(29) Seven Fires: The Towers That Burn

It began on January 18, 2003
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(29) Seven Fires: The Towers That Burn

Postby Gnosty » 01 Feb 2009, 17:37

First Recorded by Michael Edward from October 21, 2001 --

Be warned, you who hold yourselves as the prosperous and rich rulers of this world! You have stolen the silver and gold from the just and buried it deep within the stones and rocks. But this will now be revealed as the tarnished surfaces of your treasures will testify of your corruption. You have robbed the poor, the widows and the fatherless who offered you no resistance. You have taken that which is not yours and bound the souls of humanity with your chains of iniquity. Your destruction is at hand!

Your closets are full with the garments of your testimony, and your vaults are overflowing with the evidence of your judgment. Foolish men, don’t you know that nothing is hidden that will not be revealed? So has the time of revelations now come upon you.

You have stolen the wages of the labourers in the field and withheld from them their due, only to bury what is not yours in the cold rock and stone. The rocks now cry with the blood from those you have imprisoned and this is their testimony against you.

You have cut down the living trees in the fields so that they can bear no more fruit to testify against your greedy ways. But in your foolishness, you have cut down your own salvation. Don’t you know that the roots are alive and are bringing forth the Tree of Life in the midst of the fields? By filling your warehouses to overflowing, you have become the keepers of rottenness and destruction. Don’t you know that what you have left in the field is Life? You have tried to destroy the living fruit and seed, but you have only destroyed yourselves and sealed your own fate.

Your own judgment is coming upon you. Your buried treasures will now be consumed. The hidden places of stone that you have worshiped will now be set afire; and your wealth will be devoured before your eyes just as the wax of a candle melts from the flame, devouring from the top to the bottom. The stones will be consumed with the fire. The treasures you have buried will become your demise and will seal you up in your own judgment.

The labourers in the fields will turn against you. They will become the heirs of the land that was never yours. The trees you have cut down will now be the judges over you, and your corrupt magistrates will be judged with you.

Your storehouses are now set on fire and a new field has begun to rise on the land. When the new fruit is ready for harvest, your eyes will never see the green tree that gives shade and shelter to the labourers.

You will be forever bound within the stony vaults that once held your treasures. There will be no escape from the hidden places within the rocks where you will be sealed. They whom you have robbed will seal the entrances and your voices will be heard no more from your tombs.

The widows and the fatherless will step on your head and you will forever be bruised. He who has hearing, understand the marriage: The widows have found their groom and the fatherless have found their father. You can no longer conceal this from them. As their fields flourish, and as the trees with Life grow to bring their fruit and seed, you will be the dry wood for the fires they have kindled in the fields. These are the fires of purification to rid the land from the seeds of iniquity, lust, murder, adultery, covetousness, and greed.

He who has Wisdom, hear and discern; but this remains a mystery to the thieves:

Seven times will the fields be aflame, but the green trees which are full of Life will grow mightily and their strong roots you can not cut. All the trees planted in greed will burn to the ground and beneath the ground, as have the two great trees of greed now been consumed in the first fire in the field of carved stone.

The second fire in the field will consume the dry wood and the image made on it.

The third fire will consume the treasures you have buried in the stones.

The fourth fire will consume your corrupt harvesters.

The fifth fire will cause the water to burn that once nourished your harvests of piercing thorns.

The sixth fire will consume the inner temples of your gods and idols.

The seventh fire will consume your gods and all who continue to worship them.

The People shall stand in the midst of these fires, but it will not touch them. As your corrupt flesh begins to rot in the fields, they will flourish and grow mightily. New labourers will come from the sea who will water the trees that no longer give you shade. For a single season this will be, then the fields will be purified and cleansed.

You slithering vipers! You have hidden the Truth within your inner temples of stone, but when the rocks and beams of wood have been destroyed by Light you will say this is from evil, yet it is the evil that you have created that has been burned by Truth.

You thieves and murderers! How long did you think you could keep the blood of children from crying out for judgment against you? Did you think their Creator has no ears nor eyes? Do you think that Creation cannot hear their cries nor see the earth take up their blood?

The first fire was the sign that is written plainly on your stolen tablets of wood, yet you cannot see your own fate.

The second fire is now coming and it will consume all the tablets made of dry wood. Where will your secrets be kept then? I have raised a People who have Wisdom which is far above the stolen keys of knowledge you have used for your own greed. They have been filled with the very Wisdom you have kept hidden. You did not know what was written on that which you had stolen because your eyes cannot see and your understanding has no interpretation.

But what you have stolen from the ancient temples was just a part of the whole as the power of Creation has been kept from you. Those who are now standing within Wisdom will expose what you have done through your own mouths and images. It will be a testimony of your perversions and lusts when they speak of that which you have held in secret until now. In this time of trouble, you will ask for bread and water from your secret gods, but you will be given stones and vinegar.

The sea has already risen and will now quickly flood your shores. As the fourth fire rages, the sea will possess all your land. You will call again upon your gods, but you will see that they have fled into their hiding places within the earth and have shut the door.

Those now rising up against you, who are full of Wisdom and birthed in Truth, the Swordsmen of Light, are already at your doorstep. The gatekeepers of your outer courts have been slain and silenced so as not to warn you. The blood you have placed on your lintels is the innocent blood of those you have murdered and sacrificed. It will not protect you as your gods have said. It will drop onto your heads and cover you with a burning flame as you are taken from your hidden rooms and made to pass through the very doorways you brought the innocent through for slaughter.

From this fourth fire, the shield and covering your gods gave you will burn and your eyes will see the false light of darkness from your image. It would be better for you as a leper than to suffer the lightening fire that will devour all your flesh.

In order to soothe your false covering now set aflame, you will seek the lifeless water that has fed your fields; but this fifth fire of false water will burn your greedy hearts. Rather than extinguish the fire on your coat, it will kindle a greater fire within you that no water can quench.

When you are brought to the secret places of your worship that have been made known by the Swordsmen of Light, you will see your temples aflame as well. The very stones of your altars will be glowing coals and the wood of your three beams will be the embers that keep the fire lit. A smoke will rise from this as none other, spewing death on all who look upon it or breath it. This is the sixth fire.

On the seventh fire, the earth will be at rest.

You have stolen and hidden from men the Keys to Life and have used this as a way to enslave the People in your lusts and greed. You have made all of Creation to be perverted. But you have done this without knowing that the Key is hidden in the depth of the sea. On the day that your shorelines are covered by the sea is when the Key of Light is revealed against you. As this door opens, your perversions and ungodly ways will no longer hold the power they had. This Key is the Life gate which you have kept others from entering through.

You foolish frauds! Have you believed the lies of your gods who told you they had taken all the trees from the garden? But what of that which gives breath? What of the wind that brings life and births Light? Have you forgotten that a tree cannot be without Light? You will never have the Spirit of Light, which is the breath of wind giving Life to all of Creation.

The false light your gods have given you is truly the shadow of darkness. As Living Light is given to the People, your lights of greed will be extinguished, because the Fire of Light seeks out the hidden places and consumes even that which is between the rocks and wood in your temples.

Those who are filled with the Light of Fire and the Wind of Breath will not be slain by you. They will speak with a Sword of Light and bring about your destruction.

You are ignorant of the cloven Fire because this is Neshamah. It is cloven because it divides the Light from the shadows. It clings to the wood and hews the stones. As the wood splits and the stone is cut in two, those imprisoned in shadows of darkness will be able to see.

To you rulers of greed! The Fire of Truth is now set against you. Your temples will reveal that which you have stolen and hidden so that all men will know what you have done.

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