(3) The House of IMMAR - Lamb of Aramea

It began on January 18, 2003
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(3) The House of IMMAR - Lamb of Aramea

Postby Gnosty » 24 Dec 2003, 22:21

Written by Michael Edward on 23 January 2003 - The children of the Israelite Priest Immer were carried away as captives to Babylon, along with the rest of the tribes of Israel.

Later, after being freed from their captivity in Babylon, the Israeli priesthood rejected and excluded, as unclean, the genealogical children of Immer (see Ezra 2:59). There were (at that time) 1,052 of them. Also in the Torahs, it speaks of Immer as 242 at another time. The prime number of both these counts is 8. Immer is the infinite Light power of 8.

8 IS THE NUMBER OF NEW BEGINNINGS: 8 people on Noah's Ark (2 Pet. 2:5); Hebrew circumcision on 8th day (Genesis 17:12); God made 8 covenants with Abraham.

The MYSTERY of the 8 is that of eternal and continuous spiral motion, which is constant throughout the universe. The life force currents sweep through the body in the form of a figure 8 Symbology following the cerebral-spinal and the sympathetic nervous systems, like radiation's of light. It is also a symbol of man's DNA spirals and vortexes. This is why in deep meditation we see a real light within. The symbol, the horizontal 8, means "as above, so below. " It's a symbol of awesome power.

In the first century AD, the House of Immer became the early Aramean Christian church and their remnant still dwells in modern Iraq. To put it as simple as possible, they are the true Christ Believers of Judah and Israel.

Shortly after the 1991 "Gulf War," the House of IMMER disclosed some key ancient writings their ancestors had hidden in Aramea, yet modern Israel refused to acknowledge this as they consider the lineage of IMMER to be 'unclean.' However, Sadaam Hussein recognized them and promised protection.

Because of this, Iraq was given spiritual knowledge from these ancient writings and holds an awesome Light to the 8th power within their hands. This is the same "Light power" that built the pyramids and Solomon's Temple without machinery to carve the stones or lift them into place. It is sound and vibration of the 8th Light magnitude and dimension.

If any northern alliances attack the nation of Aramea, this awesome power will be unleashed against them in their own lands. It is a direct relationship with reaping what has been sown. Literally, Immer translates in Hebrew as "terror on all sides".

I saw a future vision of US & British WAR planes - symbolized as eagles and vultures - literally falling apart in the sky from these light-sound vibrations. I was also told, "Aramea is the sovereign dwelling house of IMMER where I have established what was fore-told to the prophets, as shown in the writings."

This is why the C-ENTER OF THE CROSS is rising over Aramea. "C" is the scientific symbol for Light. Men have perverted the teachings of the Creator's Anointed One called Christ, and what is considered the "Church" in these times is not the House of the Lord.

He is with IMMER of Aramea who have prevailed against centuries of slaughter at the hands of the Kurds and Turks, among many who have tried to destroy this direct lineage of Abraham. What the world now calls "Israel" are the lost sheep of iniquity because of their judgment against their own blood, IMMER. He will not protect this false Israel. What this also means is that this lineage of Abraham, the House of IMMER, has never left the land of the true Israel and that Aramea is the real nation of Israel that has accepted the Christ as the Lord, so many times foretold to all the prophets of ancient Israel.

The Southern Cross began rising on January 18, 2003. The attacking eagles from the north will fall from the sky if they come against Aramea.

The transliterated Aramaic (Aramean) name for the Hebrew name Immer is IMMAR, meaning lamb. The Lamb of Aramea lying in the valley of the Euphrates is the House/Tribe/People of IMMAR.

The Lamb of Aramea, now lying at peace in the Euphrates Valley, will be a spiritual terror to those who attack from the west, and the Lion of Iran (Persia) will guard against those who will try to attack from the east.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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