(6) Stolen Words of Mystery

It began on January 18, 2003
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(6) Stolen Words of Mystery

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:14

Recorded by Michael Edward on 13 February 2003 - The real enemy dwells within the vessels made of hard stone. What the world will now begin to see is that which they have manifested from the shadows in their souls. They have created a false light from their total blindness. They utter stolen words of mystery and have no understanding of the power. You foolish harlots of the soul: how will you flee when spiral fires of Light surround you and the fire at the center of your camp rises? You will walk through the coals of your own desires and there will be no escape. You who have sworn by the edge of the sword will perish when you fall onto your own sabers.

The Wisdom of Truth within men of Light will not allow your lies to remain seen. Your false illusions of light will fall from the sky and expose you as the great wizard of lies. The curtain will be opened to reveal your instruments of illusion. Workers in the field will turn against you as the deserts flood and your rivers become dry. The gold in your caverns will be taken from you as you run to your city in the earth to hide. The widows and orphans you have created will rise against you and take you out from your hiding places. And there, in the fields, will you be judged by those you deceived and whose blood you have stolen.

Stand in the true Light and know who you are. Knock on the inner door and you will have Wisdom. Seek what is inside and you will understand what is outside. Find the hand within your hand and the eye within your eye. This is what will bring you through the chaos without a single blemish.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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