(10) Seeds of Genetic Perversions

It began on January 18, 2003
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(10) Seeds of Genetic Perversions

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:09

First recorded by Michael Edward November 20, 2002

1941 AD --- Plundering and robbing by open force, it has become the peak of wickedness. [In 1941, scientists discovered "gene encoding" by proving that a gene produces effects by regulating particular enzymes.]

1946 AD --- Co-mingling with the circle of life, flesh and bone has been duplicated into a shining Frankenstein. [In 1946, scientists in the U.S. proved "gene conjugation" was valid through genetic re-combination.]

2041 AD --- The pinnacle of perverseness: worthless and harmful grain is converted into venom so that the neurological paralysis repeats whenever the voice is heard.

2050 AD --- Like a herd of wild oxen, the lawless strongman controls the smallest cell in the blood. The bones of men have become the flightless winged bird in darkness. Through an evil nature of single dimension, seeds are sown into the fountains of birth. But destruction of this evil comes as the alarm is heard. The deceit is revealed at Rashia* and the strongman is condemned. The wandering are called together as they hear the proclamation: the victory comes as the branches are joined to the stem. The seven are then joined as one: Rehu, Rosh, Shammah, Shashak, Sheal, Shema and Thaddaeus.

*Rashia -- a valley near Lydda (Ancient Aramaean = LOD), a few miles east of Joppa. [Lydda is the birth and burial place of the "knight martyr" Saint George, the patron saint of Knighthood and of England.]
*Rechah øëä -- the village Rashia, 3 miles south of Jerusalem.
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