(18)Understanding the LifeCross: Circles of Light Manifested

It began on January 18, 2003
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(18)Understanding the LifeCross: Circles of Light Manifested

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:49

Recorded by Michael Edward on September 3, 2003 - The LifeCross within your Being is a doubled cross, an unseen X and a seen X. These are eight spirals of Life held in place by the C-enter of the LifeCross. Creation Light emanates from the C-enter of the LifeCross into the eight always-turning spirals. These eight spirals then reach out to form a golden circle around the LifeCross. To some, the golden circle appears as three circles of awareness, but they are one.

Some will now begin to recognize the true C-enter of the Cross - the LifeCross - as the source of Light and Creation manifests within them and emanates from them. This hidden LifeCross seed - the Soul - overcomes the Watchers and their shadows because they cannot obtain the seed of Creation Light inherent within mankind. Their goal is to keep the Soul dormant within all of humanity: To use fear of the unknown to stop the LifeCross from evolving into the Tree of Life, the Living Light.

The Watchers are thieves in the night hiding behind the shadows they have enlisted in their deceptive army. Because they can never have the two-way LifeCross within them, their goal is to destroy every Soul. This is the true battle over Creation LifeSeed, not the battles of foolish men with temporal weapons. Have no concern over the bleeding wounds received from men, but be concerned over the unseen piercing wounds against the hidden LifeCross. The Messengers are awakening so that the wounded LifeCross seeds will be healed in order to EN-LIGHT-EN.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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