(17) Healing the LifeCross: Circles of Light Evolve

It began on January 18, 2003
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(17) Healing the LifeCross: Circles of Light Evolve

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:51

Recorded by Michael Edward on August 27, 2003 - The great unseen battle has begun, but because humanity has not learned how to ‘hear’, the Truth that exists - both within and without - cannot be understood nor seen but by a few. The battle rages this moment within you and all around you. Humanity has not understood the Creation Light placed within each as the LifeCross seed of Chrio-Logos binding together what is seen and what is not.

The Watchers and their shadows are waging a unified field electro-magnetic war of sound and vibration against humanity so that the LifeCross will not awaken within you. They fear the center of the Cross within the Circles of Life that brings all Light to manifestation. To rule as gods, they must keep the LifeCross from awakening in humanity, but their unseen war has been revealed.

Many have begun to perceive through their ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ the sounds of Light as well as the sounds of the shadows. These same have inner knowledge of the LifeCross and the unique vibration-sound that awakens it, just as they have knowledge of the electro-magnetic vibration-sounds that have kept the LifeCross in slumber. This is where the battle now lies as the Chrio-Logos teaches the perceiving Hearers of Light how to heal the LifeCross in those who desire to become free from the shadows. The Hearers are the Messengers of Truth and the broadcasters of Creation Light.

This has come about because of the alignment of the luminaries, both seen and unseen by humanity. They will continue to negate the electro-magnetic unified force of the Watchers until the end of their present appointed course. The Watchers do not have the LifeCross seed and they will continue to destroy all seed of the earth until the LifeCross awakens to stop them.

Many now blindly wait for the Watchers and their illusionary chariots to save them from their deceptions so they are not ‘left behind’. Those who continue to follow their illusive shadows of light will be held captive in their false light of bondage.

Neither the Light of Creation nor the Sound of Creation can be seen and heard unless the LifeCross seed is awakened. This course of the luminaries is the appointed aeon of awakening where Light will pour out among all of humanity. Do not be discouraged as the shadows continue to destroy seed. When their own fear has fully turned upon them, they will no longer stand in the caves.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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