tomorrow. Your beauty has become iron and your light has become a smoldering wick. You were famous, but you allowed your glory to become tarnished like the brass on the sea anchor. Your sons of the LifeCross will now rise up to tear down your spires of falsity as they bring the everlasting truth to bear your own witness against you. Take hold children, for your LifeCross will overtake the old world that was laid upon you. What was not will become. The great lie of the false liberty harlot will be revealed and thrown down.

To the Followers of the Golden Goblet

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 19, 2003 - Remove yourself from your idols of deception before your purple robed king is replaced with a man of many colours and deceit who comes with the approaching new moon. The shame of the empty caverns and barricaded doors are your demise of hidden and perverted seed. Your foul desire to be the inner gate has made you a decorated temple of greed. Where are your souls now? Why are you gasping for each breath? You had the chance to be with the LifeCross, but you chose the journey of limited days where each minute has now become the final hour.

To the Revelers of Revenge

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 21, 2003 - Beware of the new hatred that hides behind your prophet and the deep sands of deceit you now stand upon. Find the higher ground before the raging waters you have discovered overtake you. Those of the black rose will fall, and so shall the great stallions of your wanderers. Your world has been turned aside and the captives can no longer be set free. There is no road to follow that will not lead you to great despair. The pain stands among you now on the ancient hill. Only the tears of the prophet will lead you home, not the pretended weeping of the new seers. The simple dreams have become mighty clay walls that appear as an obstacle before each household. Find the tears falling from the red rose and you will overcome the yellow dew of the morning that will soon come as the great wall of separation is broken down.

To the Remnant of Colón

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 22, 2003 - Break the new shadow ties you have made before your coast falls into the sea and the mighty mountains of the pure white dogs flee to your plains. The great rock will surely tumble to the depth of the straights. You cannot taste, smell, or feel the salt of the sea, yet you place your hands over the shame of your own children. You belong to no innocent child and shall have nothing of the LifeCross unless you change your desires.

To the Remnant of the Ancient Triad Caverns

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 22, 2003 - Open your parchments and expose the truths your fathers before you have hidden, that which your aeons of false oracles have brought to ruin from island to island. You say the end of the day is silent, yet the fear that carries the sounds through the false wind of security will be the pain you have feared. Who can understand the sound of your cries at the end of the day? But in those cries are the lost days of wisdom and thoughts of past greatness. Open the mouth of he who came from the mighty fish to find the tongue of the two rivers. Only then can you be seen or known. The fragrant honey depends on you to bring the gentle rain of the ocean breeze.

To the Barbarians of the North

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 23, 2003 - It is better to hide from your shameful secrets than to bear your face before the mighty fire of the Light-Truth. The new day and new way will overcome you before you can escape the time you have chosen, that which has been and no longer will be. The new day comes, yet you have never grown to know it. Have your calculations made the day, or has each day become your legacy? There is no rest in you because you have traveled but have not understood the guide of your name. The mist has become your holiness, and the rain is no longer in its place. What once poured down as grace no longer has a place. Melt your heart of ice to find your heritage. The windows of your past wonders will open again only if you bring back the rain.

To the kings of Shadows

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 23, 2003 - There is a new place now arising from the waters that you cannot bear to judge or see. This is the door of the true judges that have awaited you since before the fruit of the olive bore the truth of your false immersion in the red waters. You have scorned the tears and the blood of Life in thinking creation was within your fingerprints, but you are the deceived of your own mark, the colours of the clouds that have no rain.

To Those Seeking the LifeCross

Recorded by Michael Edward on October 24, 2003 - You will now find the eyes of your Creator who has no flesh. The days of deeds is come, in this day and this time, in this temporal universe of the moment. While the blind mock each word you speak, your eyes will see the source of the Light within the LifeCross. Sit down in the fields and in the forests before everyone else gathers. It is only then and there that goodness will find the soul and overtake it.

That which will now be seen with your temporal eyes is the false illusion that will lead all times and will turn the sand into clear glass. The LifeCross will now light the kindling of the pure fire. Soon, that fire will rage so that the changes of Life will flame to great heights throughout the universe. You cannot return to your home when you find the Light of the LifeCross. To the many, this is the endurance of many aeons of time, but to the few, this is the dream and vision of the spoken heart; the place and way that breaks the chains of separation.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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