(7) Window of the Messengers

It began on January 18, 2003
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(7) Window of the Messengers

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:13

Recorded by Michael Edward on 05 March 2003 - This is the age of decisions being birthed. For those who hear the sounds and chords of harmony speaking into the Spirit Image, the resonate sound you hear and repeat are the food that will feed your soul and preserve your Image. But for the greater many who refuse to hear, the sounds will become your total deafness in the days approaching.

There is no partial decision, for the days of the new age are now quickly coming upon all as does a hawk swiftly take his food. The window of the messengers is open for only a short time, and it will soon be shut as the very hour of the darkened sky approaches. In the age swiftly approaching, only ears of the Spirit Image who accept the Truth will live and thrive. The deaf will be blinded and shall live in complete deception.

The hearers receive kindling for the great Spirit fire. When the fire is lit, all that IS will be consumed within it. For those who deny the Light of the inner fire, there will be turmoil and division between the soul and the depth of their being. For those who accept and welcome the inner Light of this Spirit fire, there will be joy and peace as soul and Image are united.

The days of the shadow spirits will destroy all that is within their reach. The Spirit deaf and blind will have no light with which to escape. The shadows will imprison their very thoughts in mindless chains from which there is no escape.

The hearers will see the sound of light as it guides them away from the shadows. In the days approaching, two will walk together on the same highway, but one will not be seen by the other.

In the depths of the inner Light are the hidden Images of every soul, the true bread of Life. The hearers will understand their Spirit Image when they allow the sounds of Light to show them. What appears to be only one sound is a chord of harmony. Listen and there will be two: listen again and you will see three.

Each created being has Spirit Image. Only those who seek the Living Light will have sight. Be deaf to the sounds of the shadow spirits that surround you so that you can hear the harmony of Light within and all about you.

And the decision is this: Seek the Light of the Living or be swallowed by the shadows of the dead who dwell in the past. Choose the future or the past. In the age now set to begin, there will be no chance for indecision. This is the Rising of the Southern Cross in the skies and in the soul, and as the Light Image is seen both within and without, those who see and hear will know where they are standing.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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