(11) The Illusions in the Skies - Sealed by Shadows

It began on January 18, 2003
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(11) The Illusions in the Skies - Sealed by Shadows

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:06

Recorded by Michael Edward on 31 May 2003 - As the mountains rattle and the waters increase, the shadows will bring their illusions to the skies. Esau will emerge as the red dust from the adobe fills the horizon. The vortex storms will bring adobe rain and winds of destruction in an artificial pattern of shadows. Hidden within the dust is the breath of death as the remnant fall to the sand and return to the earth.

The faces of shadows will appear in the heavens and illusive miracles will follow their appearances in the form of light. Beware of this false light, as it is an illusion founded in the deepest shadows. What will be seen with the eye is a false image of light, their ultimate image being that of a man who will be the head of the new body of spiritual shadows. The world will unite in awe at the appearance of this beautiful image, but it is an illusion rooted and formed by the red clay. The deception and unity it brings is the rise of the dragon cells of captivity. The world will bow their knee to his false power of light. Those who openly refuse the image of shadows will be hunted and brought before the judges of the iron caves.

The seal of their shadow will be an invisible mark of light within the flesh. Those who refuse this seal will be outcasts of their shadow kingdom of illusions. They will be called the ‘haters of the thousand points of light’ and will be hunted for a reward. Beware of this seal, as it will remove you from the Spirit of Truth and the Light of Spirit. Once sealed by the shadows, you will be their hands and the forces of life will cease within your flesh.

For those who resist their seal and refuse the false light of shadows, there will be new places to dwell in the True Light, protected by what the shadows cannot see. You will be sealed with pure Spirit Light. Your Light Seal will overcome the shadows and they will look upon you as one of their own, an illusion they will not see. Though your Seal is pure, it will be seen by the shadows as one of their own; but to others of Light, it will be seen as the Truth it is.

Accepting the pure Seal of Light will bring Life to that which is now hidden in your flesh. The Manifestation will guide and empower you. This is Light Manifested cloven in the pure Fire of Light, that which divides Truth from the shadows. This is the Manifestation of Creation, and it is a pure Fire within those who accept Truth. Creation has already paid in advance for the Manifestation. What is hidden in the flesh will be seen with the eye when those who refuse the seal of the shadow of light accept the Light Seal.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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