(5) The Music of the HARP

It began on January 18, 2003
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(5) The Music of the HARP

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:15

Recorded by Michael Edward on 07 February 2003 - In 11 days, the false peace will no longer be seen. The rampant lioness will play her harp across the seas, summoning her children from near and far. Four daughters shall sway to the music she plays singing, 'Oh mother, so grand, queen of the oceans; Mother of nations, we beckon at your call'. The harlot and her daughters, full of pride and defiance, will bring lightning to the heavens as the earth bellows from the sight. The locusts and birds will cover the land as stones cry out and tremble from her silent chords of venom.

The first daughter will kill her son so that the illegitimate one will be illuminated. Then the inverted red crosses will come twelve at twelve and proclaim to be the masters of creation. Believe them not for their tongues are a swiftly burning fire; Look at them not for their image is the shadow within the ring, an endless loop that will soon disappear. Do not receive their false manna of death.

Do not believe the false images in the heavens that will appear. As the waters bring forth their hidden mysteries, some will be drowned and will sink to the deep. Then the watcher's will be seen at the pillars of the city that once was, proclaiming victory as time appears to stand still. But the fruit will be bitter and the seeds will rot as their legions return to the dust.

Don't be discouraged from these dire things you will see. A field of red and yellow with green at the border will come to protect the many who suffer. The true Light will destroy the music of the harp so the remnant can once again breathe. The sword of the lion shall rise from the plains as the yellow moon silently appears from the hills and mountains. With sickle in hand the wheat harvesters will descend as two young brothers lay fire to the stubble. The Lion of the Gate will be received in their sight. Their bright star will then shine when the five points assemble. They will then adorn themselves with great rods of Light from the mouth of the Lion so that the darkness around them will have no shadow or crevice to hide in.

Call into evidence those good things not now seen, as this is the Way of Truth that will overcome the season now dawning.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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