(9) The Fire Dragon of Light

It began on January 18, 2003
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(9) The Fire Dragon of Light

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:10

Recorded by Michael Edward on 05 April 2003 -


The Crux is a mighty arrow as the South star aligns with the center base of the East-North-West star pyramid. This is the center of the Crux from where the tail of the dragon is rising as the Fire of Light. From the Dragon's Head the unseen and odourless Light bolts forth as Light-N-ing. This is the 7th seal that marks those who now stand before the unseen Light. There is no place to escape the silent Fire of the dragon nor the Light of the seal as all are marked.

In the presence of the Light, there are no shadows as the Fire consumes them. When the dark towers in the heavens send out their beams of sound, the Light shall destroy their false power. The wisdom of men will openly be revealed as the foolishness of their lusting desires. They are thieves in the night who claim to have harnessed Fire, but they have brought to themselves the darkness of their wisdom. They refuse to accept the warnings and have blindly touched the Tree of Light without having True Knowledge or Wisdom. What they have harnessed is the opposite of what they believe is now theirs to wield as a false flaming sword. Their final warning is now here, and all the gold of the earth cannot protect them from the destruction of their own desires. They hold in their hands "fools gold".

As the dragon strikes with bolts of Lightning Fire, he who appeared as a cloud among the pyramids will once again be seen. The seal on the forehead lintel will reveal both Life and death to all who are in and around the cities of the empire. As the Fire of Light consumes those marked among the shadows, the remnant of Truth will be spared from the heavy mist.

Foolish people of pride and hatred, you cannot flee from your own seal and judgment. You have been sealed with the mark of your hearts and there is no escape when the unseen Light consumes you with its silent Fire. The air that you breathe will be as a burning flame. The gravestone will be as large as a kingdom, and the grave will be as deep as the hidden lake of water. The soil will become adobe mud and the rivers will overflow with red fury.

When the empire falls, the dragon will walk among all the nations seeking all those who are sealed with shadows on their heads. When he comes upon a lintel seal of Light covering, he will pass on to the next. For many years he will seek out the shadow seals of fear. To those, you must escape the judgment you have put upon yourself. Flee now from the mighty shadows you obey so that the Fire will not consume you. How will you know when the mist of the cloud has come if you cannot see it or smell it? Today it is the breath of life, but tomorrow it will be the Fire of an unknown death.

If you remain standing in the shadow of MESHA, you will become as Edomite clay and your eyes will be sunken in blackness.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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