(12) Mysteries of the Light - The Flaming Sword

It began on January 18, 2003
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(12) Mysteries of the Light - The Flaming Sword

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:04

Recorded by Michael Edward on 15 June 2003 - The flaming Sword of Light will not be kept hidden. Those who understand the Light Sword will emerge from the mountains and yield the power of the Mystery. While the shadows look to the skies for safety, the sojourners stand before them with nothing but their ancient swords unleashing the quickened Light from the air around them.

The thin sabers will cease to protect the thieves of Life as the Sword of Light cuts through flesh without a visible mark, separating the fountain from the source. The mighty grey vessel of stone will be lost as the vibrating sabers cease to protect it. Your music will be silent as the strings of the harp are severed. The new twins will fall. The three pillars will dissolve. A new mountain will erupt. The Light Sword will divide the positive and the negative. The white faces will become red and ruddy. The dark faces will become pale and ashen.

This is the warning to the arms and hands of the shadows: Your days were quickly shortened when you saw the sojourners appear before you. You laughed at their jeweled swords because you understand nothing about the Wisdom of Mysteries. What knowledge you have stolen will be divided against you. There will be no refuge in the caves you have made. After the new mountain bellows, you will be found in your hiding places as your entrances are exposed. Your hands will no longer touch light. Your eyes will no longer see life. Your feet will no longer carry you to and fro. You will be a worm seeking escape to the crevices of wood that have been flooded. The river will carry you to the black lake as the green branch guards your escape to the shores. The red locust will eat the fruit of your land. The yellow sun will take your children. The blue serpent will stand in the center of your once mighty city.
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