(15) The Course of Light: Forces Aligned in Motion

It began on January 18, 2003
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(15) The Course of Light: Forces Aligned in Motion

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 21:55

Recorded by Michael Edward on 20 August 2003 - The forces of the luminaries are a set pattern of perpetual movement. When certain alignments move into their prescribed places, these forces bring their manifestation upon the earth. The stars seen are merely a reflection of limited perception; a mirror of illusion from an earthly viewing. What is not seen by humanity are the true movements that exist behind the reflections seen.

After the dark moon comes in a moment of stillness, the birds will fold their wings and nest in hidden places. When silence has overtaken forest and field, the earth will rattle from the heart of her depths. The winds will be confounded and the waters will run backwards. Many high places will be lowered as the depths rise. Iron will become brittle as gold is purified to strength. Towers will fall as ships disappear. Times and seasons will be confounded. Only then will some perceive the true courses and movements of the luminaries.

The shadows who have controlled with fear will stand in a false circle of defiance and wage war against the innocent, but their rule and laws will quickly fall as they scatter to wage war among themselves. Those with Knowledge founded in Creation Light will rise to lead humanity to the Way of Truth. This is the aeon of decision where all choosing to stand in the valley of the shadows will be lost to their own ways, but those who stand in the Light will enter into the Gnosis of Life.

Many have said to 'go here' or 'go there' when the earth begins her labours of birth, but they have no Knowledge of the forces aligned in motion. Do not seek the limited wisdom of men as a refuge, but seek the Knowledge of Light who will guide you in safety. Humanity will be confounded as one place is changed while the next place remains unchanged. Do not anticipate what you do not understand. Those who stand in Love will be set upon the course of Light already determined; those why deny Love will not enter into that path.

This quickly approaching aeon is the great awakening that marks the end of the age of sorrows. While its birthing may bring some to face earthly perils, this is not the Armageddon battlefield prophets of the shadows have spoken of, nor is this where the majority of humanity are 'left behind'. Instead, it is those who have chosen to be among the shadows who will remain to face the great battle they have desired. As Creation Love quickly overcomes fear and its deceptive wars, none who choose the Living Light will stand in the aeon of sorrows.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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