(16) The LifeCross Awakens: Water, Seed, and Harvest

It began on January 18, 2003
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(16) The LifeCross Awakens: Water, Seed, and Harvest

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:52

Recorded by Michael Edward on 23 August 2003 - Begin to seek your water from its source. Do not drink the bitter waters which flow through un-natural paths. Gather every seed now coming to maturity so that they will become the next harvest: Do not plant the bitter seeds freely given. Remove yourself from the magnetic cages of copper as this is where the false 'unified field of energy' - the shadow of light - will be made manifest through the latticed web.

Do not follow the false images in the sky, the illusions of the shadows. Do not seek refuge in the caves below nor in the caves of the high mountains: It is better to stand fast in your field when the earth transits. Welcome the wandering beasts and fowl when they come to you, as they surely will. They will seek those who have the Light Image Spirit coming from the Soul.

The awakening of the Light Soul will kindle a fire that cannot be quenched or extinguished. To the shadows of the Watchers, this is a threat to their continued rule over humanity. There is a unique Light of Life in each of us that cannot be duplicated or imitated. At the C-enter of our Being... at the C-enter of our genetics... at the C-enter of our internal LifeCross... is a seed planted from the very Sound and Light of Creation. It cannot be taken from mankind, nor can it be removed from even a single person. Each of us has the indwelling Chrio-Logos within our physical bodies. It is the very key to all Creation and Life and, as was set to its course from the beginning, this Light is now to be set afire and birthed as the luminaries reveal their set courses.

The seeds, water, and air are being manipulated by the shadows to stop the LifeCross from awakening. But their plans have already failed as the fire is now being kindled, as seen through the mirror of the luminaries. While there will be great changes effecting all the earth, those who place their faith in the shadows will suffer, but those who have the Knowing of Creation light within them will heal the wounds of the earth.

Only from within the Heart can and will the Light of the LifeCross awaken. Do not listen to men, but listen to the Love that exists in the C-enter of your Soul. Do not go to or fro unless your Chrio-Logos of the Heart shows you the path. Any other path is an error.

Stand in the field and become the beacon of Logos and Light you were destined for. Have no concern for the temporal occurrences that will soon surround you. There is only one Light, one Creator, one C-enter of your Being, one Cross within you, and one Chrio-Logos. Do not believe the false illusions and false miracles that will be offered by the shadow of light. Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Light to the earth and that Anointing can only come from the C-enter of the Cross within.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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